Law Of Attraction Pregnancy Affirmations

Law Of Attraction Pregnancy Affirmations – Baby Manifestation

There is no match of feelings when a woman is expected. In the time-lapse during pregnancy, your mindset and emotions will impact a great effect on fertility. If you have positive thinking and be relaxed in the critical situation then surely you will get a healthy and beautiful baby.

The law of attraction says we attract in our society according to subconscious thoughts which we have like different fears. Only, for this reason, thousands of women are desperately waiting for being a mother. Sometimes they also may feel emotional blocks that stop them to get the baby.

There are a lot of negative reasons for fear like financial issues or maybe fear of not being a great mother for her children etc. In this situation, the law of attraction pregnancy affirmations will help you to come back to relax situation and put you to think about your future with a healthy baby.

Can positive affirmations help you to conceive?

The working of affirmations is only preparing your mindset with the full planning of your future and after that, your body is ready for it which you use for affirmation.

The major aspect of affirmation is that it will relieve all your stress and slow down your anxiety level because these two are the main role for being a healthy person.

If you don’t feel easy to eat and drink, then affirmations will help you to eat food and sleep easily. You can distract or minimize your fears through positive affirmations during your process of pregnancy, also it will prepare your mind for pregnancy.

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Best use of the law of attraction to become pregnant

When you are aware of your confirmed pregnancy then you need to spend lots of time playing with the ideas of your coming baby. Through this, you will get positive thinking and if you have some negative/fear thoughts then it surely turns down to positive thoughts whenever you think about your baby.

1. Special things to do when you are expected

  • You will think that what is the best food to eat?
  • Do you also think that is your house enough neat and clean for you and your baby?
  • You need to act positively to get a healthy baby.
  • Do you need to take some safety precaution before your baby come to the house?
  • You will arrange a list of products to buy before the baby is born.

2. How you will feel or react as a mother?

  • You need to just imagine the beautiful feeling when you come out of your car with your healthy baby.
  • Imagine when you see the smiling face of your baby, will give you amazing happiness.

Ideal and best affirmations for Conception

There is no science behind positive affirmations, you simply need to take the best and attractive sentence or some kind of phrase which has good meaning for you.

You need to repeat those sentences as much as possible in a day, either in a loud voice or in your heart. There are different ways to use affirmations that remind you of positive thinking all the time either you post them in your house or save them in your calendar. Some examples:

  • I am well prepared to welcome my healthy baby as I take care of my body and also have positive thinking in my mind.
  • My body is perfectly designed to conceive a happy baby.
  • To get pregnant my body is fully working.
  • My extreme level of patience will take care of pregnancy.
  • For a new and happy life, my womb is open and working effectively.

When you are ready to address some particular and main concerns then you need to create your positive affirmations but in this situation, you need to add an only active statement like:

  • I am.
  • I fully know.
  • My overall body is open to.
  • My attractive and positive mind is open to.

Some useful and best affirmation for pregnancy

Practise affirmations will surely open your eyes and boost your confidence level, which is good for you and also for your baby. The affirmations for pregnancy are on different levels and when you find those affirmations then you can easily heal yourself from negative and fearful thoughts which can cause problems for you.

When you say or repeat those affirmations twice a day during the time of your pregnancy then it will surely overcome your anxiety or stress level, which is good for both of you.

1. My coming baby will be totally fine and attractive

Maybe you feel some fear and you think that something is not going well. If you repeat this affirmation then it will release all your stress and give you a boost to believe in yourself.

2. My body is perfect as it should be

Being motherhood is one of the pleasant and worthy feelings in the whole life. Through this affirmation, you can thank nature to give this type of perfect body and welcome the blessing which is in your womb.

You don’t need to beat your thinking that you are overweight. If you have this of thinking then these affirmations also help you to realize that you have the beautiful body for the new soul.

3. I allow to enter only positive energy around my house

This affirmation is very strong and quite helpful as it gives you a pure and clean mind for the new coming soul in the house. Almost every people use disinfectants to clean their home before the new baby s coming.

But if you splash out the energy and get rid of some toxic forces in your space is important for you and your baby. Television is the major toxic energy that can destroy the mind. You need to stay away from toxic energies to get a beautiful baby in the home.

4. As the time going my relation with my baby grows stronger and stronger

When you note the first symptom of your pregnancy, then you need to make a bond with your child. You always need to think about your new soul, because in this way you will do actions which are good for your baby. You don’t need to put your leg in some critical issues and don’t be part of it, because otherwise, you can harm your baby.

If you built an earlier connection with your new soul then it is great for both of you and you will only think positive things. This affirmation will help you to make an ideal and stronger bond between your baby and this affirmation always reminds me of my new soul.

5. I will surely have effortless and ideal birth which only give happiness and joy

You don’t need to think about difficulties during labor, if you do then you only harm yourself which can be a direct impact on your new soul. You only need to think that this is a natural process and I love my child very much than any pain of this world.

With the law of attraction, you only need to manifest which are necessary for you. So when you manifest only positive results, then you won’t experience any pain as much as it should be.

If you write down this affirmation and repeat it every day then you will feel good and strong. Also when you read this affirmation you feel like a powerful and ideal mother for your baby.


With the help of exercise and taking nutrients diet, you can make a perfect body. For the mind, you need to take help from affirmations which can make you a powerful and ideal person of your baby. With the combination of exercises, best diets, and positive affirmation you can easily conqueror any challenges which can cause anxiety and stress.

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