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How To Script Manifest Money, Love And Weight Loss

Welcome to the article How To Script Manifest! You are the creator of your own reality believe it or not. Your actions, emotions, words, and thoughts are responsible for each outcome you gain in your life. Therefore you can say that you have the ability to attract whatever you want in your life.

This is called the law of attraction which is based on the interaction between you and the universe. The universe can communicate with you through your vibrational levels. If you want to learn how to manifest through scripting then you need to learn about the law of attraction first.

The Law Of Attraction

You make a wish and send a request to the universe, and the universe listens and gives you whatever your demand is. It seems quite easy and simple but you would be surprised that it takes your whole focus and energy.

If you successfully submit your request to the universe, you can achieve your goals. You cannot send a request just by making a wish, “universe I need this please give me” and that’s it.

No dear, you need to gather all of your energy of focus, and determination. Then combine all the positive vibes you have and make a strong wish by following some simple steps.

How To Use The Law Of Attraction?

You will find a lot of articles on how to use the law of attraction on the internet. You can get confused while applying all of the methods. Because there are several methods of using the law of attraction.

Some basic and simple steps of the law of attraction include being as follows

  • Get crystal clear on your desire
  • Decide what you want and why
  • Visualize your future
  • Recite positive affirmations
  • Surrender to the universe

Above are basic manifestation techniques we often use to attract our dreams and desires. But the world has changed and techniques are also transformed.

Hence you can say that mankind has discovered another powerful manifestation method that works best. Yes, I am talking about the script manifestation technique.

What Is Scripting?

Scripting is one of the best-advanced manifestation tools out there if you use it in the right way. Scripting doesn’t mean that you should grab a notebook and pencil and start writing your desires. It’s something opposite to the desires that’s what we call scripting.

Scripting means writing your emotions and feelings as you would have after manifesting your desires. You need to attain that vibrational level needs to communicate with the universe. Do you want to become a successful businessman?

Write your emotions towards your assets. Do you want a life partner? Write how you feel about them on vacations or honeymoons. Write the emotions you would have in the future with your desired thing. You have to admire everything around you and start living life as you have manifested everything.

The tools you need to start scripting are as follows.

  • Your favorite notebook
  • Your favorite pen
  • All of your colorful imaginations

How To Script Manifest Money, Love, And Weight Loss – The Right Way:

Here are some tips you can consider to make your scripting powerful and achieve desired results.

Be Grateful

This is one of the most important rules of applying the law of attraction. We know that the law of attraction works according to your emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Like attracts like, therefore if you want to achieve anything in your life then be grateful.

Find the things in your life you already have manifest and you are grateful for them. If you show a positive attitude towards what you already have, then you become worthy of attracting more to your life.

Take a deep breath and think about all abundance you have in your life. Then show gratitude towards everything you own in your life to attract more abundance.

Use In Present Tense Format

When you start practicing the scripting start writing in the present tense format. Understand this with an example. If you want to manifest your dream partner then your sentence should be like this.

Today, I am with my dream partner, we are having a beautiful day with the warmth of love and appreciation. We are planning our dream vacations.

The above lines show that you have already manifested your dream partner and you are living a life full of happiness.

Be Precise

This is one of the most important factors your manifestation depends on. The more precision in your actions, words, and emotions you can bring, the more desired results you can achieve. In scripting, you are writing as if you are living in your future when you have everything you desired for so long.

Therefore write in detail everything, your dress, emotions, place, and feeling about that particular occasion. You can dig as deep as you want because it’s your imagination and nobody can stop you.

Express your emotions in detail while scripting your day in life when you have achieved your dream life. Your emotions play an important role in elevating your vibrational levels.

Involve Your Emotions

The involvement of emotions while scripting can make it more powerful and fruitful. Because the law of attraction works on your emotions. You can communicate with the universe through your higher vibrational levels.

When you feel amazing while scripting your vibrational levels get higher and higher. You build a strong interaction with the universe and submit your request precisely.

Focus On What You Want

Last but not least, you need to be focused as much as you can on what you want. You should not think about those things you don’t want in your life. Only focus and write the positive things you want to see in your life.

For Example

  • I don’t want to be alone anymore. You are focusing on being alone hence you will attract more loneliness in life.
  • I don’t want troubles in my life. You are emphasizing troubles hence, you will attract more problems in your life.

The above phrases can be transformed positively like,

  • I am ready to manifest pleasure in my life. I love everyone around me and they love me.
  • I am free of troubles now, I can resolve any issue with courage and power. I am ready to live a life full of peace and pleasure.

See, you can transform your circumstances easily. You can turn the table just by using the right words, energy, and emotions.

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