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Welcome to the article Law Of Attraction Affirmations For Money! The Law of attraction can be applied to manifest anything in life. People are using the law of attraction techniques to achieve their goals. In today’s world, everyone appears to be a slave of his desires and dreams.

These dreams include money, health, an abundance of love, and business achievements. Everyone has his own desires and he wants to make his dreams true at any cost. Everyone thinks that if his desires are fulfilled, he will be happy all the time.

He gets his desire fulfilled but rather than getting satisfied he finds another dream to be fulfilled. In this way, the cycle of desires never ends and we look for multiple ways to achieve our dreams.

Everyone dreams of having a villa surrounded by beautiful scenery. You might be dreaming of a world tour with your life partner or enjoying summer trips with kids. But everything needs money.

You cannot even eat a piece of bread without earning money. People have different perspectives regarding money. Some people prefer a job to earn money whereas others choose business.

Besides business and job, there are further two categories, self-employed and investors. No matter what the way is, everyone has the same motive, to earn a handsome amount of money.

Law Of Attraction For Money:

Other than the above four categories, some intelligent people believe in attracting wealth. They use the law of attraction for wealth and start manifesting their dream figure income. These people are most intelligent and understand the power of the law of attraction.

They send focused and clear messages to the universe and get their desired amount of wealth. But still, some people don’t believe that you can manifest money by using the law of attraction techniques.

If you can manifest love, health, a dream life partner, a dream body, and other things then why not wealth? The universe always listens to your requests and allows you to attract whatever you want including money.

Law Of Attraction Affirmations For Money:

In general affirmations are phrases or sentences to praise and appreciate what you already have. You appreciate your personality, your abilities, and your surroundings. We know that appreciation is always positive and it generates positive vibes.

These positive vibes are then absorbed by the universe. The universe interacts with your energy and sends you a corresponding outcome. You need to recite these affirmations daily multiple times a day.

You might be thinking why affirmations are an important step in the manifestation process. Well, we know that whenever we want to achieve our goals, our mind faces a lot of negative thoughts. These negative thoughts can be due to our environmental behaviors.

No matter what’s the reason but its impact is adverse. You cannot move forward without eliminating these negative thoughts or limiting beliefs. These negative thoughts need to be replaced with positive words. Here it comes when you replace the negative thoughts gently with positive affirmations.

35 Powerful Law Of Attraction Affirmations For Money:

  1. I have a special ability to attract money because I can interact with the universe.
  2. I have the ability to keep a good relationship with wealth.
  3. I have released all negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that can resist the inflow of wealth.
  4. I like to attract wealth from the universe.
  5. I believe in attracting money because I constantly receive multiple opportunities to make more money.
  6. I appreciate my life giving me more money than my basic needs.
  7. I attract money because I deserve it.
  8. Money falls into my lap just like fresh blossoms.
  9. I am happy because I have an abundance of money in my bank accounts.
  10. With this money, I can spend my whole life according to my wish.
  11. I have the natural ability to attract money.
  12. I can communicate in a better way with people to attract more money.
  13. I enjoy manifesting wealth.
  14. I find it fun to attract wealth.
  15. There is no harm in becoming rich.
  16. I love myself because I can manifest money with so much ease.
  17. I am satisfied with what I already have.
  18. I manifest wealth and afford everything I need.
  19. I can manifest and manage money with perfection.
  20. I believe that money finds a way toward me.
  21. Whenever I spend money it gets back multiplied.
  22. I do not like to depend only on one way of income. Besides I like many streams of income.
  23. I am worthy of each penny I have.
  24. I am rewarded financially by the universe because I deserve it.
  25. I am happy because my money stock is increasing day by day.
  26. I appreciate the wealth I already have and that coming on its way to me.
  27. I never find it hard to make more and more money.
  28. There is no harm to me in having more than enough money.
  29. It’s good to release that is not working for me.
  30. I can change my wealth history within a few minutes.
  31. I have the ability to eliminate every resistance to money.
  32. My personality is similar to wealthy people.
  33. I can be placed at the top of the list of rich people.
  34. I always make decisions that help me make more money.
  35. My vibrational level is in accordance with the universe.
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Final Words:

Money isn’t a thing that is hard to achieve in this century. We have multiple options to make more and more money in our life. Everyone keeps multiple money streams that make more than enough money. You can apply the law of attraction to speed up your manifestation.

But it doesn’t mean that you should rely on just the law of attraction secrets. Instead, you must be practicing all the methods that can make you money. You can find a job and continue your business part-time.

You can invest your money in a running business to make more money without self-effort. There are 100s of ways to make money in this world. You don’t need to find one because you are surrounded by various opportunities.


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