How to manifest your ex to text you

How To Manifest Your Ex To Text You – Get Your Ex Back

Welcome to the article How To Manifest Your Ex To Text You! Nowadays everybody loves to have a relationship except in some exceptional cases. But sometimes people go through issues with their partner and resulting in serious clashes. But ultimately after acknowledging their own mistakes they regret them.

Then they try to contact back but their partner isn’t interested anymore. Then they often ask a question, “Is it possible to manifest a text message from your ex”? Well, the answer is yes. You can manifest your ex to text you through simple manifestation techniques.

Manifestation And The Law Of Attraction:

Manifestation is a simple but modern technique to attract what you desire. This technique is based on the law of attraction. It simply states that you achieve anything you put your attention and focus on.

Whenever you put your attention and whole focus on your achieving your goals you release specific energy. This specific energy is responsible for manifestation. If you release a positive high vibrational energy, it interacts with the universe and makes your dreams true.

Can You Manifest A Text Message From Ex? 

Yes, you can manifest a text message or even a call from a specific person including your ex. This is the game of the law of attraction and the universe. The universe acknowledges your energy level, focus and target then create ways to help you. You interact with the universe through your vibrational level and the universe answers you.

In this way, you can manifest a text message from your ex. Only if he isn’t moved on or made his own destination. Because it won’t be a good idea to attract a person who has already told you clearly that he isn’t in love with you. If you still try to manifest his text message you will be getting the worst results.

But if you want to use this technique positively then keep reading.

5 Setp How To Manifest Your Ex To Text You:

Here is a thorough guide to manifest your ex to text you. These are the five basic steps of any manifestation technique. You can either use the following guide to manifest anything you want in your life.

Step 1: Clarify What You Want

The 1st and foremost step is the clarification of your desires. If you are not clear about your desires then you will get undesired results. Because you are confused and sending the wrong energy level to the universe. The corresponding results

Step 2: Visualization

The next step that is responsible for your vibrational level is visualization. You can feel the achievement even before it comes true through visualization. This technique always works because it generates high vibrational levels within you and you start sending messages to the universe.

For this, you need to choose a place where you can be alone. Nobody can disturb you even your mobile phone. Sit comfortably and think about your desire, that specific person, the message you’re waiting for, and the ringtone of your mobile phone.

Assume that everything you have dreamed of for so long is finally happening. You are receiving a text message and your phone is ringing. You are picking up your phone and reading the message. He says whatever you want to hear.

Throughout the whole process, you feel very excited. Your vibrational levels get higher and higher even you interact with the universe. The universe feels your vibrational level and responds to your request.

Step 3: Acknowledge Your Limiting Beliefs

One of the most important steps of the whole manifestation process is to acknowledge your limiting beliefs. The limiting beliefs are often negative thoughts discouraging you.

These negative thoughts always lower down your vibrational level and break your connection to the universe. You need to get rid of these negative thoughts or limiting beliefs.

Here are some of the common examples of limiting beliefs.

  1. He doesn’t like me
  2. He is not interested in me even though he doesn’t like to talk to me
  3. He is gone because he lost his interest in me
  4. I am alone nobody likes me
  5. I have failed to handle relationships

These limiting beliefs are a result of your worst past experiences. Often you encounter these negative thoughts because you are afraid of your past. But exciting thing is that all of these negative beliefs or negative thoughts are false.

Step 4: Recite Affirmations

Affirmations are positive thoughts or phrases that help you to get rid of limiting beliefs. You can say that affirmations are the opposite of limiting beliefs. Whenever limiting beliefs attack your mind and make your energy levels down start reciting your affirmations. You should politely replace the negative thoughts with your affirmations.

Here are some of the affirmations you can use. You can modify these phrases according to your specific condition.

  1. I am happy with all of my relationships as they make me strong and happy.
  2. I deserve love and attraction as I am worthy.
  3. I love everyone around me. Everyone shows love and affection to me I appreciate them.
  4. I am surrounded by loving and caring people. Everybody owns me from the bottom of their heart.
  5. My all relationships are healthy and worthy and I am happy with them.
  6. I love everyone from the bottom of my heart and I receive the same.
  7. I know that the universe knows me and will send the right people into my life.
  8. I love and appreciate my physical appearance.

Step 5: Let Go And Allow

You have done your job so perfectly and followed every step. Now you need to let the universe hear your request and fulfill your desire. The only thing you need to do is to believe that the universe always hears and responds to your requests.

You send messages to the universe and it listens to your requests. Now sit back, relax, and see what happens. The universe feels your vibrational level and sends the corresponding vibes.

Once you achieve your goal keep your word. Never let your loved ones go away from you. It takes years to build trust in any relationship but it takes only a second to break. Stay happy and value people who love you.

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