Qualities of the astrological sign of Sagittarius:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Physical vitality
  • Optimism
  • Independence
  • Boldness
  • Higher aspirations
  • Wisdom
  • Adventure

Her downsides :

  • Imprudence
  • Carefree
  • Excessive taste for luck to run


Abroad, long journeys, adventures, physical exercise, outdoor life, sports, horses, horseback riding, speed, betting. Religion, philosophy, metaphysics, legal matters, prophecies, law, hunting, guides, university professors, preachers, legates, consuls, administrators, painters, bridges, highways, universities, export, lawyers, thighs, hips, liver.

Sagittarius country: Spain and Australia

Theoretical character of Sagittarius:

The astrological sign of Sagittarius gives vitality, ardor and enthusiasm. With a fiery and energetic temperament, its natives are prone to excitement and recklessness. They are good people, with communicative optimism and enthusiasm; they are also tolerant and liberal.

Often, a person influenced by Sagittarius will develop an ideal, which will guide their actions and choices. She generally feels a certain attraction to philosophical or religious systems, to anything that is morally high. Added to this is a deep taste for adventure, travel, freedom, the great outdoors … The foreigner, in one way or another, often plays a very important role in the destiny of the natives of Sagittarius. .

Paradoxically, this need for movement, change and independence coexists with a somewhat “bourgeois” personality in his concern for honor, prestige and social success. They are in fact sensitive to honorary distinctions and seek to exercise high profile activities. These natives are in this sense, with exceptions, concerned about respect for the laws and legality as well as the predominant ideas of their environment. Their social integration is considerably facilitated.

Sagittarius, like the Centaur, is a double sign, both human and animal. Analogously, there are two categories of natives: rather cerebral natives, predisposed to higher studies, interested in all moral, sociological or even spiritual, metaphysical questions, eager to discover foreign cultures … And then, at the other extreme, he there are rather physical natives, sports enthusiasts, bodybuilders, athletes, etc. The ideal would obviously be a balance between these two tendencies, as illustrated by the famous quote from Juvénal: “Mens sana in corpore sano”, “A healthy mind in a healthy body. “Beyond this duality, natives marked by the astrological sign of Sagittarius have this ability to adapt to others and to situations, and are particularly predisposed to serve as guides, instructors,

Sincere and loyal, driven by their ideal of freedom and surpassing standards, they are generally confident, warm and generous people. Their zest and their youthful character mingle with a certain taste for risk and play, sometimes with a bit of a “daredevil” side. This boldness is expressed in different ways: generally, it contributes to this need for escape, exploration, discovery and exoticism specific to the sign. All that is faraway and unknown attracts and fascinates them.

In general, Sagittarians are full of vitality and energy, a communicative good humor, a subtle humor, open to the world and to others; we can sometimes reproach them for their excesses, their somewhat “noisy” ways. They also tend to be very outspoken and direct with others. This, their aspirations and their daring make them people we want to follow and, indeed, they often have the gift of convincing, of rallying supporters, and of becoming, in a way, an example, the personification of an ideal.

Sentimental life :

Like any sign of Fire, Sagittarius has a tendency to love passion. Travel and abroad influence the sentimental life of the sign. This is often marked by a certain don-juanism, the need to stage oneself, to seduce, to conquer… People marked by this sign feel the need for a bodily affinity but also a moral or even spiritual affinity.

Professions influenced by the sign of Sagittarius:

This sign being under the control of Jupiter, the Sagittarius inclines to an important situation and to an expansion in the field of the career, especially since a certain luck is often present. It all depends on the position of Jupiter in the chart.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of professions related to the sign of Sagittarius:

Education, universities, philology, foreign languages, interpreters, the rectorate, libraries; the medical and legal world, the teaching of related disciplines; religious vocations, priests, missionaries; the world of sport, running, jumping, gymnastics, bodybuilding, archery, Olympic disciplines, coaches, physical education teachers; professions linked to foreign countries, import-export, exploration, ethnology; anything related to the equestrian world; journalists abroad, special envoys.


The organs that correspond to this sign are the legs and the liver. It also influences the blood. We note among the natives of Sagittarius a tendency to plethora because they appreciate good food and are often gourmets. They are predisposed to hepatic attacks, gout, fractures of the legs in case of affliction. Good vitality. Excellent influence of sport.

Personalities influenced by the astrological sign of Sagittarius:

Mark Twain  :

“In 20 years, you will be more disappointed with the things you didn’t do than with the ones you did. So think outside the box. Set sail. Explore. Dream. Find out. “

“There is no better way to see if you love or hate someone than to travel with them. “

  • Jonathan Swift :

“After two months spent at home, my vagabond character again led me to sea aboard the Adventure. There, a revolt of the crew forced me to descend to an unknown land. 

Gulliver’s Travels

  • William Blake :

“If the gates of perception were purified,

All things would appear to man as they are, infinite.

Because the man is locked up, until he sees all things

Through the narrow slits of his cave. “

“It does not matter whether a man takes the right road or the wrong one, provided only that he follows it with sincerity and devotion, to its end, for every road will lead him to his goal. “

  • Paracelsus  :

“Magic has the power to know and probe things inaccessible to human reason. For magic is great secret wisdom, just as reason is great public madness. “

  • Paco de Lucia