How to Stop Negative Thoughts From Affecting Your Manifestations

Negative Manifestations

Hey, Everone Today we will discuss how to stop negative thoughts from affecting your manifestations. “Negative thoughts” Why it is so important to stop it?

And how it can affect your life…

Here, we will explain to you all the things, why we need to stop and how to stop it.

The very first thing is that feeling negative thoughts can disturb your whole lifestyle, while you are developing yourself.

As human beings, sometimes we deal with so many negative thoughts, but how can you prevent these negative thoughts from affecting your manifestations?

It usually goes something like this…

You’ve been using all the right manifestation methods to assist to take you to the next step towards your desires.

Your vision board is hanging over your bed, and you have your manifestation method down collected full with daily meditation and affirmations.

When you feeling much confident that your wishes are on their way, you go about your mornings with happiness on your face and a spring in your step.

But before long the suspicions begin creeping in.

Those limiting faiths that you imagined you dealt with somehow discover a way back into your consciousness.

Maybe these negative thoughts show on the very day that you were thinking to ask your future soulmate on a date…

It can occur just before you make an announcement to your boss that you are leaving to pursue that desire career you have been manifesting.

Whatever the situation, negative thoughts happen when your mind reverts back to former thinking.

The pessimistic view of your subconscious brain will pick at an unimportant flaw until it becomes a gaping cut.

This influx of undesired attention leads you into a fear mode which only generates even more disappointment and negative thinking.

Before you understand it, you have spoken yourself out of taking a leap toward your wishes.

Your ego takes over and determines that if you never examine you will never fail.

What the ego fails to view is that the only possibility you will ever dislike is the one you didn’t take.

Having negative thoughts does not make you a loser.

This is a pain we all suffer from.

When it arrives at your manifestation system, it is not the negative thoughts but how you react to them that matters.

Observing Your Negative Thoughts Without Judgement

Sometimes it appears as though the more we consciously strive to think positively, the more we see just how negative we actually are.

This realization alone can make people be very hard on themselves.

Alternatively, some people when facing the realization that they are being managed by their negative thoughts, give up on their manifestations collectively.

Their egos take over and rename these negative thoughts in order to preserve themselves from the fact.

Suddenly we have a wave of people who demand to have worked the Law of Attraction only to see that they are “too realistic” to consider in all that stuff.

There is no requirement to beat yourself up about your negative thoughts…

Do not die into the trap of sugar-coating negativity as “realism”…

Negative thinking and limiting ideas are moved down through periods of social conditioning.

What this means is that your negative thoughts are not completely your mistake.

We live in a society that extends on negativity and isolation.

Just have a look around.

It’s everywhere…

Reality TV, the news, social media, politics, advertising…

Everywhere you can see, there is a constant image being painted of how you look, how to work, what you have to think, the list goes on…

Those who prefer not to conform to society’s standards are greeted with pointed fingers and analysis.

Negativity and criticisms become so readily accessible that before long we stop demanding others to do it for us…

We are very happy to point the finger inward and find ourselves.

It’s no surprise negative thinking comes so easily!

From birth, you have been shown to a way of fear and doubt.

You grew up seeing the fears of your quick and extended family being considered around the dinner table.

What’s infinite, your friends and family have all been affected by social conditioning in one way or another.

Have you ever felt friends or family striving to talk you out of ambition or object you had?

Usually, their reservations do not come from a place of anger and malice but rather fear.

Fear-based programming generates an illusion that no wish is worth the risk of possible failure.

So you recognize, negative thoughts are everywhere, and fighting against them only makes resistance.

The first step when it comes to handling negative thoughts is always to admit them as what they are without finding yourself.

Like a child, the most reliable way to treat with unsavory behavior is to see it but at the same time, give no reaction.

Next time you will see yourself being overcome with a negative thought, recognize the thought as if you are on the outside watching in.

Remark it.

Take a moment to consider its source but then let it go without finding.

Acceptance is key.

How to Accept Negative Thoughts Without Letting Them Affect your Manifestations

If you would start looking at your negative thoughts from a place of respect and knowing you will easily be able to prevent them from changing the manifestation process.

The important points to remember are:

  • Everyone feels negative thoughts.
  • Negative thoughts have formed over time by social conditioning.
  • The ego has used these negative thoughts from society in order to preserve us.
  • Negative thoughts should be seen without consideration.
  • Never criticize yourself for negative thinking.

Above all, the most reliable way to increase above negativity is to just boost your daily dose of positive thinking. Here are some steps to do that…

Here’s a quick recap video down here, be sure to read the entire post!

1.) Show Gratitude For the Things you Already Have

The feeling of thankful is one of the most powerful vibrations you can release. Being grateful for your current state is cleansing to the mind and soul.

So usually people manage to live in regret of the past or the hope for the future and they forget to be grateful for right now.

All the past thing is in your mind…

The future is also in your mind…

All we truly have is right now so why not acknowledge it? Be grateful for the present because tomorrow never reaches.

It’s essential to recognize that every day is a blessing.

You can manage your own happiness, so increase your positive vibration by making the work of gratitude an everyday habit.

Here are some of the perfect ways for you to show gratitude even on the gloomiest of days:

  • Compose a list of everything you are grateful for today. It could be health, friends, family, or just the weather as well.
  • You need to make a habit of praising your loved ones to show what you like about them.
  • Have empathy for the few fortunate, doing so will make you really acknowledge what you actually have.
  • Give tiny acts of kindness to others to display gratitude for their presence in your life.
  • Take time to recognize and acknowledge the beauty in nature.

2.) Find The Patterns

When you see your negative thoughts from a place of receiving, you are able to be a bit more interested in where these negative thoughts arise from without becoming protective.

