Prayer For Mind Deliverance

Prayer For Mind Deliverance – Mental Illness And A Sound Mind

In this article, I will guide you through Prayer For Mind Deliverance which is very helpful for you.

If you want to achieve anything in your life, then you should keep in mind that the outcome will not come in one night’s progress. Dedication and faith are the two major ingredients for peace of your mind.

If you are here to get more knowledge or information about the prayer for mind deliverance then fortunately you are welcome here. The main definition of deliverance is the act of delivering something specific that you pray for. It can be rescue or liberation in your daily work routine.

There are a lot of people who are died because of hunger and poverty in their country and we want to rescue them from being bullied or abused. The thing which we have in our hands is only prayed to deliver results efficiently.

Why Deliverance For Your Mind Is Necessary?

  • The productivity and Excellence of your work depend on your mental state. Mind is one of your major and strong assets for the prosperity of your life. You can make your life while positively using your mental energy or you have the choice to exploit your life while using negative energy from your mind. So, for the happiness of life, the deliverance of your mind is matter a lot.
  • All the actions are taken from your mind whether they are your fears, anxiety, and other oppression. Devil attacks only your mental state to destroy your life, but with controllable emotions, you can avoid any type of disaster.
  • You cant be a person of your word if your mind is full of lies which cause more struggle throughout your life.
  • If your mind is not taking positive actions then your prayers are not approached to God nor do you get any blessings from Him. Hence, the deliverance of your mind is a very important and strong role in your prosperity.
  • If your mental state is not fully delivered, then you are not able to deliver yourself.

Unique And Strong Prayer For Mind Deliverance:

1. Power Against Your Mental Confusion

  • Oh, Jesus, I pulled down the stronghold of various confusion which comes into my life, in the name of love Jesus.
  • Every action of my life confused my mental state, Oh Jesus help me!
  • In the name of God, I reject and control numerous confusion which makes my mind more strongly than before.
  • I strongly command the different voices of confusion to be silent right now, for the name of Jesus.

2. Strong Prayers Against The Spirit Of Your Mental Destruction

  • I know there are some powers around me to destroy my happy life, but I strongly commend you to be stopped only in the name of Jesus.
  • Every wrong action of my life is receiving fire from Jesus.
  • My mind is especially receiving the blessings of God and it is healing, this happens only because of Jesus’ Name.
  • The blessings of the Lord are enhancing my mental state and getting more power in the name of you Jesus.
  • All the destruction which is set against my prosper mind is backfired on its sender, in the name of you Jesus.

3. Unique Deliverance To Control Your Negative Thoughts

  • I control and pull down all possible actions to eliminate negative thoughts in my future life, in the name of you Jesus.
  • I cast every evil imagination in my mind or also in my heart, this is possible only with the name of you Jesus.
  • I fully break the power of evil to eliminate the negative thinking in my mind, in the name of God.
  • Oh, Jesus! Now I am a person who you want to give more blessings to.

4. Authority Pushing Me To control My Mind

  • Only you can observe me, Jesus, because you are in my mind and I know I have strong faith that you will not send me to hell because YOU are a forgiver also.
  • Oh, Jesus, I know clearly that in any case, you will not push me to the fire of hell, in the name of God.
  • I will never get any evil attack on my mental state and this happens only because of your name, Jesus.
  • I will achieve my positive dreams, in the name of Jesus and I get more power with your name.
  • Please, possess my mental state from the fire of God, oh My Jesus.

5. Clearing My Mind’s Imagination

  • Oh, Jesus, I scatter my life into various pieces because of evil imaginations. Please protect me and boost me against the evil power.
  • I command all the evil powers to stay away from me and my family’s prosperity, in the name of beloved Jesus.
  • I enhance and boost my inner spirit and soul to fight against evil imagination, and this will happen only because of the name of Jesus.
  • I would like to take full authority against evil thoughts, this happens because of the power of Jesus’ name.

Some Other Popular Prayers For Mind Deliverance:

Unique And Strong Prayer For The Protection Of Your Mind

Oh my God, Oh my Fortress,  there is a situation of war and complexity in my mind. Your blessed people tell me to surrender in front of you and I have only solution for all my problems is prayer.

I want to pray daily because I want peace and happiness in my life, which no one can give me except you, my Lord! I am crying now because of this precious and powerful promise in front of you.

Jesus, I want your full protection to guard my mind and heart, otherwise, I can’t be able to fight alone with evil powers. All I just need is your stronghold of my mind. Please help, to conquer my battle and lead me with your safety, My lord. Amen.

Best And Powerful Prayer For The Peace Of  Your Mind

Oh my Lord, I love and thank you for all your blessings which make me a big person from nothing. My mind wants to be in a state of peace where I can easily relax. I don’t want to be controlled by some other person and I want your blessings every day.

Please, help me to fix my conditions according to your word. No one can give me inner peace except you, my Lord! Only you can give me the peace which I wish for and I am here to pray for it. Lead my mind into a peaceful state. Amen.

Power And Effective Prayers To Purify Your Mind

Oh Heavenly Father, My Lord! My mind is tackling negative things which I don’t like nor your order to like them. These in-pure things are the main hurdles to achieving things in my life. I want to let my thinking and my mind clear from this negativity.

You give us a right and strong way to hold and always speak the truth, I want to follow that way because I need your blessings, My Lord! To tackle this situation, I need your help right now, Jesus. I know you will help me if I want to change myself.

For A Calm And Healthy Mind

For the comfort of my mind, I am seeking help from you, My Lord. You know, I start to meditate according to your words. Always, I feel a storm in my mind which causes problems for me.

All I want is to stop this problem and give me peace of my mind. You give me everything and I am deeply thankful for it, Jesus. Give me your blessings to control my overall mind and rages. Amen.


Now, you get all the possible prayers to your mind for deliverance, and also you can ask from your soul, that how much you are thankful for God’s blessings.

Because if you are thankful for one blessing then in return you will get more peace and happiness in your life. All you need is to repeat these prayers alone, so no one can disturb or irritate your prayers.

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