4 Week Manifestation Review – Read This Before You Buy

Hi guys! We are very glad to be here for the 4-week manifestation review. Certainly; this manifestation program is much useful and effective for everyone who really wants to bring their life to a certain level where they could achieve everything easily like wealth, health, good relationship, and peace of mind.4 Week Manifestation Review 5

However, it mostly works to improve your focus and prepare your mind which plays a huge role in reaching at your dreams. Thoroughly focusing on certain things makes it quite easier to achieve your dreams so you should have to stay more focus on the right direction.

Basically, it works on the human brain which is fully responsible for every action you usually take every day. While boosting your brain, it will reset your subconscious mind to attract anything.

The human brain is one of the most complex organs of the human body; it is usually connected with the 100 billion neurons that help the body to perform anything.

Therefore, now you don’t need to worry about your body functioning and how strong you are. As everything has been thoroughly described in this 4-Weeks Manifestation program, it does not just give the most useful information instead it would also teaches you how you can efficiently perform them.

What Is The 4 Week Manifestation:

One of the worst feelings is if someone left you alone or puts you into such kind of situation that often hurts your mind and body. However, when your mind feels distraction lots, it’s very hard to configure the solution to the problem that always comes into your life.

Sometimes, when you see people over there doing wonders in their lives then you immediately start feeling useless and your spirit make you let down every day. At that moment, your brain could not able to perform well and will take you toward the worst situation of your life.

In such kinds of circumstances, you need to deal with two types of problems that hang over your head, the first one lies in your conscious and the second one in your subconscious. While healing your inner is not only clear your mind, it will also generate the willpower that would certainly support you to manifest the multiple ideas growing in your mental state.

After using this 4-week manifestation review, you will deeply get to know what the program is. The major component of this program is a book that efficiently describes and also works as a guide means it usually controls the state of your subconscious mind.

Therefore, the second part is based on some specific recorded audio tracks which contain brain intervening waves.

Being the best in the market, it is one of the confirmed solutions for setting harmony between your conscious and subconscious brain. The specialty of this 4-week manifestation book is that it usually triggers your brain’s inner regions to explore the answer to what actually your life is.

What are the ways you can make it realistic and worthwhile? Is there anything that drives your passion away from you? How have you been unable to achieve your dreams? And much more.

In this 4-Week Manifestation Review, you would thoroughly learn how you can wake up the positive vibration in your life that may provide you unlimited wealth, happiness, relationship, abundance, and wishes.

Andrew and Dr. Abigail, The Authors Of The 4 Week Manifestation:

The two big-name behind this program are Andrew and Dr. Abigail, they have collectively discovered this 4-week manifestation book. Both have done many years of experiment and study to ensure that it provides the most accurate and excellent result or not.

They both have massively experienced and trained, and already had worked with the other program of the same type that helped many people to lead their lives to the next level. They did an open challenge and also claimed that this program will take only 28 days to achieve the desired result.

Moreover, they have highlighted certain skills and ways that you really need to obtain the maximum benefits. One of the great aspects of achieving anything is the strong believes that show without having belief you cannot take your life towards success.

That is why the authors strongly believed in this 4-week manifestation review and also knew well what they are offering to their customers.

How Does The 4 Week Manifestation Work?

According to my personal experiences and knowledge, I got to know that the human brain is one of the major reasons why you often feel deep sorrow.

Nothing good is happening to you such kind of feeling makes you usually let down which creates low self-confidence.

Perhaps, it is a kind of mental problem and mental barrier as the human mind control every activity of the body and it is one of the emotional centers of the system. That is why sadness, loneliness, and happiness are the most connected emotions for every person, and the brain is the major center for all of them.

4 Week Manifestation Review

What I most like about this program is that it guides you on how to cure all of your psychological problems by just using simple steps. This program, it would heal you from the inside out.

By changing your vibes you may relax your brain so this 4-week manifestation PDF and audio will do the same result for you. To learn more about the 4-week manifestation program review, you should read this whole article.

This program efficiently acts by affecting subconscious thought techniques. However, it has contained specific MP3 audio tracks that have been divided into four steps and are also aimed to control your current action, beliefs, and faith. Let’s dive into detail.

Week 1- The first entire week helps to decrease all the negative thoughts like anger, sorrow, disappointment, hostility, jealousy, etc. all these factors work as obstacles in your way toward success. In the very first week, you would be able to fix the stage for success and pave the way for everything in your life.

Week 2- The second audio will help to instruct your neurons current in your mind to motivate good-thought processes, information, and awareness.

Week 3- The third week usually gives tips to write your destiny and drive the current situation in an accurate way that helps you to obtain a better future. In short, it controls your mind to ”write” happen.

Week 4- The last week helps to complete control of your brain’s thought process that shows you could easily drive your life whether it is about achieving better health, wealth, success, or good relationship.


The Alpha brain waves: It makes you feel deep relaxation and more peaceful.

The Beta brain waves: In the Beta brain waves, it helps to regain the ability of your reasoning and consciousness.

The Theta brain waves: It helps you to get light sleep and deep meditation.

The Delta brain waves: The Delta brain waves truly make you feel dreamless and sleep deeply.

The Gamma brain waves: Allows you to get a high level of awareness processing and intelligence.

All these five mind waves usually help to raise stability in your life. Once you will go through this program, you would feel very relaxed and free from all of your problems. Moreover, it efficiently improves your body’s metabolism rate and performance which means you could generate excellent results.


This program has been contained 8 various soundtracks and the length of each track is around 30 minutes. However, you can listen to these audio tracks at any time, and every time you can listen according to your choice.

  • All these tones have good brainwaves that usually re-calibrate your mind to make it even more excellent. Many people have become more helpful in their relationships after using this program.
  • It helps the user to thoroughly understand how to perform the complete 4-week session that makes them feel amazing transformations.
  • 4-week manifestation program also presents a comprehensive handbook where everything has been described in proper detail. You usually need something that could make you relax in your daily routine
  • This program is designed for everybody doesn’t matter if you are a kid or an elder, sometimes they also need to re-calibrate their mind because they got worsen over time.

  • The human mind always works too much means it is appreciable that the rejuvenation program works great when they are in their lives every day. After listening to 28 days of these tracks, you could enable to get a magnificent result that would be durable and also last you for a long time.
  • This is an absolutely most trustable program as it is based in Click Bank which is one of the most reliable platforms to pay for such kinds of internet programs. However, it often provides everything on time on the digital platform.
  • It also provides a 60-day money-back guarantee to its respected customers who are usually not satisfied with this program.
  • Nowadays, the company is also offering bonus material along with the original program. They just want to provide their user with more awareness about their mental state and help them with such kinds of things as sleep or someone coming into their life.

