Prayers Against Strongholds Of The Mind

Prayers Against Strongholds Of The Mind – How To Destroy?

If you are searching for Prayers Against Strongholds Of The Mind, then here you will get detailed information through which you can spend your life as you wish. Strongholds are the best tools that most enemies use against the believer.

To avoid any unhappy event or any other thing, individuals and different families have to pray relentlessly against different strongholds of darkness. You can pray to God to save you from any strongholds which live in your lives and it is also the spiritual activity that makes your bond strong with God.

Moreover, keep in mind one most important things that our minds are the greatest and most powerful tools which are specially given to us by God. It is the core place where you can easily decide your decisions and it plays a major role in the upcoming event of your life.

Without employing our minds, God cannot enhance our stability or relate with us and for this reason, he builds strongholds in our lives. So, let’s jump into further details!

What Are The Four Main Strongholds Of The Mind?

  1. Anger

Agitation, Harm in your life, and Producing frustration with anything.

  1. Fear

A special sense of anxiety that restricts you from many things.

  1. Despair

It will give you the belief that your life is overall not worth living for you.

  1. Confusion

It will cause double restlessness and double mindlessness around your work routine.

What Are The Strongholds?

The strongholds are the actual deceiving beliefs that come into our minds erected by the devil. These are the negative thought pattern put into our minds by the devil and they push a man to believe things that are against good spirituality.

He might use his bad experience in life, fears, different family pattern, and other environmental ideologies to enhance these things in their mind. One way or another way, everyone has been a clear victim of Strongholds once in their life. This routine may work for a long time until God by His mercy helped people to break this evil thing out of it.

However, it does not suggest that those people who are victims of Strongholds cannot become victims again in their life. This is because of their minds which are the special tools the devil employs.

Therefore, multiple prayers are there through which you can ask God to help you to eliminate the negativity from your mind and give you a happy life again and His mercy covers all things.

Prayers To Set Free From Strongholds In Your life?

It is the core key to breaking free from any type of satanic stronghold. If you ever experience a stronghold of darkness in your life and you want to be free from this negative thing, then only prayers of deliverance can save you from strongholds.

When you properly engage with these prayers for deliverance, then every type of satanic stronghold shall set your free only in the name of God.

We especially encourage you to engage with these prayers with the core passion in your heart. You will surely be free from the stronghold with the name of God.


  • My Dear Lord, your word says in 2core3 which is that Where your spirit God there is liberty. So, I, therefore, enthrone your Holy Spirit as God over my life. My mind and I ask that you have the only power to make me free from the strongholds only in the name of Jesus.
  • My Dear Lord! I completely acknowledge that you shed your blood for this only reason that I may be completely delivered. I want to seek help from the name of Jesus.
  • My Lord! I only ask that you root them out completely for the happiness of my life in Jesus’s name.
  • My Lord! I engage the weapons of Spirit at this moment and I also cast down every argument, imagination, and thoughts that enter my life as an experienced result which is fear, different family patterns, opinions of others, and various environmental beliefs. I bring down captive only into the obedience of Jesus’s name.

More Prayers Against Strongholds Of The Mind To Complete Free:

  • My Dear God! Please give me the power to face all the negative challenges of the enemy or devil, only in the name of Jesus.
  • My Lord! I completely lose myself from the bondage of fear. I want to be a free man from any kind of stronghold, in the name of Jesus.
  • Dear God! Please, help my mind to be renewed and also help me to guard it with full diligence. With this, I will cease to be a victim to the strongholds of the devil or enemy, only in the name of Jesus.
  • My God! I completely claim my divine promotion now and from today, only in the name of Jesus.
  • With your help my Lord! Let all the consequences of my every enemy’s defeat upon my life, only in the name of God.
  • I cancel all the enchantments, spells, and other curses that are completely against my happy life, only in the name of Jesus.
  • My Lord, please make me succeed in every step of my life and bring me into prosperity, only in the name of Jesus.
  • I also command stubborn pursuers to completely pursue themselves, with your help my God.
  • I declare that progress, promotion, and success are only mine today, with the help of Jesus’s name.
  • I completely command all the flesh or Eaters, drinkers of blood, to begin to fall before me, only with the help of Jesus.


Now, with the help of the above prayers, you can easily set free from strongholds. You can also bring prosperity to your life and remain happy in your life by repeating these prayers daily.

Prayers against strongholds of the mind will help you to be a free man from any kind of enemy or devil challenge and it can also enhance daily life routine.

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