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5 Minute Short Root Chakra Meditation Script PDF

Welcome to the article Root Chakra Meditation Script! In this modern world, everyone is in hurry to make a career, money, and achieve power. In this race of success sometimes you fall, rise, fall, and again rise on your feet. This line looks simple but it is as hard as you can imagine.

Some people lose hope only after one failure, they lack the energy to rise and fight back. This scenario ends up giving you stress and mental tension. In modern society, almost everyone is fighting with stress and tension.

That’s why the number of psychiatrists has been increasing day by day. But if you can heal yourself with meditation practice then why do you need to visit a psychiatrist?

Best Root Chakra Meditation:

The root chakra is one of the seven important chakras in Hinduism. The location of the root chakra is considered at the base of the spine. The root chakra is considered the base or foundation for life that gives you the power and strength to withstand challenges.

It allows you to feel grounded, safe, secure, and stable. The root chakra has a vital role in our lives if you believe in this theory. Because it gives foundation to the most important factors of our life that are related to stability, security, and safety.

Reasons Behind Blocked Root Chakra 

Due to several reasons, the root chakra gets blocked. Since the root chakra is situated at the base of your spine, it is directly related to your brain and mental strength. So the reasons behind blocked root chakra are also related to a mental condition.


Often people at a young age start taking the stress of career and education. At a very young age, we have only two reasons for stress education or career.

Apart from that relationship issues also cause stress. If you are facing problems in your relationship with your partner you may face the stress that will end up blocking your root chakra.

Financial independence is also a big reason behind poor mental health. You want to stand on your feet as soon as possible and attain financial independence. It causes a lot of depression when you face failure in your projects. This causes your root chakra blocked and leaves you with a painful back.

Sleep Disorders

In this busy life routine, people don’t pay attention to their physical and mental health. People who are concerned for their careers, relationships, and financial independence face blocked root chakra because they don’t take proper rest. Stress takes away your sleep and your start feeling uncomfortable resulting in sleeplessness.

When you don’t take proper rest or sleep you may feel stressed and get your chakra blocked. This is directly related to your spine and backbone where the chakra is located.

Signs Of The Blocked Root Chakra: Balancing Meditation Script

Since the root chakra is located at the base of your spine ultimately you feel signs of the blocked root chakra there. Other than the spinal problems you face other health issues too.

Lower Back Pain

The root chakra is located at the base of your spine. Therefore, it has a direct impact on your lower back. People with blocked toot chakra may face severe lower back pain.

You feel uncomfortable either sitting or standing because your back is not healthy. So whenever you feel lower back pain without specific reason or injury, it’s a sign of blocked root chakra.

Cold Extremities

When your root chakra is not stable or open you may face cold extremities. You will start observing that your hands and feet stay cold without any specific reason.

Cold extremities are often the result of poor blood flow in the blood vessels. When your brain doesn’t get proper signals to make an ideal blood flow you face cold extremities.

The root chakra is directly connected to your spinal cord which is connected to the brain. Therefore, cold extremities may refer to the blocked root chakra.

Trouble Concentrating

When your mind lacks the power it loses its ability to focus and concentrate. As I mentioned earlier, root chakra has a connection with your brain so it can cause various mental issues including poor focus.

You can’t concentrate on certain things that lead you to failure. To achieve every life goal you are told to concentrate well but it is not possible without opening the root chakra.

Root Chakra Meditation Script:

Meditation works strongly to glow your root chakra. Not only root chakra but meditation is the key to glowing all of the chakras involved in your body.

Here I am going to share with you a powerful meditation script that will help to glow your root chakra. After completing this exercise, you will be able to stand again and face all of your life challenges.

Meditation Script

Sit down on the ground feeling that the ground is going to catch you and support you. Feel that all of your worries have vanished and you are grounded. You are here grounded, alive, protected, and secured.

Close your eyes gently to cut the waves of worries that grow inside you. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and feel that you are safe. Take a deep breath in such a way that it travels down every inch of your body. Visualize each breath as it travels through your nose, and throat into the lungs. That breath is then filtered by your lungs to feel this process.

Visualize the journey of air through your nose to all of your body parts including the chest, belly, pelvic bone the thighs. Continue breathing in the same sense and visualize each journey traveled by air through your body parts.

Once you get focused, now feel that a red-colored light spreads in the form of a chakra staring at your back. Feel that this light chakra has grounded down your lower back and risen slowly from the base of your spine. You will feel like having a strong and supportive hand on your lower back.

Feel that this light travels upwards healing all of your spinal problems and pains. Now open your eyes and feel that the light has washed away all your worries. You are a completely new person from the inside. Everything has healed and you are a strong person now.

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