The qualities of the astrological sign of Aries:

  • Initiative
  • Boldness
  • Courage
  • Energy
  • Dynamism
  • Enthusiasm
  • Spontaneity
  • Reactivity
  • Combativeness
  • Trust
  • Franchise
  • Ambition
  • Authority

Her downsides :

  • Impulsiveness
  • Impatience
  • Precipitation
  • Lack of judgment or persistence
  • Imprudence




The creative fire, the beginning, the beginning of everything, the conception, the primarity, the impetus, the rapid action, the force, the violence, the virility, the impulse, the youth, the guide, the leader, the pioneer, the head, the muscles, the brain, the blood, the spring.

An Aries civilization: Rome

Aries country: Germany, Japan. Europe in general.

Aries movements: scouting

Theoretical character of Aries:

A person marked by the astrological sign of Aries will tend to take the lead of those around them, to lead the way, to give direction to others with confidence and authority. His leadership skills are real. Also, the Aries will sometimes have difficulty in obeying, in supporting the constraint, the servitudes and the subordinate obligations. He will not admit that we can interfere with his freedom and his impulsive attitude. He could therefore be rebellious, undisciplined, constructively or not depending on the rest of the theme.

His energetic and individual dispositions, his ambition and his entrepreneurial spirit will push him to follow his own path, freeing himself from anything that could limit his field of action. Endowed with a spirit of conqueror, a person influenced by this sign will tend to launch forward with daring and recklessness; she will not be afraid of confrontation and will not hesitate to confront others verbally or physically. This combative energy is often channeled through manual and mental activity or the practice of a martial art.

The intellectual level is marked by a great deal of independence of ideas, gifts of pamphleteer, an exceptional critical sense and an aptitude for debating ideas; the mind is quick, the intelligence quick, keen, impulsive. Aries will tend to focus on the practical side of things rather than their theoretical and abstract side.

Manly and brash, dynamic and hot-headed, Aries is also passionate; an interior fire tends to animate his actions and his life. He could devote himself to a cause, to an idea, and concentrate all his strength on it. This emotional intensity often engenders a knack for coaching others and winning supporters; the “flame” proper to Aries attracts, rallies and motivates.

A certain inner turmoil makes him react quickly and tends to make him somewhat impatient or rushed. Thus, he will be quite willing to initiate new businesses but it will not always be so easy for him to persevere in the chosen path. In short, it would be in his interest to set a distant and ambitious goal in order to channel his inexhaustible energy in the long term, in a fruitful and stable manner. A cause of unhappiness for a native of the sign of Aries would perhaps be the fact of becoming aware of the strength that he possesses in him but of not knowing how to externalize it, because in all Aries sleeps a warrior but also a Creator.

Aries are often suited to a Spartan diet and can forgo their comforts when necessary. His resourcefulness allows him to face the most unexpected situations; he has remarkable improvisational skills and obstacles tend to stimulate him rather than knock him down. The astrological sign of Aries often gives a marked taste for risk-taking and competition.

His enthusiasm, his spontaneity, his confidence attracts him sympathy and consideration. Moreover, he will tend to seek the support of others.

Sentimental life :

A person influenced by the sign of Aries, especially if Venus is in this sign, will be more sensual than sentimental. The love life of an Aries is often marked by impulsiveness, competitiveness, ardor, ardor, hence sudden and sometimes violent passions. Gives a taste for conquest and adventure. Marriage is sometimes rushed. There may be a tendency to want to dominate your spouse. Sometimes a constant craving for something new can lead to an unstable sentimental life, made up of possessions and then rejections.

Professions related to the sign of Aries:

Manual professions, related to industry, tools, fire, iron. Trades that require cutting, dissection. Dressage, breeding. The direction, the command. Military life, police or sports career. Professions requiring effort, aggressiveness, fighting spirit. An active, dynamic profession that involves risks. Activities that involve innovation, novelty. The role of leader, guide, foreman, scout, leader. The gunsmith, the fireman, etc.


Predisposition to fever, overwork, trauma, fractures, diabetes, hypertension, eye conditions. In general, good recovery.

Some personalities influenced by the astrological sign of Aries


  • Herbert Von Karajan : the authoritative, ambitious and brilliant conductor.
  • Marlon Brando  : the virile man, the male par excellence (although bisexual), boxer in his spare time (a machinist broke his nose between two scenes), the man with countless conquests (Marilyn Monroe, Bette Davis, Édith Piaf, Marlène Dietrich, Ursula Andress, Carmen Amaya, Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly and Jacqueline Kennedy among others); the actor whose acting inspired a whole generation.
  • Belmondo  : the undisciplined and athletic student, expelled from schools, who briefly boxed professionally; the daredevil actor who shoots his stunts unlined.
  • George Sand  (Moon in Aries): Aurore Dupin, the prolific and independent writer, who dresses as a man (she also launches a fashion) and who takes a male pseudonym; her free and turbulent love life.
  • Camille Claudel (Moon-Neptune conjunction in Aries): Passionate sculptor, with a strong personality, who ended her life in an asylum.

Charles Baudelaire  : In his journal “Mon cœur put à nu”, Baudelaire evokes his youth:

“After 1830, blows, battles with teachers and comrades. (…) Expulsion of Louis the Great (…) Free life (…) Adventures. “


His little prose poem XLIX “Let us knock out the poor!” “