The Pros And Cons:

  • The 4-week manifestation program will enable you to produce the best result in your life, not just that it guides you to reach the best desires in your life even it also helps to make feel happy, calm, focused, and optimistic.
  • This is a simple and easy-to-understand program means there are no kinds of complications you would face to handle this program and not even need the experience to use it.
  • It often gives an extra boost to reprogram your subconscious mind which is really useful to reach your dreams.
  • It promises to give the unlimited abundance that you could deeply feel whenever you start to achieve the goal that you always wanted.
  • It is quite easy to follow the guidance that helps you to transform yourself and your dreams life.
  • It provides a 60-day money-back guarantee which is one of the most satisfying aspects of this program.
  • For getting an excellent result, you will have to strictly follow every step of this program; in case of missing any steps, you may get an unpredictable result.
  • It won’t change your life overnight which means it will take at least 28 days to get the desired result.

Is The 4 Week Manifestation Legit Or A Scam?

The very first thing I need to say is that this is one of the finest programs that you have explored. However, there is no doubt this is one of the best-selling programs in the market so far. Many people have already used it and certainly got positive results from it.

When it comes to whether this is a legitimate program or not, absolutely no doubt this is a completely legitimate program that ensures to provide the magnificent result as you apply it. Apart from that it promises to give a 60-day money-back guarantee which means you will have nothing to lose so don’t worry about whether it is legit or not.

Bonuses Included:

There will be two specific bonuses you will get along with the 4-week manifestation program. These are the following bonuses.

  • Digital Caffeine
  • Digital Sleeping pill

Pricing & Plans:

Price is one of the most significant factors for any product that plays a huge role in attracting anyone which is why this 4-week manifestation program has more focus on it.

And this program comes at quite a reasonable price range which is only $47 with the complete package of its book, 8 audio soundtracks, and bonuses. Therefore, this is completely affordable for everyone.




To be honest, this program is really suited for everyone especially those who have aimed and are willing to transform their lives for the better. However, it has been counted as one of the best-selling programs in the market so far means people get benefits from it that are why it is one of the top-selling products.

The major aim of this program is to teach you on how to achieve everything in your life through the positive power of manifestation. Overall this is an exceptional and effective program.

While using every step of this guide, you would appear everything positively in your life that would enable you to attract unlimited wealth, better health, happiness, good relationship, and many more. This program has been completely verified and tested several times on many people so this is a real legitimate guide.

Pure Natural Manifestation Review – Read This Before You Buy

Living in an uncertain situation and fear of the future is something that you cannot hide. Nowadays, half of the world has been facing such kinds of problems in their life.

pure natural manifestationTherefore, life is always very challenging and full of troubles but you should learn how to control them to lead a successful life. Once you would control these challenges and problems with full confidence, you will make you able to get a healthy and happy life.

On the other hand, living with a full of fear mind creates lots of problems such as include low confidence, anxiety, financial issues, a relationship issue, and self-doubt.

Those people, who would not have control over challenges in their life, often get more depressed and feel very sad. Those who usually would have control over it but still feels hopeless in any situation.

Therefore, if you are among those people then this Pure Natural Manifestation is the finest option for you. As this program has a special ability to turn your hopeless situation into the best one.

It doesn’t matter if you are hopeless or sad due to the relationship, less money, a small house or any other problems, certainly this program will support you.

What Is The Pure Natural Manifestation?

Pure Natural Manifestation is one of the finest personal development programs that have aimed to help everyone to start building a magnificent life that they would have never imagined.

This program has truly considered the psychological and experimental studies meaning anyone can fully trust it. However, it helps you to know about the manifestation and the law of attraction that you may use in your life to transform the current situation easily.

Through this program, you will get to know the perfect solution to control different problem in your life that makes you feel depressed and alone. To achieve a better result, you will need to read the quick start guide that has been included in this program. The specialty of this guide is that it will teach you the art of staying happy and successful in life.

Basically, this Pure Natural Manifestation program efficiently works to target your brain directly which makes the reason it to embrace your wishes and aspirations for life. Even it has the ideal catering strategies that would make you able to control different life challenges as well.

With the help of meditation and affirmations, you could learn the best way to manifest anything you want in your life. The specialty of this formation is that it allows your brain to easily identify the circumstance you are actually facing and handle the problem from the root cause.

Once you will go through the Pure Natural Manifestation reviews, certainly, all obstacles in your current reality would be dissolved through this program. However, you will start creating more peace and positivity in your life after this immediately.

This step-by-step guide has been designed to teach you how to use the power of “Cosmic Pulse” which will help you to build a dream life through these three easy steps. According to the Author of this program “Brigitte Moreau,” there are two specific steps for using the power of “Cosmic Pulse”, here they are:

Step 1: By avoiding the minimum or overthinking, makes you able to reconnect with the Cosmic Mind. Using a simple, 4-minute trick, you can enhance your imagination, improve your memory, and enhance your ability to make better choices by enhancing these abilities just as if you’d meditated for an hour.

Step 2: By using the 3000-year-old technique, it allows to brain to remove all the blockages such as anxiety, concerns, worries, and many more.

Moreover, your greatest desires will come into existence by using the simple energy of Pulse. So you could easily attract anything you want such as good relationships, financial abundance, and high-paying jobs.

This system is not something about compelling you to get what you want. By just putting a little effort, everything will get flow into your place so this is the only what you have to do.

Brigitte Moreau, Author Of The Pure Natural Manifestation:

The author of this program is Brigitte Moreau, he and his expert team has designed this Pure Natural Manifestation program. The aim of this life-changing program is to help people to overcome depression and build a happy life.

Brigitte uses a method that enhances people’s well-being. However, he has efficiently described all the verified methods which are the right way to get a successful life.

Even me and my team have personally gone through numerous reviews of Pure Natural Manifestation, this book we found certainly has changed many people’s lives.

The author of this program Mr. Brigitte faced many challenges in his previous life and got succeeded by using the manifestation and the law of attraction.

Although, this manifestation program helped him to resolve all the problems in his life that cause him to become stronger and more positive. Eventually, while taking the help of some other expert, he designed this demonstrative system that has changed the entire world. Basically, this program is based on the author’s personal life experiences that could change your present facts more efficiently.

How Does The Pure Natural Manifestation Work?

This program works efficiently to train your mind to bring satisfaction and pleasure in life to a high level of positive energy. An expert team has claimed that it’s not difficult to achieve anything in life all you have to do just need to use your brainwave thoroughly.

The major aspect of this program is very special that effectively describes the mind, body, and environment of the person.pure natural manifestation

While preparing your mind through the binaural beat is something that often pushes your mind to create abundance, produce positive energy, improve happiness and continue to manifest everything you want in your life, this is all the Law of Attraction promises you to provide.

Even here you can also find the secret key for changing your life by using the purely natural law of the universe that flows the positive energy to make a bright future instantly.

Using enduring ways often improves every aspect of your life. There are many famous people around the world like Deepak Chopra and Steven Spielberg who have been using these kinds of methods that the program has given. All these strategies and methods are based on the wide analysis and evidence of scientific facts means it would certainly work.

