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Scripting Manifestation Examples – Money, Love and Relationship Attraction

Hey Guys!, Today I am telling you about to use scripting manifestation examples along with the law of attraction to manifest what you want in life. Like you know, if you follow this blog, I am a strong believer in the law of attraction. 

So, I have the best way, and I have a much more updated version fo this article or blog. A complete Guide with wonderful images and videos! Here you come to over-read it!

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All Scripting About Manifestation Examples!

Scripting Manifestation Examples 1

You can’t imagine I am very happy and grateful that you chose to come and check my blog today! Last few years, I am studying and finding the law of  attraction and I have seen many chunks in my life

I would love to be able to tell you everything better. Scripting Manifestation is a law of attraction techniques

or examples. Where you write a story about your life and how you want to tell your life about how it happened.

You can use anything you want to manifest in a whole story. Like when you attract a new job, new house, new car, or the best relation, yes, you can write an exemplification about those things. If you are a writer, you can tell the story exactly as you need.

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Live Scripting Manifestation Examples in Your Life

So, how to get you:

  1. How does it feel to drive down the motorway in your new Fortuner?
  2. How does it feel when you sit in the dining room for a sexy dinner in your new house.
  3. How does it feel while you drink morning tea in a new house?
  4. How does it feel when you go shopping for clothes and hahaha? Only you try that all the sizes and those are too big. You want a small size because you have reached your goal?
  5. How does it feel like when you go to purchasing a new phone and then you happier because you want a good phone which fulfills your demand.
  6. How does it feel rock song?
  7. How does it feel to e in love? (like awesome)
  8. How does it feel when you got a new job and feel like you came the first day in the office?
  9. How does it feel when you write good content, and you feel more proud of him?   (Like I’m a writer)
  10. How does it feel you know I deserve it. It’s on it’s the best way, and nothing can hold

Here is the reality about which affirmation and goal work, and they have got to turn you on.

Yes, You read that good.

If you write a statement, you don’t feel like good/powerful/excited.

Why Script?

For example, imagine sitting down, writing a script for your life, and then moving a movie cinema where the script got to life.

What if the situations you write became your truth? Where can you touch/taste/feel what you have imagined?

The Good Chances that’s in the face of you is to select what make of existence you land in carefully.

You want to choose which truth becomes the one you live, feel good, and share with others like friends/family and social platforms.

Writing your Future: Can you imagine if you have a dream pen that could deliver everything you wanted in life? 


you don’t need a dream pen because your old pen will work well to help you write the life of your dreams. 

What is Scripting?

Law of attraction techniques called scripting.

When everything is correct, the output is mind-blowing; that may be the most powerful attraction tool. 

You can place scripting is a technique to explain your life as if you before had what you want to manifest.

  1. Do you get a new job? Explain how your first day at that fav job like sound good.
  2. Do you get a seven-figure salary? Explain how it feels to get seven-figure? Where to use this money?
  3. Do you get a life partner? Explain how life with them looks good. Write down and tell the whole story, like how your first date and honeymoon was.


When you write all these things, You can tell other people. It’s all about your feeling in these moments. It’s called scripting.

Top 5 Best Way to Use Scripting

scripting manfiestation examples

1. Start by being good.

See, when you start writing this story and script, first feel it, think, and more think, Ask yourself.

2. Use the present tense.

It is an important thing. When you are writing or scripting, you want to act as if you already knowing what you wish to explain.

For example, when you want to explain to your new house like a new car then you write a story.

Like, how does it feel when you go to buy a new car, and you sit in the car on the new seat and Explain what you are feeling. 

When scripting, imagine about yourself in the future and manifest how the future feels like good,

3.Give as good as you can

First of all, when scripting, As good a statement as you can make. Ask yourself. Explain more details.

Try to dig deep and explain all the things about your topic.

Try asking yourself:

  1. What are you doing today?
  2. What are you wearing today?
  3. What are you felling?
  4. What are you, and who are you with?

4. Include Feelings

It is an important thing in your scripting. 

First, you don’t explain anything in explain when you don’t have any feelings about the topic.

Emotions are a big deep part of the law of attraction.

It would be best if you rotated on about what you are scripting by including your emotions.

Try asking yourself:

  1. How Does it feel this person treat you?
  2. How does it feel this person make me feel?
  3. How does it feel this person has a kind of interest?
  4. How does it feel what this person has physical features?

5. Focus on what you want

Focus is an important thing when you are scripting. 


what you want rather than on what you don’t want.

Best Successfully Scripting Exercises

Here, I’m telling you the best successful Scripting exercises that you know what scripting is and how to use and how you can start scripting use with these seven easy exercises.

As you wish, You can use these scripts all at once, or do a long time.

  1. Scripting Exercises#1: Your Morning Schedule
  2. Scripting Exercises#2: Your Best Time like day/month/year.
  3. Scripting Exercises#3: Your particular job
  4. Scripting Exercises#4: Your Soul-mate
  5. Scripting Exercises#5: Your ideal home
  6. Scripting Exercises#6: Your vacation
  7. Scripting Exercises#7: Your perfect anything
  8. Scripting Exercises#8: what you want. Example: “I want a new bed…”
  9. Scripting Exercises#9: Why do you want it?
  10. Scripting Exercises#10: How does it feel?
  11. Scripting Exercises#11: Believe
  12. Scripting Exercises#12: Grateful

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