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Prayer For A Sound Mind – How Should You Do Deliverance

In this article, I will guide you through Prayer For A Sound Mind which is very helpful for you.

In this world of modern technology, everyone is in a hurry. We have forgotten to meet the requirements of the modern era. We have to work the whole day to give our family a sustainable lifestyle.

To improve our lifestyle, we have to do double shifts. The worry of being empty-handed is make us do double shifts.

In this entire scenario, we forget to give our minds the piece required to live a healthy life.  A sound and a peaceful mind can do wonders. But if your mind lacks peace you cannot perform your routine tasks efficiently.

Prayer For A Sound Mind – Top 5 Best

Today, I am here with some most effective prayer phrases. These are some of the most tried prayer phrases that always work. These phrases give you a sound mind and return the peace of your life you have ever had.

If you are also searching for a prayer to have a sound mind then keep reading.

  • I pray for a mind that has no fear of people or bad things in life.
  • I pray for a mind that can distinguish between good and evil.
  • I want a mind that can stay focused and disciplined on things that are essential for me.
  • I ask for a peaceful and sound mind that can locate beauty in every aspect of life. a mind that can find joyful moments in times of sorrow.
  • I pray for a mind that can find a moment of joy even in the smallest things. A mind that can keep me happy when I am tired.

Prayer 1:

Oh, Lord!

I am asking for a sound mind that knows how to react in different situations. I ask for wisdom and discernment that helps me to tackle things conveniently. I ask for healthy thoughts that can see positivity in all things happening around me.

I ask for a sound mind that accepts things as coming from you. If bad things happen to me, help me in receiving them with patience. If good things happen to me, make me appreciate them well.

Give me a sound mind with the courage to say no when everybody has to say yes. Make my mind strong to face situations with courage and bravery.

Give me a sound mind that keeps me to be true to myself and the people around me. I want to be honest with myself in my words and deeds. If in any case, I forget to fulfill my commitment please Lord forgive me.

Prayer 2:

Oh, Lord!

Please grant me a sound mind to have clarity in my thoughts and words. I want a straightforward peaceful mind with pure intentions. I am looking for a sound mind that can make my heart steadfast and pure.

I want a peaceful mind for a healthy lifestyle, to see light in darkness and joy in hardships. Give me a peaceful and satisfied mind to embrace my own good and bad things willingly. Amen.

Prayer 3:

Oh, My Dear Lord!

I request a sound psyche and an engaged heart. I ask for a brain that is sharp and working out, yet in addition open and responsive to novel thoughts.

I want a heart that is solid and consistent, yet in addition unassuming and open to the encounters of others. I ask every day to have the option to take a gander at the world with clear eyes and a receptive outlook, so my contemplations may continuously be valid.

Prayer 4:

Oh, God

Assist me with thinking plainly and reasoning astutely, so that I might have the option to see reality regardless and use sound judgment in light of that reality.

Assuming I end up battling with discouragement or nervousness, assist me with recalling that these sentiments are not extremely durable they are simply aspects of this world, not the actual world and they can be conquered through supplication and reflection on your promise.

Guide me in my examinations so I might figure out how to think basically, comprehend ideas all the more completely, and apply what I know to new circumstances as they emerge.

Help me not exclusively to find out about my general surroundings yet in addition about myself: who I am according to other people; what my assets are; the way best to use the qualities gifted by God Almighty; how I can use these God Gifted attributes to serve the humanity; how best to defy obstructions or difficulties when they emerge (like managing troublesome connections) without failing to focus on my definitive objective (which dependably loves).

Prayer 5:

O Lord, I ask that my brain might be edified and my heart might be filtered. So that throughout the day I may feel that You are always with me. Give me wisdom to feel Your presence around me so that I may have eyes on You.

May the sum total of my viewpoints be of You, and may my words generally focus on Your magnificence. Lastly, as I travel to bed this evening, may I have a sound rest and may this day be finished well.

“Ruler, fill my brain with the information on your power and magnificence. Lord give me light to see through the darkness so that I may feel you everywhere around me. You have created my mind and body.

You know better about my mind and thoughts. Keep my thoughts clear and filtered all the time. Give me astuteness, understanding, and acumen so I might better serve others and commend your name.”

Final Thoughts

Above I have mentioned some of the phrases and paragraphs you can practice as a script while asking for a sound mind. You must pray for good things and seek the protection of God against evil things.

Everyone has different things to ask while praying to God. So you can always modify these phrases and paragraphs while using them according to their wishes and requirements.

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