What Is Included in This Program?

Pure Natural Manifestation is the most powerful system that efficiently works for everyone. Therefore, this program aims to enhance your life so you could easily attract an abundance of pleasure and happiness. For those who want to achieve something in their life or are facing plenty of problems, this manifestation program is most suited for both cases.

Here we have added certain things that you need to learn about it.

  • Quick start guide: A quick start guide presents the most efficient way to learn everything about it. Properly following this program makes you able to perform it well which often causes you to create an excellent results.
  • The Audiobook version: It comes with nine audio CDs that normally describe different lessons about life. These audio formats have been specially designed for those who usually irritates by reading.
  • Pure natural mindfulness: These powerful audio tracks have particularly been designed to reset your mind which means you will start instantly creating positive energies and it will certainly keep you away from stress or anxiety.

What Will You Learn From The Program?

After having gone through this whole review, you will thoroughly understand how it encourages you to change your environment for achieving big success and wealth. It has been divided into three major parts, such as The Mind, The Body, and The Environment.

The Mind: This part of the guidebook will teach you one of the finest ways how to use the law of attraction and also adjust yourself according to it. Even it also shows you how to kill a toxic relationship that is often putting you under stress and sadness. After that, you could be able to find love, happiness, money, and abundance in your life.

The Body: This part of the guidebook has all the excellent information about the human body like professional athletes. By properly applying all this information, certainly, it will build your muscles such as body cells, brain, heart, and bones will also work well to satisfy your all wishes. Over time everything would be changed and you will get a long life.

The Environment: This guidebook has contained all the necessary information to control everything in your life in a proper manner. However, it will certainly work for you even if you are sleeping. It will provide you with excellent energy flow at home, work, or everywhere.

How Does It Help You?

Action That Works: Now you might be understood what the law of attraction books suggest to do, I mean you would have read that they just tell you to think positively. That’s how every law of attraction program works yes it is a very effective technique but it rarely works. However, it has added the Vertex Harmonizing technique that you need to be applied; it will surely work for you.

Create a Solid Foundation: The Pure Natural Manifestation system creates a solid foundation and also gets so many positive reviews. It has appeared its real techniques and also appeared what science behind it. All these techniques are very effective to use that have aimed to clear your mind from limiting beliefs and filled it with positive thoughts that would encourage you to achieve your dreams.

Consistency: By using the Vortex Harmonizing technique regularly, will allow your mind to create positive habits and thoughts without having any problems or much effort. It means consistency always plays a huge role in achieving your success.

Remove Negative Blocks: The major reason many laws of attraction programs get failed as they just suggest thinking positively. Even though only positive thinking is not enough to achieve your dreams when you got stuck with negative circumstances. But it is quite important to remove these negative blockages before putting positive thoughts in your brain.

You should handle all problems from their roots that is why Brigitte has more focused on that and added the first part ‘The Mind’ to remove negative blocks from the mind in this program. He claims that once you get clear your mind from these negative blocks, you get more capable to manifest anything in your life, and would feel like a miracle happening.

Audiobook and MP3 Bonus: The audiobook and MP3 bonus have been included with its buying and the PDF manual are a significant part of this program audiobook but MP3 bonus tracks will be given to you free of cost.

You will find the same information in the audiobook that has been given in the PDF manual but the audiobook has been designed for those who probably like to hear while walking.

The MP3 bonus track that you will get along with it is called the 4-Minute ‘’Speed” Brainwave Syncing Session.

This is based on a meditation track that works to rewire your mind on the subconscious level. The aim of this track is to overcome the limiting belief, sounds,s and blocks from your mind.

However, this bonus track has been specially designed to maintain the listener more focused on manifestation techniques, decrease problems, and discover new opportunities in his life.

How to Apply These Techniques In Your Life?

Getting the maximum benefits from the Vortex Harmonizing technique is not easy for those who never experienced a manifestation technique before. Therefore, this Pure Natural Manifestation has been designed in the short form to reduce your work which is on just three steps formula.

When you will buy it will also give you the main manual and an audiobook along with the program.

While working on this program, you would reach a certain point where you would feel very calm which is necessary to deliver the power of your Cosmic Pulse.

Eventually, we advise you to use the Vortex Harmonizing technique once a day especially before going to sleep as it has enough power to remove your limiting blocks and it will help your mind to focus on generating new thoughts.


Here we have highlighted some major benefits that you will get by using the Pure Natural Manifestation program:

  • After having gone through this program, you would be able to control any kind of circumstances easily that’s how you could adjust yourself according to the situation. That means, creating such kind of mindset will help you to raise your potential that will take you towards your success.
  • It provides positive energy and better thoughts that help you visualize your goals.
  • This program provides the best way to learn about the manifestation and the law of attraction.
  • Feeling stress and anxiety can be efficiently removed by this program which often makes you happy mood and peaceful.
  • By properly following the Pure Natural Manifestation PDF, you could thoroughly visualize your goal that will flow the positive energy in your mind.
  • This program shows also positive reviews about those people who have reached their dreams by raising their potential and also adopting their surrounding environment.
  • It is one of the ancient Manifestation programs that certainly provide excellent results by taking in specific life changes.

The Pros And Cons:

  • It doesn’t take much time to perform which is why it is more suited for everyone whether you are busy or not. You just need to give 4 to 15 minutes every day to listen to the audio tracks. By listening to these audio tracks, your mind will come in relaxed and calm.
  • This is the finest and quick way to calm your mind. For those who often feel overthinking and always get depressed or sad in their life, the author has added the 4-minute mindfulness session for that kind of situation, certainly, it will help your mind to overcome it.
  • It guides you on how you can free your mind from any blockages that are preventing you to reach your dreams and it also delivers the full power of the Cosmic Pulse.
  • It comes at a very reasonable price means you don’t have to pay much amount.
  • Comes with no side effects as it is one of the most trustable programs.
  • It creates a great impact on your mind which is very worthwhile.
  • You need to be full of patience and dedication to obtain the desired result.
  • Without having a stable internet connection, you cannot use this program as it is based on the online format.
  • If you ever felt bored or you left some steps to perform means it will not provide you a better result.

Does The Pure Natural Manifestation Really Work, Legit or A Scam?

After reading several Pure Natural Manifestation reviews, it is clear evidence that shows this program had always worked excellently for numerous people. I personally have been using it for some time and getting excellent results. Now I feel much more energized and my mind has also loaded with lots of positive energy.

Basically, the aim of this program is to excellently control your mind by using the manifestation and the law of attraction techniques. The specialty of this program is that it insists your mind admit all your life dream through the law of attraction power. Therefore, this manifestation program is completely safe and risk-free for everyone means you don’t need to take any kind of fear in your mind.

All these methods and strategies have been completely verified by the expert team which is based on their real-life experience. It encourages you to attract the abundance of good things in your life that will take you toward success. You would appear everything positively around you.


