How will you defend yourself from absorbing people’s negative energy?

It looks like that every second person you engage in is an empath.

On the other hand, many people are challenging to be able to absorb the negative energies of those around them.

To know how people are actually feeling just by being near to them.

The fact is that awareness as a whole is on the growth and what that means is that more and more people are waking up to spiritual feelings.

What’s more is that it’s not just those challenging to be empathic that are consuming the energy of others, we all are!

Some just see it more than others.

An estimate of a time in your life where you have consumed someone else’s negative energy…

Maybe you saw your parents experience financial pain as a child and you remember their heartache as if it was your own…

Perhaps you saw a friend going through a dirty break up that opened up wounds inside you.

You may have even seen yourself being defeated with rage when someone around you was showing their own anger…

The truth is that you are reading this article possible means that somewhere along the line, you developed an enhanced awareness of other people’s emotions.

Quickly everything changed…

Maybe it was this information on its own that woke you up to just how much you have been consuming people’s negative energy…

Let’s handle it, working to stay positive when you are circled by the negative energy of others is not the simple task.

In reality, it would be frustrating! (a contradiction in itself).

You want to support your loved ones, but you also want to move them!

You understand that this circle of countless negativity is not only hurting their manifestation journey but yours as well!!

If only they could cut free and know that we are the co-creators of our fact.

That we are nothing but a mirror reflection of the energies we are unblocking out to the universe.

Unhappily, no matter how frequently you teach the power of positivity, sooner or later you will recognize that not everyone is ready to be accommodated.

And definitely, it would be secure to just cut these people out of your life completely, in fact, in some circumstances that may be your only choice…

But what if that negative energy is being consumed by people you truly care about?

How will you defend your manifestations from the negative energy of loved ones? How do you understand if your only aim is to let that person go altogether?

First of all, let’s include the basics…

Why Are Some People So Negative?

We all humans are creatures of habit…

What does that mean?

Just have a look around.

Imagine the people you know. How many people are breaking their cycles?

Whether it is a poverty mindset, deadly relationships, drama habit, or something else, the fact is that negative people don’t really want to get out of the disorder they have built for themselves.

They complain about it sure, but at the same time, it’s happy there.

It’s all they know…

“Stay away from negative people, they have an issue for every solution.”

Remember one thing, Toxicity is usually passed down from generation to generation.

The tendency to bring that negativity on is regularly driven by the convenience and nostalgia that one feels when building a condition that enables them to relive their childhood

Then there are those influenced by environmental factors.

People who look to come from rich families but some other environmental condition has made them produce a field of negative energy around them.

For these people, it doesn’t matter how positive the condition is, they always feel great tearing it down and changing it with something negative.

You may see positivity as an option…

Looks easy enough right?

Well for numerous people, comfort is the hardest option they will ever make, and “choosing comfortable“ doesn’t significantly mean getting it right away.

It’s a process that includes a comprehensive restructuring of the mindset.

Restructuring your negative mindset is like re-coding a whole computer system. It’s tedious work that really needs a level of willpower, commitment, and skill.

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Doesn’t Everyone Have Moments Of Negative Thinking?

The very first thing to understand the difference between a negative or toxic person and a person who feels negative energy.

We all have the same moments…

Moments that don’t go plan.

Emotions that we can’t suppress…

Disappointment, anger, sadness, anxiety…

These are totally natural human emotions, so, we don’t need to feel guilty or defeated for showing them.

The ego causes these emotions to the surface to teach us and defend us from future disaster.

That’s a great thing right?

Receiving negative emotions with love and knowledge is the first step toward becoming a more positive person.

Feeling negative energy does not make you a deadly person…

Depending on negative energy as a coping mechanism does.

Do Negative People Affect Your Manifestations?

If you are beginning to manifesting and the Law of Attraction then you may be seen an extended sensitivity to energy.

You may not have been consciously knowledgeable before but as you begin to awaken to the power of your own mindset, you may immediately see yourself consuming people’s negative energy.

It may be that your friend group is a plenty more negative than you earlier realized.

What was once harmless fun may now look more like harmful gossip, made up rage, uncertainties, and criticism.

The fact is that negative people CAN influence your manifestations.

Here are some examples of how…

  • Criticism of your dreams and wishes.
  • Helping low vibration emotions.
  • Planting seeds of uncertainty in your mind.
  • Terrifying you out of making big leaps for fear of judgment.

Most of the time, these friend lists feed off one another’s negative energy so you will possibly see your attempts to add some positive vibes rendered ineffective…

You could also see that your tries to “call out” the negativity in the list will produce nothing but a new cause for aggression.

The most dangerous activity you could take is none at all.

If you proceed with your normal cycle in the group and feed into that negative energy, your manifestations will Truly take a hit.

