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Make Him Obsessed With You Manifestation – Make Him Love You

Welcome to the article Make Him Obsessed With You Manifestation! Love is the only thing in this world we can’t live without. If someone claims to live without love, then they must have some psychological issues. Maybe they had bad experiences regarding relationships so they are denying the power and charm of love.

But a normal and healthy person cannot deny its importance. Love completes our life and a beautiful relationship gives birth to chain relationships. When two people come and tie the knot, the two families get a strong bond. Similarly, communities form, and the whole world is based on the strong foundation of love.

Sometimes we don’t see the same love, passion, and affection in our relationship we had ever had before. Then we want our life partners to be obsessed with us. Many women want their life partners to be obsessed with them because they want attention and love.

If you are also going through the same circumstances and want him obsessed with you, then you have landed in the right place. In this article, I will help you to manifest your obsession with your life partner.

After reading this post you will be able to make him obsessed with you, he won’t live without you. His thinking approach will start and end up with you. Hence you will be observing the same passion of love you had ever before.

How To Make Him Obsessed With You Manifestation:

This manifestation technique involves certain steps. Each step has its own significance. You are not allowed to miss a single step because the step is connected with the next. Hence you should follow this step-by-step guide to make him obsessed with you.

Make A Clear Approach

This is the first and foremost step toward manifestation because you need to get clear on your goals. Before starting a race we set our target and make decisions. Then how do you think that you can manifest something without setting your target and goals?

You need to determine your goal. Think again, that is what you need and why. Because sometimes our desires are baselessly caused by some jealous feelings. This jealousy factor can lead you to the wrong destination. Therefore you must keep things clear before you move further.

You should be positive regarding your desire. If the results will also be positive, then you should move further. But if you think that the desire is temporary due to some jealousy factors then stop. If you have made your approach and you are determined on your goal then let’s move further.


The next step is to visualize your desire and your future. Think about the time period of your life when you achieved your goals. You have made him obsessed with you, now what are you feeling?

Are you happy now? Or you are getting bored and want to get back to your normal life? This visualization step aids the 1st step and helps you to make you determined.

This visualization step involves further steps. These steps allow you to get connected to the universe.

  • Choose a lonely place
  • Turn off your phone and get alone
  • Sit on the floor, couch, or chair comfortably
  • Close your eyes and start focusing on your desire
  • Visualize every moment your will be spending with your partner after manifesting his obsession

If the whole journey through your thoughts is beautiful then you are doing your best. But if you are watching any moment that’s not according to your expectations, then stop your journey.

Once you are clear on your goals and visualize every moment you are going to spend after your manifestation, you are ready to send requests to the universe.


In order to send your requests to the universe, you are required to practice affirmations. I have already taught you how to construct affirmations according to your desire.

  • Take a notebook and pencil along with you when you are performing the visualization technique.
  • Write affirmations on the notebook
  • Try to use positive words and never use negative terms while writing affirmations.

Useful Affirmations 

  • I am thankful for his love
  • I appreciate how he deals with kindness and love
  • He always tries to make me happy
  • He is very kind to me
  • I will make him happy every day
  • I will try to make his life enjoyable
  • I am ready to make his life’s every moment special
  • He will be happy to own me
  • We will never regret our decisions
  • I am ready to give and receive love
  • I am obsessed with his personality, love, and attitude
  • He will never get his thoughts out of me
  • I am ready to manifest self-love
  • I will pay more attention to our relationship
  • I will make him surprised every evening with beautiful ideas

Keep your vibration level high and repeat your affirmations several times a day. Appreciate what you have and make an affirmation of what you want to achieve.

Let The Universe Fulfil Your Desire:

You have finished your manifestation techniques and done your job effectively. Now it’s time to submit your requests and let the universe make them happen for you.

The universe always listens to you and replies with awesome gifts. You start noticing the difference and observing the signs. The universe contacts you and tries to fulfill your desires.

Because you have done the work on your side and now it’s the turn of the universe. The universe takes your wish and combines all the elements like wind, water, fire, and sky to fulfill your wish.

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Final Word:

Obsession itself isn’t a good idea for anyone. Because it creates suffocation, you feel yourself in prison. But if you manifest anything with a positive mindset, then everything turns beautiful. You get amazing results just because of a positive approach.

You can make him obsessed with you through manifestation but in a positive manner. If your intentions are based on jealousy and other similar negative factors, then your effort is useless.

Because anything achieved with a negative approach will never make you satisfied. If you want to achieve anything in this world with satisfaction, then keep your mindset positive.


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