In the end, we need to say that it is one of the finest mantras to lead a successful life. So you will never find such kind of information anywhere. The most surprising thing about this program is that it will take your life on a new journey.

Certainly, it will bring a real and big improvement in your life where you could see lots of new opportunities to avail yourself. The author “Brigitte Moreau” of this Pure Natural Manifestation program claims that it will help you to raise your hidden potential means your possibilities would be increased to reach success.

Overall, this is a magnificent program as it offers all the necessary and real information that you can use every day in your life without facing any problems.

This program is not a fantasy it is based on real and secret science. It will not misguide you at any stage of your life means you could smoothly drive your life toward success.

Might you have seen many products available in the market, but not all of them work accurately? By putting positive energy in your life, you could smoothly change your mind, body, and environment which is the major key to achieving success.

To dissolve all the complexities, whether it is wealth, health, success, happiness, love, and positivity you could immediately remove all the blockage of energy.

Most successful people who have got excellent results have openly claimed and said they should apply it at once in their life to fulfill their dream. Your purpose in coming here is to catch up with your fact, the mind, the body, and the environment that plays a huge role in making your existence abundant. So please don’t miss this wonderful opportunity.

Croix Sather Instant Manifestation Secrets Review – Is It Legit?

Hey guys! Welcome to our Instant Manifestation Secrets Review which is the finest law of attraction program in the market as it efficiently works to program your mind for success and abundance.

Here I want to let you know one important thing, the human mind is one of the most powerful and biggest weapons for everyone that they can use to attract anything by the law of attraction.

However, taking control of your mind is something that most of us couldn’t do it. With the law of attraction, it is possible to bring your thoughts into existence.

Basically, it all depends on our mind what we think every day decides what kind of person we are going to become. Being positive thinking, you could see the brighter life around you but with negative thinking, you would feel everything depressing around you.

With negative thinking, you could not control the positive mind and it even creates many problems for you to attract positive elements that are surrounding you. Therefore, it may become really hard for you to learn how to manifest your deepest desires if you’re having a negative mindset.

The author has a strong belief that the conscious mind is much easier to affect due to it usually decides by what you are thinking.

What Is The Instant Manifestation Secrets?

Instant Manifestation Secrets is a great law of attraction program that usually teaches you the real secret contained in manifesting your all desires. Learning the law of attraction secret makes you able to fully control your mind which efficiently kills negative thoughts from your mind.

Instant Manifestation Secrets 1

However, this program has contained 4 different types of audio tracks which are related to the extensive instructional video where author “Croix” has shared his personal experience, and his aim to show you how he had used it to achieve success.

The audio tracks have been specially designed to work on your mind at each level which is usually in form of meditation sessions and guided visualization. Even it doesn’t matter what your dream is, whether it is about your health, wealth, happiness or good relationship, certainly you can attract anything by using these audio tracks regularly.

3 Levels Of Mind

The human mind is fully based on three different levels that usually work quite differently from each other. Here are the: the conscious, the subconscious, and the vibrational mind.

The conscious mind works to process all kinds of conscious thoughts and decides whatever you think while the subconscious mind works on our deepest beliefs, motivations, and thoughts, it doesn’t come into its power unless your mind doesn’t get stressed or depressed.

The last is the vibrational mind which represents the total result of the conscious and subconscious mind and is responsible for all the vibrations that we normally send to the universe.

Moreover, this program has efficiently covered all three levels of consciousness but it has emphasized the vibrational mind. This Instant Manifestation Secrets program has given more attention to the vibrational mind whereas other courses didn’t much focus on this important aspect of consciousness.

Vibration is one of the most significant aspects that consciously decide what we are going to attract. Thinking positive thoughts consciously would change the level of your vibration because you could attract anything.

That is why only positive thinking won’t work for you even if you would have to be able to feel the vibrational level for achieving anything in your life. Nowadays, many people approach the law of attraction in the quite opposite manner which is why they didn’t get the benefits from it.

Reaching the roots of successful manifestation is to change your mind and vibrational level and you have to approach the law of attraction in the exact way that the author has shared in his program.

About Law of Attraction & Vibrations

The Law of attraction efficiently works to raise the level of your mental and emotional vibration for attracting anything you desire in your life. But in the Law of Vibration, these vibrations are liable for everything such as thoughts, feelings, emotions, and the ultimate source that you usually attract in your life. As you know, every second your mind usually attracts and vibrates to some frequency.

By using positive vibrations like abundance, love, and faith, you can create positive changes in your life so do not underestimate all of them. While thinking more positive emotional vibration, you could see more abundance of nature of the universe.

The major aim of this program is to raise each level of consciousness to the highest vibrational state possible means you would manifest everything without putting in much effort.

Let me tell you one important thing, every person has a core vibration that often decides all their thoughts, actions, and emotions by using all of them they can attract anything in their life. That is why it is very important to raise the core vibrations into your life so you could easily get wealth, abundance, and success.

Croix Sather, The Author Of The Instant Manifestation Secrets?

The author of the Instant Manifestation Secrets program is Croix Sather who has appeared in the famous movie named “The Secret” and is also counted as the author of bestselling books. Now he is about 65 years old and also recognized as a humanitarian work-like operation that has aimed to support those people who usually got homeless in the United States.

He has appeared many times in the famous Larry King Live show where they speak about his miracles coaching program and show how he helps students and aware them of the secret of the law of attraction.

While motivating other people he has gained so much popularity and he also became the bestseller in the market in the last few years. Most of the bestselling books are based on Zero Limits, Hypnotic Marketing, Instant Manifestation Stories, and The Attractor Factor.

How to Use the Program Correctly?

If your purpose in buying this program to reform, reschedule and refresh, then this is process is absolutely easy. However, it is based on audio recordings and audiotapes which means you need a laptop, mobile, or headphones to hear it.

After buying it, you need to log in to your account and start hearing these tapes as per the given instruction. During that, the coach would control your subconscious mind to manifest your desires.

Moreover, you have to choose your favorite spot at home where you often feel much more comfortable, then start listening to this program. The purpose of this program is to make your mind fully relax once you feel the level of total relaxation which is called the theta stage and portal to your subconscious.

A person’s skills are formed by repetition which usually ignites new ideas and all thoughts in your subconscious mind that help you to get everything you want in your life.

Even you would be able to understand your brain and control the positive method and you would start thinking with the right manners. By doing this, you could be able to decide whether your vibration is high or low and would make a decision whether you want inspiration or antagonism in your life or matter related to you.

What You Will Get With this Program?

It comes with a bundle of valuable resources which has contained 3 audio tracks and 1 video track. Along with that, you will get the added bonus as well:

Neuro Transformation- 3 Levels

Neuro Transformation is the most significant part of the Instant Manifestation Secrets program. As it is based on a series of three audiotapes for creativity and productivity:

Level 1- The Power Within Me:

The first audio track normally helps to overcome all negative beliefs, thoughts, and emotions that are inside you to prevent manifesting abundance and success in your life. After that, your positive belief will work as a foundation of successful manifestation that will also work together with three levels of your mind and consciousness.

