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Best Law Of Attraction App For Android, Iphone, Ipad & IOs

In this article, I will guide you Best Law Of Attraction App which is very helpful for you.

If you are struggling to achieve something important in your life then in one or another way you will surely need strong help during the progress.

In the same way, during manifesting you already put your all energy into it to achieve what you want in your life, for this problem there are lots of apps that can help you accordingly with your choice.

With these apps, your manifestation process will be easy and friendly for you. If you want to know more about the law of attraction apps then there is a list of apps that can guide you properly during your manifestation.

You don’t need to ask for help from any other person when you have these apps in your hand because they will give you information that where you need to start the process of manifestation.

There are some drawbacks and advantages of using mobile, but these apps are truly helpful and you can’t ignore them, otherwise, you will the opportunity to manifest your dream life.

The other good thing is that all these apps are free and there are no hidden bills while using them on your mobile device. So, now let’s start our main work!

Top 6 Best Law Of Attraction App:

1. Think-Up Positive Affirmation App

As you know affirmations are the most powerful and paramount tool because it eliminates all your odd and limiting beliefs, so you can easily start your life happily. It also empowers your beliefs, so you can improve and positively boost your energy.

This app is very friendly with basic instructions.  You just need to add 10-15 unique and powerful affirmations and then you can try this audio in the random loop.

If you are busy driving or need to complete stuff at home, you can use these audio affirmations at any time you want. There are 300 different powerful affirmations in 10 different categories and you can choose one according to your wish. In this app, you can easily:

  • In your voice, you can record affirmations as much as you can.
  • For relaxing your soul, you can add background music also. This option is also there for you.
  • The main and strong thing about this app is that you can maintain or check the previous history of your practice manifestation.

2. Hay House Now App

If you are one of those keen listeners then this app is best and unique for you because of its powerful features. In this app, you will get 5 different audios of Abraham-Hicks and Wayne Dyer, these audios will enhance and boost your thoughts and change your overall life.

There are also many other audio collections in this app and you will enjoy the list of audio at any time you want because they are in your hand/mobile device.

You just need to subscribe to the audio gallery of the hay house app and with all these collections you will get only $10/month. You also get a free and amazing trial which doesn’t include any hidden charges, also you get 5 different audio categories in the free trial. This app includes all the lectures, audio, and video of top powerful authors such as:

  • Wayne Dyer
  • Joe Dispenza
  • Jerry and Ester Hicks and many more.

3. Law Of Attraction Library

If you are searching for free law of attraction apps then this application is an all-time favorite for you because it is a totally 100% free tool for your help.

The law of attraction library includes more than 50 different categories of audio content, where you can pick your favorite category easily. As you know some ads are running in this app, which will take you at least 10 seconds to complete the ad and this is the only drawback of this app.

But with a free source of information, this step is not difficult for you. While playing any audiobook or reading your desired book, there will be a 10-second app that you need to complete and then you can start using your audiobook. Some top books which are included in this app are:

  • Science of getting rich
  • Your unique words are your powerful wand
  • Game of life and how to tackle your situation easily

4. Simple Habit App

If you are searching for a meditation app then this unique tool is best for your need. It includes audio lessons which have a maximum length of 5 minutes and all these audios are for meditation purposes for your soul.

This app includes unique and strong scenarios and audio content which can boost your energy all day, so you can achieve what you wish for in a single day.

You also get a list of libraries of different content like stress category, kindness category, personal growth category, relationship category, and much more for your convenience. It is friendly to use and enhances your overall performance.

5. Podcasts

This is not an app like others, but through this step, you can listen to different laws of attraction which can help you in many ways, also you can listen to these podcasts on any device like Android or IOS.

You can listen or avail yourself of the opportunity to get plentiful podcasts you can. The best thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them anytime you want or anywhere you want during driving, causal trip, working in the office, or at home.

While listening to these positive podcasts, if you feel power and motivation in your thoughts then it is a sign that you are enough mastered the law of attraction and manifested your desired goals. Some powerful and unique law of attraction podcasts are :

  • Mind Your Business Podcast
  • Law Of Attraction Secret
  • The Manifesting Mum
  • Talk Radio Law Of Attraction
  • Subconscious Mind Mastery Podcast

6. Law Of Attraction Tool-Box

This is one of the best and most powerful apps for manifesting because its feature is amazing and it will cost you nothing. You can take this app anywhere you want and practice the powerful steps anytime you want.

You will get a variety of unique and marvelous games, exercises, and tools in this app, which will enhance or boost your overall vibration. These things will directly attract the things which you need during manifestation. These apps are based on the content of Abraham- Hicks. Games that are designed in this app are:

  • The magic
  • Daily gratitude
  • Feel as if game
  • Focus wheel
  • Appreciation game
  • Thank you journal game
  • Receive and spend the game
  • Positive aspects list
  • Daily wants list


As you know bad thoughts and bad thinking create bad effects on our health and because of these thoughts, we make lots of wrong decisions in our daily life routine.

The above mention is unique and powerful apps that surely help you to create a positive environment and also radiate positive energy as a result. In one or two months, you will get positive results with the help of the above apps.

The working signs of these apps are better sleep at night, deeper and positive dreams, and also increases synchronicity.

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