It’s one thing to be circled by negativity but it’s another thing completely to indulge in it to please the group.

Always remember that like attracts like.

The emotions you transfer out to the universe will be the emotions you experience.

  • Jealousy attracts jealousy
  • Uncertainty attracts insecurity
  • Anger attracts anger

And so on…

On the other hand, the negative impact of others can not only prevent your manifestations, but it can also produce down your vibration to attract more negativity into your life.

11 Ways to Prevent Absorbing People’s Negative Energy

1.) Dig Deep

This is regarding finding your triggers…

What triggers you to consume negative energy and why?

To dig deep you should start with recognizing the things that influence you the most.

It would be something someone states or maybe the energy they catch when they say it…

For instance:

If you have ever been through money hard work you will understand the pain of hunger and poverty well.

Having felt this pain, you may see yourself much sensitive to it…

So when someone doubts your skill to obtain the financial freedom you may see their doubt increasing, depressing, or even frightening…

This is a trigger.

It may be that a friend goes through a dirty breakup and the pain they are holding latches on to you.

It is not your pain but for some cause, you will be extremely sensitive to it.

The pain makes deep like a knife and you see yourself as inadequate to cope.

This is another trigger.

There is no way to defend yourself if you can’t recognize the root problem and the individuals who are shooting at you (intentionally or otherwise).

Next time you would feel yourself consuming people’s negative energy, take some time to dig deep and truly find where it comes from.

2.) Don’t Worry About What Other People Think

The most significant catalyst for failure on this earth is worrying about what others think.

So numerous people are scared to step outside of their comfort zones for fear of rejection.

Unhappily, this fear can drive people to their graves without ever struggling themselves to their real potential.

Fear is felt by consuming people’s negative energy.

You’ve noticed it before no suspicion.

Someone steps outside of the box to create something wondrous and immediately the negative people take on the troll train, judging this person’s every move…

You don’t want that… and because you consider so much about what other people actually think, because you have received this negative energy, you hold yourself back from moving for the stars.

Not caring about what other people think is simpler said than done but if you are capable to at least see it when it happens, you are already succeeding.

The more you see that you are catching yourself back from greatness, the more you will be able to begin destroying that fear.

Whenever you see yourself worrying about what others will think, just need to ask yourself the following:

“Will it matter in a year? How about 5 years? Or 20?”

If you will create a huge leap that will finally change your life, will it matter what people think?

You will be living your dream life and maybe won’t even remember the names of those who suspected you…

No, their ideas won’t matter then and they don’t matter now!

3.) Take A Break

Have you ever felt that you are around someone that is producing nothing but leeching all over your positive vibes then you should take a break.

Getting some time to yourself will enable you to reconnect with who you are as a person.

It will also enable you to restore your positive vibes and so make fair decisions on what you actually want out of life as well as how to best way the condition with this negative person.

4.) Ignore It

When people receive a negative line, they will do anything to fill their attack.

How frequently have you viewed an irritated person go on and on about their difficulties, fishing for a reply so they can collapse with more rage?

As the saying goes “don’t poke the bear!”

As the negative person begins winding themselves up, they also force you to receive wound up with them.

When applied consciously, ignorance can be a helpful tool for turning low vibrations.

It’s not just regarding keeping your mouth shut and giving no response.

It’s about fully shutting yourself off to the words as they are spoken, or driving away the minute the drama starts.

If you will learn to shut off, you can easily build a barrier against the negativity.

Try reading these simply an affirmation in your brain whenever someone starts up with their negative vibes.

Something like, “I attract only positivity into my life.”

If you concentrate all of your attention on mentally reciting your affirmation, then you can prevent out both the words and the energy that the other person is removing out at you.

5.) Discuss Your Concerns With The Negative Person

This method is only possible to work in 2 conditions…

  1. If the person whose energy you are receiving is not really meaning to harm you.
  2. If the person whose energy you are consuming is ready to take responsibility and turn their negative ways.

It is important not to go into conversation with people regarding how their negative energy is hitting you because they would feel attacked.

They WILL get hesitant, and this could make things get even more dangerous.

When you face someone regarding their negative energy, be careful.

If you say “you’re quite negative and it’s letting me down!”

You are probably not going to get a good response and the discussion will not be fruitful in any way.

If you can get some responsibility (even if you do not feel you are to criticize), you will produce a more mutual scenario and since nobody will feel ganged upon.

For instance:

“Hey, I feel like our discussions have been a type of negative recently and I was surprised if you would love to make an agreement to both be more positive.”

If you can address the discussion with love and acceptance, you will be more possible to obtain a positive result.

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6.) Create An Energy Shield

Circle yourself with a protecting shield that will divert any negative energy that comes your way.