Level 2- My Amazing Life:

The 2nd audio track is based on the guided visualizations that often allow your mind to thoroughly set up your manifestation dreams and targets. O once you will go through this audio track, you would appear a clear image of your dream life, and will motivate you to manifest it in reality.

Level 3 – My Incredible Transformation

The 3rd audio track is perfectly aligned your conscious, subconscious, and vibrational mind and allows you to become a magnet to things and circumstances that you have imagined before.

Zero to 60: 

This video track will help you to sketch the whole process of transforming a normal worldly life into such a kind of life that you would have ever imagined such as happiness, abundance, and satisfaction. Even it will guide you in a very clear and easy-to-follow manner. Apart from that, you would learn all the manifestation techniques and mindset of the program.

Bonuses in the Program?

Here are the additional bonuses of this program:

Bonus 1: Financial Freedom

Financial freedom plays a significant role in manifesting a successful life. However, you need to debug your mind for budgetary success. Fighting with finance is really hard for most but this video will teach you how to start making wealth faster. Even it will guide you on how you can break free from the poverty mindset.

Bonus 2: The Success Ritual

This is based on certain common habits and rituals that often successful people do in daily life. Here we are going to show you some traits, habits, and rituals that every successful people perform but two are the most famous among them such as visualizing success and staying positive in any hardships that make them to being successful. It doesn’t matter who you are and who you follow, so without following these two habits of success you cannot be a success.

Bonus 3: Powerful Morning

Waking up with a powerful morning helps you to control nature and your vibrational level. Therefore, the author efficiently guides you to learn how to become a substantial alteration in your life which mostly depends on how to start your day.

Let’s start your day to raise and control your vibration to pull in everything incredibly. The few things author has thoroughly described are how to refine your life, how to take massive action, how to get befitted with great experience, and how to live your life boldly.

Bonus 4: 7 Days to Success

This bonus has included the seven audiotapes which have aimed to help you to build your optimistic success habits. Not me and you instead everyone believe that successfully depends on the right habits so this is all author would show you.

Pros and Cons:

Here we have efficiently highlighted the pros and cons of this program:

  • The way he designed the audio tracks are extremely incredible and you have to listen thoroughly to them every day.
  • It will guide you on how you can manifest everything you want in your life such as health, wealth, happiness, relationship, or success.
  • Your past plays a huge role in your future so instant manifestation secrets efficiently change your mind and attracts positive vibes that will help you to achieve a successful future.
  • Nowadays, 80% of people in this world often live in low vibration frequency that transforms their life. This program encourages them to attract what they want in their life.
  • Along with that, you will also get free bonuses as well; some of the bonuses are so useful that can transform anyone’s life.
  • It comes with 60 day money-back guarantee that makes you ready to buy it.
  • It is not like the other programs that can be immediately started. Before starting it, you will have to thoroughly understand each step of this program to obtain an excellent result.
  • As we stated before, it is based on the online format means you won’t get it in paper form.

Does The Instant Manifestation Secrets Work, Legit or A Scam??

‘’Yes,’’ this program certainly works for everyone; particularly for those who have had a bad experience in the past at least, they should try it at once. There is no doubt as this program is completely legit. In fact, this program has existed enough ability to mean you can blindly believe in it.

The major aim of this program is to help you for clearing your mind of all toxic thoughts. Thus, you could relax and learn how to reprogram your mind to start thinking positively about the life around you.

Many experts say that when a person starts thinking positive thoughts, the mind usually gets magnetized with them which makes the mind vibrate differently. Having a positive vibration helps you to start immediately attracting anything you want in your life.

Sometimes it happens, things get appeared instantly but sometimes it usually takes a while for certain desires to. So don’t be hopeless and stressed when you are performing it because negative thoughts may prevent you from generating a better and faster result. That is why this program has more focused on shifting from negative thoughts to positive ones.

Pricing & Refund Policy:

The actual price of this program is around $247 which is quite high for everyone. But now is the right time to buy it as the promotion is running in the market so you will get an 80% discount along with it which becomes only $47.

Apart from that it also offers 60 day money-back guarantee means if you are not satisfied with its result, you can refund it at any time.


We are damn sure this whole review would be very useful for everyone, especially for those who are seeking to transform their lives and really want to attract everything.

However, it has changed many people’s lives by just applying the law of attraction technique who had got depressed in their life. We have personally experienced this program which is why we strongly believed in it. Without any doubt, this program is absolutely authentic and 100% real.

Those people who have had a bad experience with the law of attraction might be they didn’t apply it properly as the author had described in the program. For the getting a magnificent and faster result, you would have to apply it similarly to what the author has described.

Moreover, it is a great law of attraction program that has an aimed to guide people through the strong principles which they have to apply in their lives for changing their mindset and manifesting what they want.

Once they would finish all the negative thoughts, they will come up with positive ones that will help them to change their destiny. Overall, it is one of the finest and most exceptional programs.

Yantra Manifestation Review – Is It Legit or Scam?

In this article, we are going to guide you about Yantra Manifestation Review – Is It Scam? This will be very helpful for you.

There is a time in people’s life when they feel everything moving out of their hands. Our family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors look to drift away from us. And life seems miserable. Some people lose their jobs and become insolvent. They choose to end their life.

On the other hand, though people have money, their life is not satisfied. Their mind and body don’t help, and things are never calm. Your time becomes restless like a bird trapped in a cage. What could ordinary people do in such circumstances?

In these circumstances, one requires to fathom the courage to break out free of that cage. For that sole object, Michael Tsering has devised Yantra Manifestation for people like you.

This manifestation program is to reach out to people who need guidance. Tsering’s goal is to make sure you get real health, wealth, love, and happiness.

What is Yantra Manifestation?

Yantra Manifestation is a program that demonstrates the right method to change your life as you want. Be it your best car or that cozy villa beside the coast; you can get everything. Everything is possible when you plan your subconscious mind.

The Product

yantra manifestation system

[table id=2 /]

This program expresses ways to know your subconscious mind and handle it. It guides you to induce patterns to your subconscious mind, and you can live your life to the entire. It raises positive vibrations in and around your body, and you will be able to reach your goals.

This strong manifestation program deals with pattern induction and sacred geometry to tune your subconscious mind. It will reprogram your brainwaves running the continuous induction of patterns.

This regular meditation process will force you to excel in any job you wish to pursue. So that you will live a healthy, wealthy, and happy life, it is an easy meditation that you can follow anytime.


Michael Tsering, The Creator Of Yantra Manifestation: 

Michael Tsering is the inventor of the Yantra Manifestation system which adds a different dimension to the whole manifestation process with the introduction of sacred geometry principles. In special, is the focus on the sacred Sri Yantra symbol.

