Meditation For Manifesting Abundance 2

Meditation For Manifesting Abundance, Wealth & Money

In this article, we are going to guide you about Guided Meditation For Manifesting Abundance, Wealth, And Money which will be very helpful.

In this post, I want to discuss one of the largest blocks to being a superattractor: our money mindset. Money can be such a space of protection for us. When the topic of money comes up, it can trigger a number of family wounds and old stories.

Our money mindset is frequently a direct reflection of how our family handled money or believed in money. It can also reflect the collective awareness and our society’s stories around money and abundance.

Hence, we have to heal our money mindset in order to be abundant. This is a detailed guide for Meditation For Manifesting Abundance.

Meditation For Manifesting Abundance Is An Inside Job:

Being abundant starts with feeling abundant as meditation for manifesting wealth, prosperity and abundance is an inside job.

If the feeling of abundance looks out of reach, let’s first acknowledge that numerous of us have a number of financial fear and insecurity — not only because of our upbringing but also because of the stories of the world.

Energy is currency:

Whatever we’re considering about money leads to how we think about money, and that feeling is what presents off energy. That energy is either supporting our earning capacity or it’s destroying it.

Meditation For Manifesting Abundance 2

Energy is a currency. If we want to work our energy to earn more and have financial freedom, then we have to clean up our ideas and beliefs about money.

Dr. Wayne Dyer stated, “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” As we open up to moving our beliefs and our money mindset, we remove the blocks to become abundant and attract financial freedom.

The first step to cleaning those blocks is to become conscious of them. We have to see our ego before we can bring it to light.

The 3 Biggest Blocks To Guided Meditation:

There are three large blocks when it comes to Meditation For Manifesting Abundance. Let’s look closely at them so we can start to clear them. One of these beliefs may truly resonate with you, but it’s likely that you view elements of all three in yourself.

Block #1: A lack of mentality

The first huge block to our abundance is a lack of mentality. You may consider that you will never have sufficient, that you will never be enough, or that there is too much poverty in the world.

People who are weakened in this lack of mentality are satisfied that they’ll never reach abundance. They’re constantly striving to feel secure.

If you carry a belief system of lack, that’s okay. Let’s just see this lack of mentality without judgment.

Block #2: The belief that having money makes you great or less than others

The second significant block is a belief system that having a specific amount of money makes you greater than or less than others.

This can show up in a couple of ways. You may think that when you have a number of money you’re superior to others in some way, e.g., you’re more energetic or you work harder.

And sometimes there’s truly fear around having money because you connect having money with negative qualities. You may have a story that states, “I don’t want to be viewed in that way.”

People who place value on money view themselves as inferior if they don’t have whatever amount of money they view as the dividing line. And those who do have a lot of money can’t use it because they fear losing it.

This leads us to the ultimate block.

Block #3: The belief that there’s not enough to go around

There is a belief method that our earning capacity has a ceiling, or that our capacity to gain is based on the outside world. If you have this belief method, then you might think there’s a boundary to the number of people who get to feel abundance.

This belief system views the world in a zero-sum way: If one person has more, then another person has to have less.

The faith that there’s not sufficient to go around really gets revved up by what’s happening in the world around you because you describe yourself that your capacity to be abundant depends on something outside yourself.

How To Attract Abundance:

Now that you’re informed of the three big blocks to abundance, how do you clean them? I want to provide you with some tools to heal your money mindset and attract the abundance you want! This is the best method for Meditation For Manifesting Abundance.

Witness your blocks and choose again:

Witness your own blocks to abundance. View in your individual way, what is your lack of mentality? How do you feel greater than or less than when it comes to financial security? How does the story that it isn’t sufficient to go around show up for you?

Begin to become very conscious. Throughout the day, give attention to your thoughts and energy, as well as your behavior around money.

When you see those fearful thoughts around money, apply the moment to produce a perceptual shift. In that instant, you can pick it up again. Instantly forgive yourself for having that fearful thought and then consciously choose to view it differently.


Here’s an example of how to witness your fear and pick again.

Maybe you catch yourself staring into a boutique window and think, “I wish I could afford that magnificent pair of boots.” Right away you have to pick a new thought (for instance, “I’m thankful for what I get, and I select not to concentrate on my lack”).

That simple shift redirects your strength and amps up your gratitude and positivity. In an instant, you can begin to feel like the coffee you’re holding is actually extremely abundant. You remember that you truly do have a lot of abundance around you, and you know that more than anything, real abundance is a feeling.

In your moment-to-moment experience, when you take away the requirement to look for lack and instead look for abundance, abundance becomes what you recognize. Your real abundance starts with your belief system, so prefer to see through the lens of love.

Choose to reach for a thought that effects you feel even subtly better than the one you just had. Thought by thought, supervise yourself out of that lack mentality. It sounds easy and it is. The purity of these practices is what assists us in producing long-lasting change.

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Respect Your Money:

This is a tip from my book Miracles Now: Respect your money and your money will admire you.

