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Cosmic Energy Profile Review – Does This Really Work?

Welcome to Cosmic Energy Profile Review! The people who are interested in knowing about themselves and their souls are making cosmic energy profiles popular. The cosmic energy profile is useful when you are interested in knowing about your energy and some hidden truths.

Moreover, it claims to match your passion and interests with the opportunities arriving in your life. These opportunities are directed toward you by the universe so that you could start a successful career.

The main claim of the program is that it helps you to manifest your dreams by serving as a powerful mechanism. This means you can achieve the goals and lifestyle you have been waiting for for so long. Because you need a path to follow in order to achieve your goals and dream lifestyle.

To know everything about your upcoming days you will receive a daily reading every Sunday. You will receive all of the summaries at your provided email address every Sunday.

With the increasing demand for the cosmic energy profile, we decided to paint a detailed review including all factors. We will try to present an honest review including all features, bonuses, pros, and cons along with its working principle. So that you could make a fruitful decision in your life.

What Is The Cosmic Energy Profile?

According to the ancient Mayan calendar, everyone’s cosmic energy profile was created on the day they were born. The cosmic energy profile is based on the basic principle of the ancient Mayan calendar.

Your cosmic energy will continue to interact with the universe positively or negatively until you die. All of the components of your galactic signature will be included in the profile you will receive.

Everyone will find it effective as people will know about their inherent energy and the right direction to follow. Once you find the right direction to put your efforts then nobody can stop you from living a healthy and wealthy lifestyle.cosmic energy profile review

You will receive your daily energies and day signs because every day has a different energy profile. This ensures that you are going to know everything about yourself that will lead you toward your goals.

After learning your different galactic signs you will be able to determine your strengths and weaknesses. This detailed knowledge will help you to set and achieve your future goals. You will be allowed to attain a deep future analysis and your cosmic density.

The cosmic energy profile helps you to remove your negative thoughts and fill your mind with positivity. Positive thoughts help you to live a healthy and prosperous life.

You will achieve your goals after determining your maximum potential. And this will only help when you will unlock your cosmic energy profile.

If you are searching for opportunities or an ideal path to follow so that you could achieve your goals and fulfill all of your desires of living a life full of abundance then it is the right time for you to get started with a cosmic energy profile.

Liz and Ric Thomson, The Creators Of The Cosmic Energy Profile:

Liz and Ric Thomson have put their effort to create this amazing program. Their combined effort is behind the success of the cosmic energy profile. They put a huge effort into decoding the Mayan calendar of the Aztecs.

To create this successful product Liz and Ric Thomson has put their hard work and efforts of years into the research, trial, and experiments. Their efforts combined to create a dream spell edition of the Mayan calendar.

This product is designed to reveal the truths of a person’s density with the help of scientific principles. You can log into the calendar with your date of birth.

How Does Cosmic Energy Profile Work?

The product compares your date of birth with the position of the planets astrologically. Then it unlocks your hidden potential that will be used in achieving your goals and fulfilling desires. All of the information will be collected with the help of the Mayan calendar.

The product helps you to determine the in-path information about your destiny charts. This can be made possible by combining the obtained through your day sign and tone.

The archaic calendar and execution of the new technology of the dream spell are the main resources of the cosmic energy profile.

Every person has a different zodiac sign that determines a unique connection with the cosmos. You can interpret anyone’s personality with the help of different elements. These elements are used to identify anyone’s personality and his/her inner potential.

The ancient Mayan calendar was built with the help of astrology one of the most precise calendars. This is because the Mayans were experts in astrology and they used to make calendars with this knowledge. They were even masters in predicting different life events with the help of astrology.

So to generate a person’s cosmic energy profile the creators used a blend of ancient knowledge and modern-day inventions.

Since you will receive completely personalized information therefore it will help you to achieve faster results. It will not only save you time reading useless directions but also personalized guidelines that make your target and achieve goals faster.

  • Red Dragon, Nurtures: Essence is Being – Power of Birth
  • White Wind, Communicates: Essence is Breath – Power of Spirit
  • Blue Night, Dreams: Essence is Intuition – Power of Abundance
  • Yellow Seed, Targets: Essence is Awareness – Power of Flowering/Blooming
  • Red Serpent, Survives: Essence of Instinct- Power of Life Force
  • White World-Bridger, Equalizes: Essence of Opportunity – Power of Death
  • Blue Hand, Knows: Essence is Healing – Power of Accomplishment
  • Yellow Star, Beautifies: Essence is Art – Power of Elegance
  • Red Moon, Purifies: Essence is Flow – Power of Universal Water (The Quantum Field of All Possibility)
  • White Dog, Loves: Essence is Loyalty – Power of Heart
  • Blue Monkey, Plays: Essence is Illusion – Power of Magic
  • Yellow Human, Influences: Essence is Wisdom – Power of Free Will
  • Red Skywalker, Explores: Essence is Wakefulness – Power of Space
  • White Wizard, Enchants: Essence is Receptivity – Power of Timelessness
  • Blue Eagle, Creates: Essence of Mind – Power of Vision
  • Yellow Warrior, Questions: Essence is Fearlessness – Power of Intelligence
  • Red Earth, Evolves: Essence is Synchronicity – Power of Navigation
  • White Mirror, Reflects: Essence is Order – Power of Endlessness/Eternity
  • Blue Storm, Catalyzes: Essence is Energy – Power of Self-Generation
  • Yellow Sun, Enlightens: Essence is Life – Power of Universal Fire (Cosmic Intention)