As an expert in sacred geometry and influencing thought patterns within mental circumstances, Michael Tsering created the Yantra Manifestation program as a means for all spiritual and abundance seekers to get in touch with their spiritual attachments to the Universe and become one with its positive powers.

How Does The Yantra Manifestation Work?

Yantra Manifestation is an audio program that is simply understood by everyone. Your life-changing secrets are just a click away. You can play the audio and hear the discourses on Health, Wealth, Happiness, and Love. It is quite relaxing and brings your mind to a stable position. After that, you will learn to gain complete abundance with the power of Yantras.

Everything in this universe follows a basic pattern called the Golden ratio, which describes the behavior of a person or a subject. You can manage the tone of your life if you know these patterns. Yantra Manifestation explains everything you need to know about spirituality and sacred geometry patterns to change your life completely with love and happiness.

Michael Tsering, who is specialized in sacred geometry and spiritual teachings, promises to guide you about inducing positive patterns in your body, through this program. Further, Yantra Manifestation makes you recognize your objective in life. You can also learn to manage your subconscious mind through his teachings.

Product Detail

What You Will Get Inside: [Download]

The Yantra Manifestation program consists of two central pillars as follows. These are the core parts that you will have to perform in order to efficiently apply the manifestation system for your benefit.

  1. The Sri Yantra Manifestation Guide ($97 value)
  2. Complete Sacred Geometry Code Audio System($497 value)
  • Sacred geometry code pattern book for love
  • Sacred geometry code design book for health
  • Sacred geometry code pattern book for abundance
  • Book to Happiness
  • The sacred geometry code pattern book for wealth

This system is built up of 5 meditation audio tracks that cover major areas of your life that form the complete abundance that you will get at the end of the program. The tracks are designed to kill all worries and limiting thoughts so that you can concentrate on the positive ones and aspire for greater success.

Additional Bonus Value:

Yantra Manifestation Bonus #1: The Gateway To Nirvana System ($197 value)

Yantra Manifestation Bonus #2: Eightfold Blessings ($88 value)

These “secret” bonuses (I imagine not so secret now) consist of audio tracks

The Benefits Of The Program:

o Yantra Manifestation assists you to realize and know the aim of your life.

o You will kill negative energies and introduce positive patterns in yourself. This program will assist you to get the complete abundance you deserve.

o Your subconscious mind is more strong than your conscious mind. You will learn to manage your subconscious mind and bring it to a solid state. By this, you can achieve your goals.

o This program will provide you with a stress-free life. A lot of problems will disappear if you keep yourself out of stress.

o It unleashes the facts about sacred geometry and the power of yantras.

o Applying the yantras, you can induce positive waves to reach your desired aims.

o There are different audios of sacred geometry. Everyone deals with the pattern induction for Love, Happiness, Wealth, and Health.

o You can pick anything you prefer and begin listening to it. Within a few moments, you will feel your mind to be serene. Then you will find the correct ways to chisel your life the way you want.

o You will get everything you ever wanted.

What Will You Get From It?

  • It just increases your vibration to clear all negative patterns. That inhibits your ability to get the abundance that you deserve
  • You​ begin to feel an immeasurable sense of strength and an abundant sense of wealth.
  • It re-calibrates your brainwaves into a pattern that creates maximum wealth.
  • Here, your energy levels will be raised to a new level.
  • With this Yantra Manifestation program, you can begin to radiate these great things ​wherever you go.
  • Plus, it greatly enhances your relationship and your life with loved ones amazingly.


Before you get started you have to know about what the Yantra Manifestation will provide you. Read it correctly before using Yantra for spiritual direction.

  • It will provide you with the feeling of an unlimited amount of strength and a sense of wealth.
  • It improves the vibration in your body which will clear out all the negativity. It will improve your ability to receive the spiritual direction you want.
  • Brainwave patterns are also recalibrated which will produce a chance for wealth.
  • Your current energy level will improve to an extreme form of energy.
  • Applying for this program you will start having great things around you no matter where you go in your life.
  • It extends the compatibility among multiple people who are in a relationship with you at an advanced level.

Guide to Use This System:

To make it easy, Yantra Manifestation will basically rearrange your consciousness to a different level. This is related to programming any software for the machine, but in this case, you will be raising the positive patterns in your body by clearing out the negativity.

It will assist you to concentrate on any work by using pattern induction which is one of the most powerful ways to get success in life. Once you begin using the Yantra Manifestation, you will be in a beta state which will be the natural condition of your life.

Although in order to reach greatness, unity progress into the theta state. In this state, you will have the ability to transfer the highest level of your brain pattern which will renew all the negative patterns with positive ones.

In simple words, Yantra win channel the power through you, which will raise the energy in a positive way in your life. The package is having a particular soundtrack that will enable your brain to go into a deep state of your subconscious when the soundtrack interest you here you will receive a positive vibration in your body with negative clearing power.

The Pros And Cons:


o This program is beginner-friendly.

o You can play this audio and hear in the background while you are at other activities.

o You can apply this in the convenience of your home.

o It gives Meditation and Spiritual teachings at an affordable price.

o The narration is simply understandable.

o Complex concepts are created simpler for good understanding.

o It is safe and easy to use.

o Gateway to a better life.

o It is worth your money.


o This product is only accessible online.

o It is only a short-period offer.

The Final Verdict:

With Yantra Manifestation, you don’t need any compromise in your life and profession. You are on your way to taking that desired job, a luxurious apartment, and an exotic vacation with your adorable family.

All of these will be possible when you ideally use your life. That excellent manner is explained in the step-by-step procedure in audio form by Michael Tsering.

Patterns make your subconscious mind and these patterns determine your life. Yantra Manifestation is the right program to guide you through the ways to harness these patterns. You can manage the divine energy inside of you.

This program is eventually based on spirituality, meditation, sacred geometry, and yantras. So, there is no usage of any other external resources. It only uses your powers and yantras to guide you toward your wealth. It is thus reliable to use and suggested to all people.

Yantra Manifestation is now accessible in a breathtaking offer. They have slashed the price to make it cheap for everyone. Go and take the offer now, or it may end quite soon.

Eddie Sergey 15 Minute Manifestation Review – Is It Legit?

Hy guys! Welcome to our 15 minute manifestation review!

Nowadays, people are looking quite desperate to know about how a 15 minute manifestation program changes someone’s life and how effective is.

It’s absolutely great for us we are writing this review where you would know everything about this program, not just that you will get to know, even it will also guide you through everything about it.

Basically, this program is all about believing in meditation by using brainwave audio, if you won’t believe in it will not benefit you.

As everyone wants to finish their financial struggles and stressful life and also wanted to start their new journey with financial freedom even want to have everything they have dreamed of in their life such as health, wealth, love, and success. Yes, it all may come into your life by just applying for the 15 minute manifestation program.