A dear friend of mine is an entrepreneur, and she used to complain plenty about feeling financially blocked. It was a vast story of hers.

One day she was complaining about her bills while we were out together. She pulled out her wallet to give for something, and I noticed that she was carrying around this tattered wristlet jammed with credit cards, crumpled receipts, an old lip gloss, and God understands what else.

I blurted out, “If you want to clean up your finances, you have to pick up your wallet.” The next day she texted me a photo of her pretty new red wallet. She got a point to find one she loved, and she created it so she could find her money simply.

Within two weeks her business was back in operation and the deals she’d been waiting on began to come through!

I think it was the wallet. Once she had her own money in order, she cleared her subconscious blocks and felt freedom and comfort in any situation associated with finances or business. This apparently subtle shift had such a radical impact on her energy. The meditation for money is so important.


If you have been feeling blocked financially, do you see that you’re disrespecting your money in your own way? Do you usually find that things associated with money and business just don’t look to work out for you? Your financial block stems from an energy block.

Remember, energy is everything, even in your wallet. Energy is a currency, so for the sake of your finances and the economy, clean up your wallet, clean up your files, and begin to clear the energetic relationship to your abundance.

That easy shift is such a huge step toward respecting your money. If your wallet is beaten up or overstuffed (or if you just don’t love it), then take a new one.

Not only will your latest, clean wallet energetically support you, but it will also make a report to the Universe that you’re willing to get.

Practice The Prosperity Game:

Abraham-Hicks has an excellent exercise that supports us in releasing our resistance around money so that we can co-create from an energy of abundance rather than the power of lack.

The Law of Attraction works based on our vibrational stance. What we think and what we feel creates our energetic vibration, and we attract people, objects, and positions that match our energetic vibration.

Abraham-Hicks designed a practice called the Prosperity Game, which is a wonderful technique for shifting your vibrational stance around your finances so you can attract money and abundance.


The Prosperity Game is a mental practice of collecting checks from the Universe. Every day you multiply the amount of the check you get. This puts you in a strong container of playing around with this feeling of abundance.

Each day, as you admit this new check from the Universe, it’s your job to use every cent of it. You could spend that check on food, clothing, on a car. You can use it on whatever you have sufficient for.

It sounds really simple, but if money has been hard work for you in any way, you’re going to be amazed by how challenging it can be to stretch your imagination.

This is a very important part of the game. The game is created so that you can exercise stretching your limiting beliefs about money so that you can absolutely feel what it feels like to have an extensive amount of money.

You can begin at whatever amount you want you to want, but I suggest starting big so that you have something to spend. Let’s suppose you start by getting a Universal check for $1,000 on day 1. You need to then mentally spend that whole $1,000 by the end of the day.

List each thing that you’re going to purchase with an estimated cost. You don’t have to get too hung up on particular prices. The next day, you’re going to get a virtual check for $2,000. Again, you have to use all of it. The next day, you get a check for $4,000, and then you receive a check for $8,000, and so on.


You can’t give away your money to someone except if it’s for something particular like a birthday. The reason is that we want to exercise knowing that endless abundance is accessible to everyone in the world.

If you’re handing a check to someone, you’re dropping that they could also be in a stance of wealth manifestation! It’s significant to believe that everyone is entitled to produce whatever they want, and their creations don’t have to come from a place of lack.

An exception to this law: If you want to produce a charity, then make a list of all the things that you need to buy in order to have that charity be successful. In this case, you have been using the money to invest in what you’re producing.


Don’t put your virtual checks into any sort of imagined savings, unless you’re saving up for something special like a house. (And even then, don’t begin saving for that big item until your regular virtual checks reach a big amount.)

The reason for this is that saving implies that someday there might not be sufficient. Remember, the Prosperity Game is a mental practice in unlimited abundance!

When you become a super attractor, you will start to accept that there will never be a day when abundance doesn’t move freely toward you.


When you play the Prosperity Game, you want to receive into the practice of spending every day so you begin to feel your energy shift. That mental opportunity to spend free day after day begins to put you into a vibrational stance where you’re considering abundance.

Your energetic feelings of abundance will drive your mind because all of a sudden when you begin to feel abundant, abundance will expose you.

When you deliver financial fears, you’ll come to admit that you are not your lack of mentality. This practice assists you in revving up that creative capacity to get financial abundance.

Say A Prayer For Abundance:

There’s another layer to this healing, which is an abundance of prayer. Prayer is the sign of miracles, so make this prayer portion of your practice for healing your money mindset.

Your Prayer For Abundance:

Thank you, Universe, for assisting me to reinterpret my relationship with money. I know my lacking ideas are based on fear, and I’m ready to deliver them now. I welcome new and inventive abundance, and I will give attention to the guidance I get. I am free from my financial fear. I am abundant.

I can’t wait to hear the abundant miracles that start to occur for you as you shift your energy around your money.

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