Prayer For Mind Cleansing

Prayer For Mind Cleansing And Clarity – Detox Yourself

Here we will guide you about how to Prayer For Mind Cleansing and Clarity that will help you to bring your internal or external feelings towards God.

Faith and belief are the two most important ingredients in our life, which can change our life path from impossible to possible. There is nothing beyond these two things because prayers can boost your internal or external feelings toward God. Without prayers, you feel there is something left inside you and you don’t get happy without contacting your God.

Prayers are the way to reach your God and also a way to get an answer from your Lord. If you want to know deep and descriptive details about prayer for mind cleansing then fortunately you are in the place where you need to be.

Here, you will get a list of unique and powerful prayers which can change your internal feelings into happy moments and satisfactory outcomes. You just need to repeat these prayers once a day, so make sure you get enough time throughout your busy routine.

Best Prayer For Mind Cleansing To Heal Internal Feelings And Purity Of Mind:

1. Clear My Overall Mind

Oh, my Lord! I seek help through your power and I want to clear my mind of different fears, doubts, worry, sadness, lust, temptation, despair, jealousy, envy, pride, and all the things which break your heart because I don’t want to disobey you in any matter of my life. I want to get aid from you to make me a better and more powerful person than ever.

Prayer For Mind Cleansing always plays a vital role in order to boost internal feeling. When I am walking alone I want to feel that you are also walking with me, because it gives me satisfactory feelings and because of these feelings I can focus on my work easily.

I also know that it is not going to be an easy task, Dear God, but if you give me strength then I can easily overcome all the issues which I am facing now in my life.

My Lord, you know the flesh is weak and it is natural, but God you are strong and powerful. I always try to push all my doubts and fears aside by taking Your great and attractive name.

2. Give Me Enough Peace, Dear Lord

My Dear Lord! I want to seek help from your powers. Please, God, give me enough peace, so I can fulfill my all responsibilities and take care of my family. My Heavenly Father, I only obey your orders because they give me internal satisfaction.

I want peace in my mind, in my heart, and also in my soul, all this peace will come only with your help. Bless me with your all blessings, my Lord. Bless me with Your all tender and powerful mercies and grace. Your loving Kindness covers all the things in this world, my Lord!

Clear all the conscience in me so I can easily attract to your blessings. Your blessings, allow my actions to reveal positive thoughts, my Lord. Through your pleasant name God, I want to pray that my all conscience is cleared right now, Amen!

3. Prayer For My Inner Peace And Calm

My dear Lord! Please put your blessings around me.

With the help of your power, I can get my peace back.

You know Lord, I am anxious and worried all the time.

My mind obsesses and races with time.

I can’t tackle easily all of my problems.


To solve my problems, all I need is your blessings and power.

And these thoughts are killing my peace.

The more I think about my problems,

The more I get frustrated in my daily life routine.


It gives me the feeling that I am sinking into the deep sand,

And cant gets out without your help.

So, Lord! Please take a hand off me and remove all my problems.

I need peace and happy life,

Please call me, my dear Lord.

I wish you put some peace in my heart and mind, Lord.


I have a strong belief, my Lord, that my all problems are nothing,

In front of your powers and blessings, because you are bigger,

I also have faith that my Lord is more powerful than she is.

So because of this, I bring my all problems to You, my Lord.


You also know my all wishes, my Lord!

But I don’t know your will,

Also, I don’t know how You will use my all problems for my salvation.

This is because I only Trust You, my Lord.


I completely trust Your wisdom and goodness,

And I place myself in Your kind hands,

Please, Lord, fill my heart and mind with strong peace.

Prayer For Mind Cleansing & Deliverance:

Prayer For Mind Cleansing is very essential, If you want to connect completely with your spiritual feelings, then you must know that prayers are the only tool that can change everything in your life.

As you know Angels are unique and powerful spiritual characters made by God, these angels always stay with you, to protect you from evil powers in real-time.

When you need help, guidance, and assistance, these angels will surely help you in various ways. These angels have been with you since you were born and amazing thing is that they will stay with you until your last breath in this world. If you want that your prayers being answered and heard, then you need to start your prayer with a pure heart and good intent.

It is a necessary step that everyone needs to follow. If you intended to harm anyone in your prayers then you will get nothing from your Lord. It means if you have bad intentions in your recent prayers, then they will surely listen to by your Lord, but the thing is that you will never get answered for that prayers.

Thus, be careful while praying in front of your Lord, because your Lord listens only to your heart. To start your cleansing prayer, make sure your mind and heart both are empty and you need to take a deep and long breath because it will make you feel fresh. Now, you can start your prayer to the angels:

  • Oh, My loved and guardian angels, I call you to remove all the negative energies which reside inside my house. I ask help from you to cleanse all the areas of my house and fill my house with positive and spiritual energies full of joy and happiness.
  • Thank you and love, my Guardian angels. I know you are always there for my help and to save me from unseen evil powers, I just want to say thank you, my Guardian Angels!

Prayers Are A Powerful And Effective Way To Ask For Help From Your Lord:

There are various rituals and traditions which exist to cleanse your house from any bad or negative energy, but prayers are one of the best and strong house cleansing to be known in every religion.

You can easily cleanse your overall house in just a short period and this happens only with prayers. It is effective because the light and effect of the love of the Angels remain longer than any other method in this world.

It is a popular and common method because of its effectiveness and authentic approach to calling the angels because they are every time with you to save you from negative energies.


Now, you get all the prayers that can enhance and boost your internal peace as well it makes you safe and stronger than ever. Keep in mind one major thing is that you need to clear all your bad thoughts from your mind before starting your prayers and also you need to make a strong belief in your heart, then you can easily get answered by your Lord.

Also, you can get what you ask for, if these prayers are the only intentions in your mind and you don’t want to hurt anyone, then anytime you can get what you ask for from your Lord.

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