However, it might be a little bit skeptical for some of you who have never experienced such kind of magnificent program.

But yes it is true that this program has changed many people’s lives as they had changed their mindset. It usually teaches you how you can rewire your brain to attract unlimited abundance, wealth, love, freedom, and happiness.

The best way to change your life is to try a 15 minute manifestation program. As it has helped many people for achieving their dream so it can also work for you if you believe in it.

This program usually helps to fully concentrate on your mindset and also kills all the negative people and negative thinking in your mind.

Here we have highlighted some good and bad points about the 15 minute manifestation program that will help you know everything about it.

What Is The 15 Minute Manifestation?

15 Minute Manifestation is based on personal development audio program which has created by Eddie Sergey, who has solely aimed to help everyone to manifest change in their life.

However, it has included three audio meditation tracks and each track is based 15 minutes in length. Apart from that it additionally has added two freebie ebooks. 15 Minute Manifestation Eddie Sergey Reviews

Subliminal programming and theta sound waves have been used in those ebooks that often combine relaxing sounds of nature to rewire your subconscious thoughts. You would feel as if something is changing in your brain.

These audio tracks are much more powerful than you think that have the ability to remove all the negative thoughts easily that often prevents you to achieve your dreams.

Listening to these audio tracks will reprogram your core beliefs and habits so then you could manifest more abundance in your life.

Who Are The Ideal People For This Program?

  • For those who want to reach a certain point in their life where they could see a new perspective.
  • For those who got stuck in a specific situation and don’t know what to do.
  • People who want to learn new things and also want to open their mindset.
  • Those people who like to listen to some beautiful meditation audio tracks.

Moreover, this program is associated with your brain science of ‘hemispherical synchronization’. The balance will happen when both hemispheres of the brain join with the same audio waves.

You won’t believe that the sound is much heavier than it is. A neurologist says, there is a specific point between our conscious and subconscious thoughts when the brain waves hemisphere is balanced.

In short, by listening to these theta sound waves, you can directly balance your brain and remove negative thoughts. The author of this program has claimed that if someone looking to manifest anything then they should start balancing their brain, and habits, removing limiting beliefs and rewiring the brain for success.

Eddie Sergey, The Creator Of The 15 Minute Manifestation:

Eddie Sergey is the most famous personal development coach and also the author of the 15 minute manifestation program. His story is quite fascinating and inspiring for everyone.

When he was 9 years he suffered from brain cancer which was spreading into his bones and the “doctor” used to say he had only three months to live. He got very depressed but somehow he listened to his mum’s tonal tapes that had helped him to cure his brain cancer.

Therefore, when he got completely recovered he started to take interest in hemispherical synchronization and brain science even though he claimed his mum’s tonal tapes had cured his disease.

After spending plenty of time learning everything about brain science, he has worked with audio engineers, neural linguists, and hypnotists to design the modern version of the meditation tapes. Although, Eddie Sergey is not very prominent on social media as it is his personal choice.

For those people who have experienced his program, they use to call him a “guru” in the personal development field. Their passion for his work is incredible compared to the other program in the market which is why this program is absolutely effective.

How Does The 15 Minute Manifestation Work?

15 Minute Manifestation program usually uncovers your brain’s superpower and you could control the limiting programming that develops to change this subatomic part into what you want.

It helps your brain’s ability to restructure its unique connection between the brain cells. Thus, you would see the direct connection between your subconscious mind and you could manifest your experience of existence.

Moreover, it helps to overcome all obstacle that is preventing you from reaching your dreams and you would strongly deal with anxiety and depression in your life. Even you could feel peaceful and more confident than before as soon as you would apply it.

You would not feel any fear of your capability to manifest anything. In short, the sub-atomic particle of the brain usually holds all the things that you need and everything you don’t need. This is one of the best manifestation tools to attract anything.

By using the special audio frequency, you usually, put your brain into the special brainwave state called Theta wave, and this method is used to manifest the life of your desires. Moreover, the brainwave works like a portal and tells directly to your subconscious mind.

The specialty of this program is that it efficiently works to dissolve old, limiting beliefs and usually transform them into modern ones and also empowered those who don’t need to get everything.

When you will go inside this program, it will teach you how you can back to your circumstances into the natural state of endless possibility and you would be able to transform your present condition with what you actually want in your life such as health, wealth, success, happiness and relationship. In this, 15 Minute Manifestation Eddie Sergey Reviews have added everything that how this program work.

What Is Inside The Program?

The 15 Minute Manifestation program has been contained three audio tracks:

  • Track #1 – Your Natural State
  • Track #2 – Your New Story
  • Track #3 – Moving Towards Abundance

As we have mentioned above it also offers two additional bonus eBooks/tracks as well:

  • Deep Sleep Now
  • Manifestation Wizardry

Here we have described how the tracks work and how they can benefit your progress through the program:

Track #1 – Your Natural State

The first audio track is based on the theta sound waves that directly connect to your subconscious mind. The major purpose of this track is to bring back your mind to its natural state. Thus, it usually opens the mental blocks that often prevent you from manifesting anything you want in your life.

Even if you had major blockages or got stuck with specific things, certainly this tape will help you instantly. Eddie Sergey has seen many people get fail with manifestation programs as they don’t prepare thoroughly their mindset. This first audio track efficiently works to make your mind ready for manifesting anything.

After properly applying it, the very first change you will see in yourself is that you would start facing lesser problems in your life. By making certain changes and positive mind, you would see many opportunities in your life.

Track #2 – Your New Story

After getting ready your mind to its natural state, need to move to the second track which will make your mind have plenty of positive thoughts and good ideas. However, the major purpose of this second track is to completely empower you so you could think like you can do anything. The feeling of empowerment is very important that makes the believer to achieving success.

With a great feeling of empowerment, you would consciously be thinking about what you want to achieve in your life. Apart from that, it has added the subliminal section of this track about the visualization.

However, your conscious mind doesn’t know it is there but at the same time, your subconscious mind usually acts on it. This means while your conscious mind may block you from doing such kinds of things but your subconscious mind takes it up.

Thus, you would feel you are in the middle of big changes. Plus, there are three distinct stages that will help you to stay more focused and you will have to go through each step of the program.

Track #3 – Moving Towards Abundance

The final audio track is based on reprogramming your mind which would make you able to feel more empowered and in a receptive state.

Listening to this track, helps you to create a strong and positive mindset and also make you thoroughly understand that you can attract everything, That’s how you could reprogram your new habits and core belief.

Even it allows you to start using the Law of Attraction to manifest health, wealth, love, and abundance in your life. For getting an excellent result, you will have to continually perform it for 21 days. Let’s suppose it is not sufficient for you, the author Eddie Serge has also added the additional bonus for you which comes in an eBook:

Bonuses Included [Free]:

Deep Sleep Now

This 30-minute audio track is based on deep relaxation and it uses the delta frequencies rather than the theta. This track is more suited for those who have a problem sleeping at night, this track will surprise you to help more relax. Plus you would feel stress-free throughout the day.

