How to manifest pregnancy

How To Manifest Pregnancy – A Positive Successful Test Guide

Welcome to the article How To Manifest Pregnancy! Becoming a mother is a great sensation for a woman. Every woman dreams to become a mother after her marriage.

Because a child is the only thing in the world that makes a woman perfect. A woman never completes without a baby. Therefore with time, the desire of having a kid increases.

If you are also trying to have a baby and your desire is increasing day by day then you should try this manifestation technique.

How To Manifest Pregnancy Step By Step:

Manifesting something isn’t impossible if you are determined and focused. Manifesting means that you submit your request to the universe. Then the universe sends things toward you that help you to achieve your desired goals.

This is one of the most popular tricks people are using in this modern era. This technique works on the rules of the law of attraction. People make desires, submit to the universe and wait for their approval.

I will mention the five most important steps that will help you to manifest pregnancy.

Create A Strong Belief

First of all, you need to make a strong belief in having a child. Because our beliefs cause real changes in our bodies. If we have positive thoughts then our body will react positively otherwise vice versa. Modern research has shown that positive, feelings and thoughts have positive effects on our bodies and overall health.

Therefore you need to make some affirmations that would reflect your desire of having a baby. You need to start thinking that you are healthy and ready to have kids. If you had been struggling with the darkness of negative thoughts then it’s time to stop.

Allow yourself of having a kid full of acceptance mentally. You have the ability to have and raise kids. You just need to accept this truth, and after making a strong belief you can move forward.

Start Meditating Daily

Our life is full of stress and burdens whether it’s due to our jobs or family issues. Everyone knows that stress can cause various problems in our bodies. Most importantly female hormones get affected by stress easily.

Female fertility starts getting a negative impact due to stress and the chances of having a kid reduces. To overcome these hurdles you need to minimize the stress level in your life.

Now if your stress is due to your job, you cannot quit it. If it is due to certain family issues then you cannot just leave your family because of having a baby. Then what’s the solution?

Well, there is one of the most valuable solutions for your routine stress problems. Meditation…

Yes, meditation is a true solution to all of your mental and psychological issues based on stress. Meditation is a modern technique that helps your mind to get relaxed and free from stress. This means you have the only option left to get yourself out of this stressful environment and its meditation.

Practice meditation daily and try to enjoy your own company. Being alone doesn’t mean that you are going through a failure. But meeting with yourself can result in big achievements.


The most important technique of manifestation is visualization. In this technique, we visualize our future when our desires have become reality. This is like a watching dream with open eyes, watching your desires becoming reality. This is like a true imagination that leads you toward manifestation.

You need to visualize the scene when you have become a mother. You are holding the tiny hands of your kid. You can visualize any stage, you can dream of holding a newborn baby in your hands. Or helping your toddler to walk by holding his/her little hands.

Let me share a detailed guide on this practice.

  • Choose a place where nobody can disturb you. You need to be alone for this practice.
  • Now sit on a couch or ground comfortably.
  • Start breathing deeply, and observe your breaths coming in and out.
  • If you are not focused then you can practice backward counting.
  • Once you are focused, start imagining your dream.
  • Imagine that you are holding your newborn in your hands and feeling the sensation.

This practice helps you to connect with the universe. The universe gets your message and starts proceeding with it. This is a gesture that you have prepared and is ready to conceive.

Use A Mental Diet

After making your body ready to conceive you need to use a mental diet to make your subconscious mind with the alliance. You need to practice some subconscious exercises to take it in accordance with your desire.

Because our thoughts have a direct relationship with the subconscious mind. If you cannot control your negative thoughts then you cannot make yourself ready for having a child.

Negative thoughts are the biggest hurdle in the way of your desires and dreams. If you want to achieve your desires then you need to cleanse your subconscious mind. If you cleanse your mind and make it empty then you can welcome new thoughts.

Moreover, positive thoughts bring positive behavior and attitude towards manifesting desires. If you are affirmed to achieve your goals then nothing can stop you.

Surrender To The Universe

You have made a decision, created imagination, and cleansed your subconscious mind. You have performed all the necessary steps that can help you in achieving your goals.

Now it’s time to submit your request to the universe and wait for the reply. The universe has heard you, now it will decide to take action. The universe will start sending replies to you. These replies can be in the form of some clues, actions, or opportunities.

Take a deep breath and let the universe make it happen for you.

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Final Word:

I have mentioned the five steps to manifest pregnancy. If you successfully follow all of the guidelines and perform each action with dedication then you can conceive indeed.

Everything is upon you, your affirmation, dedication, and how hard you act to achieve your dreams. The universe always listens to you and replies back.

Keep your intentions clear and your beliefs strong. 


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