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Best Tuning Fork Frequencies For Healing [128 / 432 / 528 hz]

Who knows that a simple-looking lab instrument can be used to treat and heal many human body issues? We used to use the tuning fork Frequencies For Healing in the lab when we were in high school to carry out resonance practices.

If you also were using the tuning fork for just physics practices, then you would be amazed after reading this article. If you had been a science student you must have heard about tuning forks and the resonance phenomenon.

Today, I will show you how a tuning fork can help you get rid of various health problems. Tuning fork frequencies can be used to heal your body. Different tuning forks produce sound waves of different frequencies.

Why Tuning Fork Healing Therapy:

Some skilled practitioners use tuning forks to heal human body problems. This is called tuning fork therapy.

The tuning fork therapy includes the following steps.

  • The therapist asks you to lie down on a table in a relaxed position.
  • The therapist strikes the tuning fork and then passes it over your affected area of the body.
  • The tuning fork produces different vibrations that align with your body’s natural vibrations.
  • The tuning fork vibrations naturally align with your body’s vibrations. After aligning with your body’s vibrations the tuning forks sound vibrations travel deep inside your body to heal the affected areas.

In order to heal chakra and energy issues, therapists often use unweighted tuning forks. The unweighted tuning forks are used to make distorted waves in phase. The unweighted tuning forks also help to remove lower vibrations that are no longer useful to you.

On the other hand, the weighted tuning forks are considered to enhance the transmitted vibrations. The weighted tuning forks work way better when you apply them to a resonator. In tuning fork therapy the human body works as the resonator.

The frequency of the weighted tuning forks is transmitted over your nervous system and calms you down. The healing process of the human body includes the transmission of tuning fork vibrations through your reflex and energy points.

If you have had pain in your joints such as shoulders, elbows, and wrists you must have visited a therapist. The therapists relieve your pain by using weighted tuning forks for sonic acupuncture.

Wait What Is Sonic Acupuncture?

This is the method in which the tuning fork frequencies for healing vibrated at the lower. These lower-frequency sound waves transmit through your bones and joints to heal them.

The therapist uses sonic acupuncture on various reflexology points of your hands and feet. It also includes the meridian and reflex points of the human body such as knees, hips, shoulders, wrists, and elbows.

This method helps to enhance the healing process by increasing the blood flow to your muscles and tendons. The tuning fork vibrations help to stimulate collagen to enhance the healing process.

Do This Healing Therapy At Home:

I advise you to visit a professional therapist for tuning fork healing therapy. But if you don’t find any in your area or can’t afford the fee of the session then you can try it at home.

Yes, you heard right, here I am going to teach you how you can benefit from the tuning fork at home for your body’s healing process.

Before you get started with the tuning fork therapy please note a few things.

Locate the area of your body you find the problem. it can be physical, mental, or emotional. Stay focused on your intentions before starting the session.

Also, you would need to drink plenty of water. So that after the session you could flush out the toxins in your body that were creating problems for you.

Ready? Here Are The Steps You Need To Follow:

  • First of all, hold the tuning from its handle at an angle of 45 degrees
  • Now you need to create the vibrations by hitting the tuning fork on a mallet. If you don’t have one you can lightly hit it on your knee.
  • The tuning fork starts producing an audible pitch of sound when you hit it on a surface.
  • Once you start hearing the pitch of sound waves created by tuning fork vibrations, put it on problematic areas of your body.
  • You would feel the vibrations penetrating your bones and tissues depending on the area you are healing.
  • I would suggest you start placing the tuning fork right above your head. After that, you can place it on your sternum.
  • If your bones are getting weak and losing flexibility you can place the tuning fork to get back their strength of movement and flexibility.
  • The tuning fork therapy helps to stimulate the blood flow in your bones, joints, and other tissues to enhance the healing process.
  • Other than physical issues, you can use tuning fork therapy for the meditation process to relax and remove depression and anxiety.

Tuning Fork Frequencies For Healing:

Different tuning forks are designed to produce vibrations of specific frequencies for different purposes.

Here are some frequencies you can use for healing at home.

Tuning Fork 128 HZ

  • Best frequency to relieve pain and stress
  • Helps to relieve muscle spasms by increasing blood flow
  • Stimulates the nervous system and helps to relax your mind
  • This frequency relieves pain by triggering the natural painkiller nitric oxide
  • Powerful frequency to balance the nervous system

Tuning Fork 256 HZ

  • This is the powerful tuning fork to unlock and balance the root chakra
  • Makes you feel grounded
  • This frequency is Verdi tuning in music
  • It is Verdi tuning in Pythagorean tuning
  • It is a powerful tool to get rid of anxiety, stress, and worries

Tuning Fork 512 HZ

  • Audiologists use this tuning fork frequency to improve hearing loss
  • This frequency relieves pain by triggering the natural painkiller nitric oxide
  • Powerful frequency to balance the nervous system
  • For better results, you should use this frequency without weights

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