Recognizing patterns in your negative thinking will support you to reveal the layers of your ego in order to know the major reason behind these protective restrictions.

Identify, negative thoughts that are normally adopted by the ego due to panic of failure.

If you discover the patterns where the ego reverses the mindset then you can be better adapted for future triggers.

Next time you see negative thoughts pop into your brain, ask yourself the following:

  • Which thought triggered a negative response?
  • How does this negative thought change the direction my body feels? (breathing patterns, heart rate, etc)
  • What is this negative thought fighting to defend me from?
  • Is this security mechanism effective or is it inhibiting my own growth?

After some time, you can see a pattern.

For instance, you may find that negative thought pops into your brain all time you think of trying something new.

In this example, you may see that your ego has generated a fear to keep you from moving out of your comfort zone and that’s fine.

You understand that this protecting block has been put in place for your own protection and you can now make a conscious judgment on whether or not the concern is rational.

3.) Get Control Of Your Health And Well Being


A study discovered that eating the harmful foods that you crave discharges dopamine into your mind, which is a neurotransmitter that manages the brains’ pleasure systems.

This describes why we reach for that tub of ice cream whenever we have had a critical day…

The difficulty with this is that the discharge of dopamine is a short-term fix.

Did you ever eat junk food because it felt good at the time only to discover that hours and even days later panic and guilt sets in?

The long-term consequences of eating junk food include:

  • Lack of focus
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Memory loss
  • Fatigue

Not to mention the numerous physical indications including diabetes and cancer.

From the list before you can easily recognize how unhealthy foods could give negative thinking.

Now, I am not recommending that you cut out all entertainments.

Life is for living and the special indulgence is not going to destroy your life, however, when it comes to manifestation you will discover it a much easier to have a positive mindset when you are nourishing your body with a good meal.

As the saying goes “Good Food, Good Mood”.

Here are a few food selections that are scientifically shown to help increase your mood:

  • Bananas – Natures anti-depressants. Banana’s aid the body to produce serotonin.
  • Dark Chocolate – Little amounts of dark chocolate aides to discharge stress in the body.
  • Salmon – Salmon includes high levels of omega 3 which has been confirmed to lower stress and tension levels.
  • Green Tea – Complete with amino acids, this wellness all-rounder is wondrous for physical, mental, and emotion.
  • Blueberries – Admitted a super-food, Blueberries are rich in antioxidants activating higher mind functions.


Incorporating 30 minutes of daily exercise is a great way to release endorphins.

Discover an exercise routine that fits you, whether it’s lifting weights in the gym, dance, gentle yoga, or even a regular walk around the block.

If you can add some sunshine and fresh air you will also get an added treatment of vitamin D.

Making some time to get more energetic will allow you to realize your mind and enhance your well being as a whole.

Reaching fitness aims can be really compensating for the mindset and will enable you to step into the greatest version of yourself.

4.) Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

“You need to trust yourself. Generate the kind of self that you will be glad to live with all your life. You need to make the most of yourself by fanning the little, inner sparks of chance into flames of success.” – Golda Meir

While using today’s technology, it could be easier than ever to take a look into the lives of others.

Comparing lives with popular celebrities, models and sports stars is a familiar past time for “ordinary folk” all over the world.

Social media and reality TV have designed a whole culture of insufficiency.

Mindless scrolling of your news feed has been shown to lower mood and enhance stress and tension.

The most dangerous thing is that when you relate yourself to others, you may lose what makes you special.

That magic that is uniquely yours converts shadowed by panic.

If you see yourself making unhealthy comparisons between yourself and others attempt to remember the following:

  • When it comes to social media, people only reveal what they want you to view.
  • The completion of others should be celebrated, not desired by the Law of Attraction.
  • Nothing will be changed by sitting around seeing others. Take action in your own life!
  • Let those who encourage you, fill your excitement for the future.
  • There is nobody quite like you in the world.

5.) Quit With The Labels

Have you ever had a horrifying moment that felt like it would hurt you for life?

Something so shocking that it shaped your whole perception of who you believe you are?

Perhaps you fell on stage which has made you label yourself as someone who experiences stage fright.

Or maybe you were dominated as a child which has built a limiting idea that you do not fit in with gatherings.

Letting go of past shock can be really difficult but it is important to know that these lies are doing nothing but veiling your life with a cover of negativity.

Disrupt the uncertainty by taking back control over the tags you place on yourself.

Liberate yourself from past limiting ideas.

Instead, select new labels as if you already integrate the highest version of you.

6.) Use Positive Affirmations

Growing more positive is all about re-training your subconscious brain and there is no safer way to do that than to work on positive affirmations.

The subconscious brain stops growing at 7 years old.

What this means is that when you prepare it, you require to do so as if it were a 7-year-old kid.

Through routine.

Affirmations can be read, written, or listened to through an audio track.

Subliminal affirmations can be particularly valuable in reprogramming the subconscious toward more wealth, quick.

In time, your subconscious mind can learn to be more positive without inspiring and positive affirmations will start to come naturally.

In tricky conditions, your subconscious mind will be more positive by saying “I can” rather than “I can’t”.

If you do not already have a positive affirmation system, begin today!

It takes no additional time and usually, you can incorporate your affirmations into everyday tasks such as waiting in lines, driving to work, or even taking a shower.

Here are a few examples of positive affirmations to kill self-doubt.

  • I win every barrier to creating the life I want.
  • I transform from negative self-doubt to an abundance of positivity.
  • No longer do I scared the dark for I am light.
  • I design and welcome only positive feelings in my life.
  • Today is a fresh day, what happened in the past will not manage my future.
  • Everything is going to design, I follow my frequencies with the universe.
  • I am the inventor of my best reality.

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