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Positive Affirmations To Get Your Ex Back – Step By Step

Welcome to the article Affirmations To Get Your Ex Back! Having a healthy relationship is a goal in everyone’s life. Everyone loves to have a life partner that would love her/him and make their dreams fulfilled. Even the world cannot be completed without the sensation of love.

The entire universe is based on the strong pillars of love. Love is the only beautiful picture of the entire universe. We are proud of our beautiful relationships.

Sometimes, people cannot keep their relationships tight and lose their precious life partners. A little clash can tear a relationship into pieces and make two love birds separate. When these clashes arise, people don’t see the love and affection they had been putting into their relationship.

They had built their relationship day by day with affection, sacrifices, attention, and support. Unfortunately, when two people start arguing about something, they forget about anything good and just remember the bad things. Then gets separated apart.

Affirmations To Get Your Ex Back:

After getting separated, people start missing their ex and want to get them back. If you are also suffering from the same condition then you have landed on the right page.

Because in this article we will discuss some of the best affirmations to get your ex back. These affirmations will help you get your partner back if you really love them.

Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are actually a technique of manifestation. It is one of the best manifestation techniques that increase your focus and help you stay motivated. When great motivators or manifestation experts teach you manifestation techniques they always focus on affirmations.

Affirmations are actually reminders we set in our minds to keep ourselves motivated. These reminders keep knocking on our mind and make us realize that it needs to achieve this goal. Without achieving this goal your life isn’t complete.

These affirmations work wonders. Their types might be different but the working principle is the same. For example, people whose goal is to lose weight set corresponding affirmations.

People who want to get a certain job, have affirmations regarding their future careers. Similarly, people who want to get their ex back will have corresponding affirmations.

Once you have understood the basic concept of affirmations, now let’s see how it works.

How Does It Work?

Whenever you set certain goals you start taking steps to achieve your goals. You do different kinds of tasks and take further steps to achieve your goals. But you will only take action if you stay focused and motivated.

Focus and motivation is the essential part of manifestation. You might know that meditation is also one of the important factors of manifestation. Everybody knows that without focus, motivation, and affirmation it is hard to perform meditation.

Hence it is proved that affirmations are the building blocks of manifestation. So if you want to achieve anything including your ex, you need affirmations.

How To Make Affirmations To Get Your Ex Back?

Now it’s one of the most important questions arising in your mind. You already have noticed the importance of affirmations. You are ready to apply the technique of affirmations to get back your ex back. Now I will teach you about making affirmations to get back to your ex. Then I will also show you some examples.

Step 1 Recognize Your Goal

Before achieving anything we need to recognize our goal, its importance, and its effects on our life. You cannot even take a step to achieve your goals without recognition.

Hence first of all recognize your desire and ask yourself what you need and why. Can you live without achieving your goal? Can you stop thinking about your ex? If the answer is no, then yes, you can successfully achieve your goals.

Step-2 Visualizations

After recognizing your goals or desires, you need to visualize your dreams. Think about the moment when you have achieved everything in your life. Think that your ex has agreed to come back and now he/she is again a part of your life.

Visualize you are making plans together and getting married. Now you are on your dream journey to honeymoon. You have a small newborn you are holding carefully in your arms.

You can visualize anything that can give you a strong motivation to achieve your goals. For this, you can choose a place where you can be alone, and nobody can disturb you. Sit on the ground or chair and relax. Then start making visualizations.

Step-3 Make Affirmations

After recognition and visualization finally, it’s time to make affirmations. First of all, exclude the negative words from the dictionary you are going to use in affirmations.

For example “ex” is a negative term you often use. Now exclude this term from your everyday vocabulary and affirmations. Start with positive words then you will be able to stick with them.

  • First of all, recognize your fear and make an affirmation to get out of your fears.
  • Recognize your strength and believe in yourself.
  • Motivate yourself that you can do this.
  • Make plans to achieve your goals.
  • Build a connection with the universe.


  1. Now I have the potential to express my feelings
  2. Nothing is impossible for me now
  3. My lover is getting closer to me
  4. I should forgive myself for everything bad I have done in past
  5. It’s not bad to accept and receive love from(name of your lover)
  6. I am sure that he is also thinking in the same way.
  7. I have learned from my past, now I deserve forgiveness and a second chance
  8. I should start loving myself so that (name of your lover) could meet the new me
  9. Now I know what I have done wrong, so I can improve my actions
  10. No, I will be honest with my partner
  11. I will live a healthy and successful life with (name of your partner)

These are some of the basic examples you can consider while making your affirmations. These affirmations will take your stress away and fill your mind with positive thoughts.

Because positive thoughts are behind positive actions, therefore we cannot skip positive affirmations. Then you will move towards motivation and finally get the power to get your ex back.

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