Many people long for their exes and look for different ways to ease the “ex back”. In fact, there are almost innumerable portals and literature on this topic, but some try to make the universe usable for themselves in the form of the ex back through the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is based on the seven hermetic laws of Hermes Trismegistus and was transferred to modern times in the course of the quantum resonance movement.

The ex back through the law of attraction is based on the supposedly universal law that “like attracts like.”

The user manifests his desire to get the ex back through the power of the universe, this order with the universe is then realized.

How to Manifest Your Ex back:

How to Manifest Your Ex back (2)

The law of resonance expanded in its depth describes a kind of interacting vibrations on the quantum level.

The vibrations that arise there expose further vibrations in their environment, which continue to have an effect so that more and more distances can be bridged until the goal of the thought is to be reached.

With the law of resonance, based on one’s own thoughts, changes should be transmitted to the environment through assumed vibrations.

These vibrations do not stop at the ex-partner in the concept of the representatives of the law of attraction, so you can influence the ex-partner, but can you also get him back?

This question is very controversial in the esoteric-spiritual community.

For some,

the law of attraction is one of the charms of love or attachment.

For others,

this is just an expression of the so-called dual soul.

Third representatives warn very explicitly against the application of the law of resonance in order to get the ex back since in their opinion it falls back slightly negatively on the user.

Regardless of which esoteric school of thought one adheres to, only a few deny the effectiveness as a whole.

Getting the ex back through the law of attraction is a widespread desire and there are numerous guides on how to use it properly.

A combination of positive affirmations and an inner change, which then radiates outwards, should be particularly successful.

Affirmations to get the ex back

Affirmations and positive beliefs should help get the ex back. As explained above, before a change can be made on the outside, there must first be a change on the inside.

With the help of these positive beliefs or so-called positive thinking, one’s own inner being should change over time.

The vibrations changed in this way then also affect the Ex.

This is now withdrawn subconsciously to his ex-partner since the vibrations of both in the concept of the law of attraction now harmonize with each other and would therefore attract each other.

In this school of thought, the ex can now be regained much more easily or he returns of his own accord.

14 Powerful Affirmations To Get Your Ex Back:

  • I am a good partner and give everything in a partnership.
  • My ex is my twin flame, together we blaze.
  • Duality is the normal state. I realized it.
  • I love my ex and my ex loves me.
  • I and my partner are the same like attract each other.
  • Fate determined us for one another.
  • I love my life, my ex compliments it.
  • My relationship is harmonious. I want a fresh start.
  • Good things happen to good people. I am one of them.
  • My partner was blind. But now he recognizes me.
  • Our lives and works are interwoven.
  • Love connects us across all borders.
  • I am worthy of being desired.
  • My ex and I walk this life path together.

Positive beliefs should help to overcome the learned or internalized or conditioned negative thought patterns that inhibit self-realization or personal development and thus have a positive influence on life.

An inner weakness can inhibit the desire and the achievement of the goal to such an extent that the ex can only be recovered with difficulty.

Literature on the ex back through the law of attraction

There is a whole series of self-help literature and guides under the title “Ex back through the law of attraction”, which are intended to help achieve the desired goal by applying the law of resonance.

The literature usually includes a much more extensive explanation, followed by practical examples and guidelines for use.

The core content of most of these self-help works is to overcome various inner walls that prevent progress.

These include various obstacles, such as fear and helplessness about the right approach after the separation, the question of how joint meetings will take place, and much more.

Only when these fears have been overcome can the law of application become fully effective.