Manifestation Wizardry

The Law of Attraction is the inception of other freebies. However, you need to take a very new start to this program to manifest anything without having experience, that’s how you would learn more about the law of attraction. Over time, it could be very beneficial for you.

The Pros and Cons:


Here we have highlighted what I liked about the 15 Minute Manifestation Program:

The Audio Quality Is Outstanding:

You could see Eddie Sergey took sufficient time to design the right audio track. However, the audio quality of this track is quite magnificent and it allows you to get into the natural state while you are meditating.

It has even helped me a lot to get into the zone particularly when we had a lack of previous experience in this area.

Confidence for beginners about Meditation:

For those beginners who don’t have much experience in meditation, certainly, it will boost your confidence level by listening to this tape. The hardcore meditation program and camps, boosted my confidence level to attract anything.

Download Flexibility:

What I most like about this 15 minute manifestation program, it gives the best option to download means you can download these audio tracks anywhere where you want to listen to them.

That is fully made for your convenience whether you want to download than to Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC as well.

Change your life in a positive way:

As we have stated before, the author of this program is also working as a coach of personal development indicating he guides people on how to change their lives.

All you have to do is just apply it for 21 days for getting an excellent result, afterward, you would see a positive mindset that will help you to get more new opportunities in your life.

Not time-consuming:

Listening to just 15 minutes short track is not much time to consume as you think and we make sure this would be the maximum time that you will give to it.

No manifestation mumbo-jumbo

The idea of the manifestation program is absolutely simple and you won’t feel a lack of knowledge of meditation. That is why this program is more fascinating and accessible to everyone.

100% money-back guarantee:

Offering a 100% money-back guarantee is one of the most satisfying factors of this program that shows how reliable this product is. Might you have seen in the market no other manifestation program comes with the same options that it is offering?


Here we have highlighted some bad points that wasn’t so good about the 15 Minute Manifestation Program:

21-Day Commitment:

For getting the best result, you will have to stick it for 21 days format. So do not expect it will change your life within a week as nothing changes overnight. This is not like magical pills meaning you have to wait for 21 days.

Online format:

As we have stated before this is an online program means you will not get it in paper format.

The Benefits:

Here are some major benefits you will get with this program:

One-of-a-Kind Audio Program

This manifestation program has been designed fully based on Eddie Sergey’s personal experience means you will not get such kind of program from anywhere else.

His personal story is quite impressive to everyone and his sole aim to design this program is not to make money, he just wants to show people how to overcome obstacles by just using the law of attraction. However, this kind of audio program is quite easy to follow for everyone.

Automatic Benefits

15 Minute Manifestation program is one of the simplest manifestation techniques that you have to use. It is based on short audio tracks means there will be no lengthy manual you need to read.

Even, there is no detailed visualization you need to focus on. For getting the automatic benefits, you just need to thoroughly listen to the audio tracks.

While listening to the audio tracks, the Theta frequencies will directly connect with your subconscious mind and make you able to consciously thinking what you want in your life. After completing 21 days, your hidden thoughts will be uncovered for manifesting your life desire.

Theta Waves – Pure Theta Frequencies and Relaxing Theta Sound:

Eddie was quite sensible to understand where he required assistance. Finally, he decided to take help from both NLP ( Neurolinguistic Programming) and hypnosis experts as well.

Afterward, they expressed the pure theta frequencies which are a major factor in accessing your subconscious mind.

Basically, theta frequency is like real natural sounds that you have to listen to. Somehow author has recorded different kinds of natural sounds such as wind, rain, waves, ocean, stream beds, and many more.

While listening to such kinds of sounds, your subconscious mind would directly respond to the theta tones, and at that time your conscious mind would feel more peaceful and relaxed.

My Personal Experience:

After completing the first week, I got very depressed and noticed this program is not working for me. So I decided to learn more about it why this is not working for me.

There was a big mistake I was doing with this program is that it has clearly mentioned several times, it has to apply for 21 days instead of one or two weeks.

In short, this is not like subliminal audio or hypnosis-based one; it is something I had worked with before. After consistently applying it for 21 days I noticed that it started working for me, finally, I got some hope in my life to achieve my dreams.

However, these audios are all about hypnosis audios were ladies’ voices converse and are played with background music. Although I liked this program as binaural beats have been used in it which don’t usually irritate me.

This program does not speak about affirmation instead it directly speaks with you about many things so I thought to stay aware and hear about it.

To be honest, I really loved and listen to it for a few days with the same story but over time, I felt so bored and could not able to fully concentrate on what was going on most of the time.

You know what, listening to the same story, again and again, every day might be irritating for most of you but when I completely focused on I really admired it as it was about my subconscious mind that absolutely matters to actively hear what was going on.

There were two major things that I liked a lot about this program, one was balloon training where you could see how to prevent your negative mind and the second was related to improving your past, both were fantastic stories to hear for me.

As giving 15 minute regularly was not difficult for me so I decided to do it before going to sleep. This deep sleep audio is quite magnificent like hypnosis audio, after listening it made me good sleep at night but I have only applied it at once.

Overall, I got an incredible experience with this program as I stated before, I really liked it but my first two weeks were not so good to suggest this program the third week was absolutely amazing and completely changed my view about this program.

However, it has helped me a lot in developing a personal as well as professional life that is why I am completely satisfied and very confident about it and also recommends you to buy it will definitely work for you.

How Much Does It Cost?

15 Minute Manifestation Program comes with two different options, the first digital can be bought for only $49 which has been included three audio tracks and the additional bonus eBooks and the second digital can be bought for only $97 which has been added the physical CDs, plus the shipping and handling as well.

Apart from that it also offers a 100% money-back guarantee for a complete year means if you won’t satisfied with its desired result you can ask for your refund which makes it completely risk-free.

Final Verdict:

Finally, we must say that this 15 Minute Manifestation Program is absolutely enjoyable, beneficial, relaxing, and very fascinating. I was very surprised to see the magnificent result of how this 15 minute manifestation changed my life within 21 days.

However, you need to personally develop yourself for getting a better result means you cannot attract anything without improving yourself.

Moreover, Eddie Serge has also designed special tape for those who often face sleeping problems. If you are about to improve your life then this is the best choice for you as it usually offers a 100% money-back guarantee which other program does not offer.

I found many meditation audio programs on social media platforms that have used beautiful, relaxing sounds and theta waves but this meditation program is quite exceptional and not even became a part of any program.

Like the other personal development programs, you have to put some hard work into achieving something in your life. This is the finest program in the market that really makes sense to use it.

We are damn sure, this is the most valuable tool to start learning everything about manifestation and meditation. It has the ability to change your life; you just have to stick with it for 21 days for getting an amazing result.

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