This visualization method is an excellent one to begin each day.

Visualize yourself being encircled by a shield of light.

As you imagine this bubble-like, protective barrier, charge it with positive intention and affirmations that remove negative energy.

Affirmations for charging your energy shield:

  • I am preserved by love and light
  • Only positive energy may be permitted to remain in my presence
  • My energy shield keeps me secure

7.) Learn To Say “No”

The word “No” has sufficient power.

Unhappily, in this day and age, numerous people fight with this simple word and it appears in us absorbing people’s negative energy.

If you are looking yourself responding yes all the time, you are more than possible bearing on some of the burdens of others and sacrificing your own satisfaction.

You don’t need to feel guilty about defending yourself with the word “No”.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t give service and help to those in poverty, it’s just about gauging your own energy.

Your energetic signature is more valuable and if you feel that it may be adjusted by someone else or if you step away from specific circumstances emotionally tired, then simply say “No!

8.) Distance Yourself

Sometimes when you estimate how much of an impact someone’s energy is having on your life, the most suitable plan is to just distance yourself long term.

It doesn’t mean that you should cut this person off completely, but you may see that to protect the energy you need to begin spending a short time with them.

This could be hard at first but over time it will get more comfortable.

People develop apart all the time, even dear friends and family members. It doesn’t mean that they like each other any less, it’s just that they take different ways in life.

9.) Surround Yourself With Wondrous People

The perfect way to dismiss negative energy is to not lose sleep over it and instead change your focus to infinite positivity.

Begin surrounding yourself with people who elevate you up and you will quickly see the big impact on your life.

When you see people who make you feel great, hold on to these unique gems and ensure that you bless them with radiant happiness just as they do for you.

When you will apply the Law of Attraction, you will start to see yourself naturally manifesting wondrous friends who are in the same way as you are.

You just need show some patient and they will come to you.

Remember, this thing like attracts like.

10.) Change Up Your Environment

The environment plays a big part in the energy we consume.

Related mindsets attract one another and form groups.

This is why we feel the whole neighborhoods of like-minded people.

If you had to generalize your whole neighborhood, what would be the most usual features between people?

Are they satisfied or depressed?

Are they rich or living in poverty?

If you are living in such a kind of area that attracts poverty then you should move.

Nobody wants to waste their life being depressed or poor.

The power is within us all.

We are the co-creators of our own existence.

When you produce a big group of people together who share related ways of thought, it can be very hard to isolate yourself from them.

Collected energy smogs the air and supports you around wherever you go.

If you can not move to somewhere happier right now, start applying the Law of Attraction to manifest your move.

In the meantime, go for the trips to the area you would love to live in.

Keep spending time breathing in the fresh air.

Be around the people you truly want to align yourself with.

Apply your visit as a visualization exercise.

Get a walk through the streets and as the homes of your future neighbors.

These sorts of day trips can surely bring up your positive energy as well as your determination to fulfill your wishes.

11.) Take Responsibility

The main thing to point your finger at others and criticize them for their negativity, but it is another thing totally to change your consideration inward and take responsibility for your own actions.

When you pass criticism, you build a negative charge around yourself.

It will have to accept and love of the fact that you have made even if there have been some bumps along the road.

Everything you have been through has got you to this point.

Be grateful for your former experiences.

Good and bad.

Criticism is a wasted emotion and will not do anything for your future.

What If None Of This Works?

Infrequently people see that they have a good attachment to someone who has an especially dark and negative hold over them.

Normally, these kinds of people are best friends, family members, or spouses who look to bring on affecting your life even when you have taken steps to defend yourself.

If you see yourself consuming negative energy from someone who just won’t quit, it might be time to think about cutting them off perfectly.

You have to make a complete evaluation of what you stand to lose and what you stand to obtain by cutting this person out of your life.

If their negative energy is adding itself to your manifestations, then you possibly require to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Get Rid Of The Guilt

If these negative people are your family member or someone who has been in your life for a lengthy time, then you may feel blam about letting them go.

Your experience on the planet is yours and yours alone.

It’s totally up to you to decide the way that your life manifests.

If that means cutting someone off to ensure that you develop the life that YOU actually want, then this is what you must do.

Other people have the chance to do the same but you can’t keep their hands and guide them where YOU want them.

If you feel guilty then that means that you are accepting responsibility for someone else.

This is not your job.

They need to make that decision for themselves.


In the end, I would like to say that We are all impacted by negative energy whether it is our own or other peoples.

There is no way to remove negativity but you can be taking of it and apply methods to preserve your manifestations.

If all else fails, don’t be scared to cut people off.

You will never be able to raise anyone if you don’t first raise yourself.

Be kind and learning but know your limits and fixed some boundaries to shield your wishes from those who want to see you fail.