how to write affirmations for manifestation

How To Write Affirmations For Manifestation – For Anything

Are you searching for the right method of the law of attraction, if yes then here you can learn how to write affirmations for manifestation. You have already heard about the law of attraction but you are searching for a method to write affirmations. You are inspired by people who have managed to pull their desired things including health, wealth, and a dream house.

Now you want to manifest your dreams but you are not clear about affirmations. Affirmations are simply defined as phrases, words, or sentences that show your dedication toward your goals.

You should know that words are always more powerful than a sword. It’s not just a saying but a reality, you can achieve things through words without using a sword. But you can achieve your dreams without using money is not a joke though.

How To Write Affirmations For Manifestation With Examples?

If you are looking for a comprehensive way, to write affirmations for manifestation then keep reading. I am going to share seven simple but important steps to write powerful positive affirmations for manifestation.

Affirmations play an important role in the manifestation process that keeps you focused on your goals. You recite affirmations and get determined again and again. In this way, you never get distracted and achieve your goals successfully.

Insert Emotions

Before we move forward let’s clear some points.

While making affirmations you need two important tools words, and emotions. Remember that words are only signals transferred to the universe. These words are the outcome of your desire.

Emotions are magnets that will attract the outcome from the universe. You need to compile both words and emotions together to attract what you are dreaming of. This is the only rule for making powerful affirmations.

Use Present Tense

You need to use the present tense while writing or reciting your affirmations. It should give an impression that you have achieved your desired goals.

You can state that “I am…” “I have…” “I am becoming…” etc.

For example, you can say, “I am in my dream house,” or,” I love my husband more than anything.”

TIP: You cannot use “WILL” because it would have a bad impact on your affirmation belief. You cannot say, “I will be fit.” Or “I will live a successful life.” It shows that you didn’t have achieved anything yet and a desire cannot give you the same feelings and emotions an achievement can give. To attain a high energy level you need to live in the future where you have achieved everything.

Use Positive Words

“I am not afraid of the crowd”.

There is nothing wrong with this statement, but there is “NOT”. I have read a theory according to which our subconscious mind is unable to recognize the word “NO” or “NOT”. That’s why when you say, “I am not afraid of the crowd”, your mind interprets it as “I am afraid of the crowd”. You would be shocked but that’s true. If you want to overcome your fear then it’s better not to include it in your conversation. You need to be positive as much as possible.

For example, you can say the above sentence in another way.

“I am calm and comfortable in the crowd”.

Repeat Affirmations Until You Feel Them True

Affirmations are a tool to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones.

Sometimes we start believing in some wrong things, and people often say about us repeatedly. For example, your friend keeps saying,” you can never be rich, you are born poor and will die the same”.

After hearing this, you start believing that you are poor and will always be the same. These are negative beliefs inserted in our minds by the wrong people at the wrong time.

In this case, you need to make yourself believe that these people are wrong.

Start saying,” I am rich and born to become richer and richer.”

Repeat the positive affirmations in front of a mirror. Keep saying these affirmations until you start believing them. The affirmations should become a truth for you. Remember your affirmations and believe them.

Keep It Short And Simple

An affirmation is a phrase or sentence you need to keep remembering throughout your life. Therefore, try to choose simple, unique, and short phrases.

You can say that

” I am rich”

” I am grateful for what I have” and so on. These kinds of simple and unique phrases can be repeated without any stress. You can easily memorize and repeat them.

Keep It For You

The main cause of affirmations is to change you. Affirmations are meant to fight your limiting beliefs and eliminate negative thoughts. Therefore, you must keep the sentences for yourself. Affirmations are not meant to change others but you.

For example, you shouldn’t say, “He helps me in earning money.” It will have a negative impact on your personality and, you will be failed to recognize your hidden potential.

You can rephrase it like, “I always find opportunities to make money.”

Recite Affirmations Daily

This step is directly related to step 4 as their purposes are the same. You have to gain the feeling that it’s true and for that purpose, you need to recite the affirmations daily. You need to make yourself feel what you are saying is true.

You can recite affirmations three times a day in the morning, midday, and the night before going to bed. Three times a day you will start living the truth spoken by yourself. You can recite affirmations in the morning in front of the mirror.

Repeat the same affirmations the midday in front of your computer screen or mirror. At the night, you can do the same while applying night cream or body lotion. This is a practice that will make you aware of what you are going to achieve.

Final Word

The Law of attraction is a reality you need to accept. Like attracts like, this is the rule of the universe. The universe listens to you and responds according to your energy levels. Affirmations play an important role in the manifestation process.

They make you believe that you are strong and can achieve anything. You can achieve your goals and dreams without any problem. You are powerful and confident. Therefore make sure to follow the above points while writing and reciting affirmations.

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