Tibetan Bells For Cleansing

Tibetan Bells For Cleansing – Why Use It For Meditation?

There is various meditation that comes from the Greek and is also used in this era. Tibetan bells For Cleansing are the most unique and common meditation type. Do you want rid of your problems and want a peaceful solution?

We give detailed information about Tibetan Bells For Cleansing, which you can understand how it works to eliminate all your stress.

Almost every Buddhist practitioner uses Tibetan bells for meditation, rituals, and prayers. The Tibetan bell’s second name is the Buddhist meditation bell. With the help of a leather strap, a pair of Tibetan bells are held strongly together.

It produces unique and attractive musical tones when they clung together. The sound of these Tibetan bells is also reached at a far distance, so people used these bells to call for prayers.

However, there are multiple designs of Tibetan bells carved with mantras or plains that have special unique symbolic meanings.

So, you will learn here how you can use Tibetan bells for cleansing and how these bells differ from other singing bowls of Tibetan, and what are the benefits of using Tibetan bells. Let’s directly get into the depth of details!

Detail Information About Tibetan Bells For Cleansing:

When Tibetan bells clung together than it produces an attractive and resonant sound. Also, there are multiple designs and sizes available of these Tibetan bells in the marker which range from 50 mm to 80 mm in diameter.

Keep in mind that these Tibetan bells with only a vajra are also known as the Dorje. If you are worried that where these bells are found, then almost all the Tibetan bells are mostly found in all Buddhist temples. It can also be easily found in worldwide museums.

It is known for its attractive and peaceful tone which can last longer when stuck with wood or with a dedicated mallet. Tibetan bells are specially designed to look old in this modern era of production because it is the valuable Buddhist meditation bells.

Producing Tibetan bells is not an easy task because handcrafted things lot of effort and time as well.

What Are The Benefits?

Well, there are multiple benefits of using Tibetan bells but the details of the most common and attractive benefits are as follows:

Easily Heal Emotional Wounds

It is the most useful handcrafted device from ancient times and is also still used in this modern era of healing parlors. All you need to do is just lies down straightly on a mat, or in any other comfortable place.

Make sure your eyes will be closed and then guided by this special and powerful healing sound. The individual can easily reach back to the main causes from which they are hurt.

Change All The Bad Habit Patterns

Almost every people have undesirable behavior which is also exhibited in the subconscious. There are multiple reasons for behaving in a particular manner and it may also vary amongst different natures of people.

But the main problem is how to break the undesirable pattern which you don’t want with you. With the help of sonic sound from the Tibetans, bells can easily disentangle all the blockages through various chakras.

It will eliminate all your odd or undesirable behavior and enhance your energy to master new traits.

Heal Anxiety And Eliminate Depression

Most people are also using Tibetan bells to eliminate all their anxiety because of their powerful singing bowls. It can cure almost every behavioral problem but especially Tibetan bells are used to eliminate anxiety and the roots of depression. A

According to research, sound therapy is the most effective way which can heal easily anxiety and depression.

3 Best Uses Of Tibetan Bells For Cleansing:

There are multiple uses for Tibetan meditation bells, but the most common and popular uses of Tibetan bells are as follows:

1. Mark For Different Seasons

Since it is a special tool for spiritual and religious significance, most people besides Buddhists use Tibetan bells to mark the start of a new season. It is because the sound generated from these bells is believed to attract good spirits and eliminate evil ones.

2. Use During The Meditation Process

The sound of these bells will help the practitioners to keep continue their meditations session without any distractions from their surroundings. As it is clear in research, that sound therapy will help to enhance your meditation more quickly than anything.

So, the tones from the Tibetan bells will surely enhance your overall meditation experience. It will provide sounds that anyone can feel calm and at peace with these tones.

Also, it will enhance your overall breathing during the meditation process and it can happen by using melodic tones.

3. For Cleansing Your Home And Body

If you feel any kind of negative energy in your home or your body, then using Tibetan bells is helpful and can eliminate all these odd experiences from you.

For this purpose, Tibetan bells are so much popular around every region of the world, and according to research, they sound really attractive and powerful which enhances your body’s powers easily.

Keep in mind that singing bowls and Tibetan bells both produce different types of sounds and their vibrations are also not the same.

How To Use Them?

When Tibetan bells produce sound then all the negative energy in space turns into positive energy. Also, with the help of these bells, it can easily eliminate all the negative aura. Aura is known to be a psychic and it can attract either unhealthy or healthy frequencies.

Keep in mind that this energy field is infectious and can destroy peace in no time. So, using Tibetan bells on them will give you results that make you happy and calm all the time. The use of Tibetan bells is simple and its process is like a meditation which required also undisturbed attention.

For example, if you want to cleanse a person then you need to hit the bells in a quiet room. Also, make sure you hit the bells close to the person who needs to be cleaned.

However, if the person’s energy level is good then the tone of the bell will be lighter and if a person had negative energy then its tone will be dull sound.

It is important for the person who needs to be cleansed to close their eyes during this practice and follow the sound deeply. The best thing about Tibetan bells is that it produces a deep and powerful tone that unlocks approximately all the person’s chakras in one session. After that, he or she will feel more healthy and lighter than before practice.

Things Which You Need To Remember During Tibetan Bells For Cleansing:

  • You need to walk from room to room to cleanse all the areas of the whole building.
  • Ring the bells in the center of the room which especially needs cleansing.
  • Go closer to those walls and hit the bells where you feel more negative energy from there.
  • You need to be mentally strong before undertaking this cleansing practice.


If you feel negative energy surrounding you and you feel more depressed, then you must need to use the practice of Tibetan Bells For Cleansing.

Before doing this cleansing practice, you just need to be aware of everything about negative energy and ring these bells in that area where you feel negative energy.

Also, Tibetan bells are useful to eliminate all the anxiety and depression from your mind and body. So, it’s truly worth your time and gives you an environment where you feel most peaceful and relaxed.

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