My Soulmate Is Married To Someone Else

My Soulmate Is Married To Someone Else – Why?

In this article, I will guide you through My Soulmate Is Married To Someone Else which is very helpful for you.

It’s a very hard situation for anyone whose partner is going to love another person and also want to marry another person. This is one of the harshest feelings ever that someone faces in this world. They don’t know how to survive the situation, this is the most tricky situation for you.

After a time when you met with your soul mate and find out heartbroken thing that your soul mate is already married and then you don’t have anything to overcome this hard situation.

And you think that is why my soulmate is married to someone else? Is there any bad thing in you? These questions will come into your mind and you are anxiously waiting for finding the answers.

In this situation where you find yourself alone in a gathering of people and you just thinking about your relationship, the best and handy guidance is better to sort out your inner feelings which hurt you’re the most. You also don’t want to take guidance from anyone but your heart wants to pursue it.

Your heart also wants to set off those hurting sparks which feel you alone all the time. The mind will work its way and you need to go away from this situation and continue your work without your soulmate which only gives you stress.

First You Need To Know The Exact Meaning Of Soulmate Connection:

The true meaning of soulmate is that you have to stick with each other forever in any situation and you don’t need to break up with each other. According to contrary belief, the soulmate relationship is not romantic by nature.

A soulmate relationship needs only your dedication, and lots of love from you each other, and the main thing is your commitment, it’s just like other relationships.

If you face difficult things in your soulmate relationship and you are thinking that your soulmate is only your true love then in this situation you are going to take stress which is unhealthy for you and your body. Also, you will get negative thoughts in your mind which can directly affect your other decision which may be a big loss for you.

You need to calm yourself and then think about what to do next if your soulmate is going to marry someone else. If you lose your temper, then you are going to destroy your whole life within a seconds.

You have to think about your bright future which may give lots of other positive things. You need to know the fact that soulmate connection is one of the best and most divine connections of the soul.

Our soulmate is the core part of the body’s soul and we have a spiritual contract in many ways. Their main purpose is to bring profound positive changes and give attractive transformation in our daily life routines.

Except for love soulmates, there is more than one soulmate like a best friend or neighbor, and your mother can be your soulmate. So you also need to know the difference between each soulmate.

My Soulmate Is Married To Someone Else – Five Times It Is The Right Thing To Do:

You think that leaving your loved one is easy to do, it’s a total disaster for your inner feelings. But lots of times it’s better to leave the relationship when you realize that your partner not giving your such importance as they need to give you.

To live simply and happily we need to be strongly committed in our relationship, but when it doesn’t happen according to our desires then there are disastrous feelings that burn inner power.

With calmness and patience, you can overcome the situation. If we face the lesser drama of a break up in a relationship a more peaceful and happy life is ahead.

But in this era, most relationships give more trouble instead of calm and peace. So in this situation break up is the only option you had. There are five situations in which break-up is good for your mental and body health.

1. Your Soulmate Is Not Talking About Positive Plans

When your soulmate is talking about love but they won’t talk a single thing about the plan with you. Many times when you want to raise the topic of plans, then your partner tends to avoid that topic which makes you puzzle why he/she doesn’t want to take this topic.

This means that your partner is not interested to make a great future with you. So, in this scenario having a breakup is the best choice to remain healthy and fresh in your own life.

2. Another Thing Is Irresponsible

In every relationship, if there is responsibility then you may succeed in any relationship. It comes from both sides of the relationship to strengthen your love bond and trust each other. You will think about breaking up in your relationship when you realize that your partner is irresponsible.

3. Abusive Behavior

No matter how much you love your soulmate but when it comes to bad behavior then you have to think about leaving the person you love most. Abusive behavior or talk will give a bad impact on everyone and no one want to disrespect their loved ones.

Also, you don’t want to give your partner the power of abusive behavior. In general, abusive behavior is not a form of love anyways. If you face any abusive form like verbal, psychological, or anything other then you surely need to think about breaking up because you want a peaceful life not a stressful life with your partner.

If your partner is abusive to you then he/she is abusive to all other people which may down your confidence and morale. Because of this situation, you can’t perform well in other activities which are mandatory for you to succeed in life. It is the wiser choice to leave your partner.

4. If You Realize That Your Partner Cheats On You

Love builds on trust, but when you feel that your partner is no more loyal to you then it’s better to leave your relationship urgent. If you think that your partner cheat on you a single time and you want to give him/her a chance, then this is not a good step for you.

Because your partner can cheat on you again in another way. If your soulmate cheats on you a single time then there is a high chance that they cheat on you, again and again, it’s better to leave your relationship to avoid any harm or disaster in the future.

5. You Only Remember The Painful Moments Rather Than The Peaceful Moments

Whenever you close your eyes and you got only painful and stressful moments from your partner then in this situation you need to relax and leave the relationship is a wise decision. Through this, you can again live happily and continue your goals with the correct decision.

This step also gives lots of confidence and motivation that you are mature enough to take any step to pursue your happy life. It is a warning sign for you that you think only bad and painful moments of your partner instead of the good moments which hurt you the most.


There are plenty of times you need to take harsh choices to live happily without your soul partner. The detailed information which you get here is the best guide for you when you think to live alone without your partner. You need to relax and calm yourself first, then take the next step which makes you more strong and more confident in your life.

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