These galactic symbols provide crucial information about your inner potential, predict the future, and determine strengths and weaknesses. So that the readings could be straightforward including direct paths. These paths are then responsible for your successful career and life with abundance.

The cosmic energy profile is entirely based on scientific principles. Because it uses the cosmic rays and energies present in the universe and then combines them in one person’s body and mind.

All of the above efforts are made so that you could attract the energy and opportunities to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams.

What Is Included In The Program?

The cosmic energy profile features the following points.

Free Energy Profile 

Once you visit the official website, you will obtain information about your galactic sign, day sign, and cosmic tone instantly after accessing the site. You can get instant access by creating a free energy profile.

But you need to enter some details like name, email address, and date of birth to access the free energy profile.

The site will reveal all facts about inner strengths, weaknesses, challenges, hidden potential, and qualities of your personality. These are the key points that define your interaction with the universe.

Cosmic Destiny Chart 

After logging into the site you will receive a personalized life-changing destiny chart with the following points.

  • Guide Kin– It provides information about your higher self and individual karma that can affect your future decisions.
  • Destiny Kin– Explains your future and makes it easy to set your goals.
  • Occult Kin– Helps to reveal your hidden potential and inner abilities.
  • Analog Kin– It understands the supportive and feminine power so that it could assess your inner potential to find the best part of your personality.
  • Antipodes Kin– Understands your masculine power and understands your real source of strength.
  • Snapshot of Future Activities–provides a daily reading of expected events going to happen in your life. This piece of information is then delivered to you through your provided email address. So that you could achieve your goals.


  • You can learn about your hidden potential and use it to achieve success in life.
  • This product helps you to understand your personality. You can learn about all of your personalized facts.
  • This product assists you to remove negativity from your life and fill it with positivity.
  • After knowing your hidden strength you can use your energies and your connection with the universe to manifest your dream life.
  • You will be able to prepare yourself for upcoming life challenges.
  • After knowing your hidden potential you will be able to live a successful life.
  • The cosmic energies surrounding you can assist you to find your soulmate.
  • You can live a prosperous life by utilizing your hidden potential.

One of the most exciting things is that you don’t have to waste your time. You will receive the daily readings instantly at your provided email address.

Is Cosmic Energy Profile Legit Or A Scam?

To me, the cosmic energy profile is a piece of detailed information about your personality traits. It provides you daily horoscope including all challenges and your hidden potential daily.

After knowing about your inner weaknesses and strengths you will be able to make corrections. You can eliminate your weaknesses and polish your hidden potential. So that you could achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams.

Moreover, you can access the free energy profile through your email address and date of birth. It will provide you with some basic information about your personality and zodiac signs. If you feel that this information is worth trial then you should try it.

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So as you arrived at the finish of this article and have all the pertinent information about the Cosmic Energy Profile and its effectiveness, I consider this item an astounding choice to every one of those making a decent attempt to show the existence they have dreamed of for quite a long time.

Not at all like different projects accessible, this one depends on logical rules that assist you with using your energies to draw in satisfaction and achievement in your life. You will perceive your secret abilities and find openings that will take you to make progress toward progress.

You will assemble a superior comprehension of yourself as well as other people by acquiring an inside and out comprehension of your character attributes and how they shape your life choices. You need to peruse these astronomical energy reports and adhere to the guidelines cautiously.

The choice is completely dependent upon you whether you need to check it out to accomplish your objectives and recognize your actual potential to change your fate.



Can I Get A Free It Trial

Yes, you can get instant access to your free cosmic energy profile after entering some basic details. You can get useful information like galactic symbols and other personality traits for free.

Are The Reports Represented By The Energy Profile Accurate

Yes, the report shows some of the traits will match your personality. I was also shocked after knowing some secrets about my personality.

Would I Receive It Instantly

After subscribing to the product you will get your daily reading through your email address.

Does It Really Work?

Yes, the cosmic energy profile works only if you follow all guidelines and keep your mindset positive.

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