Here’s an explanation like you’ve probably never heard before. (Updated 2021)

First, there is a preamble with important information for understanding.

At the end there is the instruction in the form of 5 big points, how you can take a big step towards your dream body  and your  desired weight with the law of attraction & mental awareness processes   .

Our Bodies Are Condensed Energy

Quote: You consist of cells, which consist of atoms, which in turn consist of subatomic particles. What are subatomic particles? Energy! (Jack Canfield)

Quantum physicists prove that   99.99999 percent of matter actually consists of  nothing  .

Matter condenses and is drawn to us when we direct our focus, our attention, our consciousness – our energy towards it.

Our bodies are  condensed energy .

“You are made up of cells, which are made up of atoms, which in turn are made up of subatomic particles. What are subatomic particles? Energy! ”Jack Canfield

Keep this in mind as a basic knowledge.

Our Body Does What We Tell It To Do

Our body does what we tell it to  do .

How do we command?

Through our attention, our focus, our thoughts, our feelings and our subconscious beliefs, which are stored deep in the subconscious.

This gives rise to the command – or, in other words, the  signal that we radiate into the divine universe.

Anyone who says to themselves: “I absolutely have to lose weight because I am too fat” is sending a counterproductive signal.

Aligning the focus is an important component.

The focus is directed in this case the “too thick” and also trying to force something through which you are in a low vibration is.

So the 2 mistakes are:

  1. The focus on “being fat” only attracts “being fat”.
  2. And you also try to force something. Forcing is like ” fighting” on an energetic level . In this case you are in fight or flight mode and not in creator mode.But one can only manifest out of the Creator mode – never in any form of struggle.

By forcing yourself to “have to lose weight” you create your own blockages and  resistances that stand in the way of the manifestation process of the dream body.

In short, this whole approach is not productive!

(I’ll keep showing you how to go about it)

Calorie Model or Creation & Programming?

Some people should be spindly with their daily calorie deficit – but they are not. The explanation follows below.

A construction worker consumes approximately 350-450 calories per hour on average.

If we extrapolate the 350 calories over an 8-hour day, we have a calorie consumption of 2800 calories.

An adult man consumes almost 2000 calories per day for mental and physical processes when he is resting.

(Already nearly 500 calories while you sleep.)

If you add the approx. 2000 calories of rest + 2800 calories of the working day, then a construction worker consumes approx. 4800 calories per day in his working week.

To get those 4800 calories back in a day, he would have to eat very large amounts of food.

In order to do this, he would have to start eating lavish meals during working hours, in the morning and at noon.

In a “cramped” state, however, he would most likely no longer be able to work as he should, which is why he will probably be satisfied with “normal servings”.

Even if he managed to eat the very large amount of 4,000 calories a day, he would still have a calorie deficit of 800 calories a day.

The construction worker would therefore have to lose weight and become spindly, as he cannot cover his daily calorie consumption.

But do you see spindly construction workers somewhere?

So not me. Most construction workers, on the contrary, are rather well built.

This is just one example, which should show that something is wrong with the calorie model or is being ignored.

Thick, slim, etc. – it is partly due to the programming

Our programming helps determine whether we will get fat or slim.

Many will likely know it themselves:

There are people who can eat what they want and don’t gain weight. You always stay slim.

And then there are people who can still eat so exemplary, healthy and little, but do not lose weight.

Why is this?

My explanation for this:

It is due to our internal programming (in this case, programs relating to food and weight ) and our “sent out signal”, which connects us to those fields with which we are in resonance .

To put it simply in relation to the construction worker example:

No construction worker will worry about getting thin. “Being thin” doesn’t exist in the construction worker world.

Construction workers are not in resonance with the getting thin field and their focus is in no way on getting thin. That’s why they don’t get thin – although according to the calorie model they would have to get thin because of the calorie deficit.

Lose Weight or Gain? With the Law of Attraction, you can do both

Many overweight people always think consciously or subconsciously that they will get fat when they eat anything.

You have “thick thoughts and feelings”. And this programming leads to it happening that way.

If you tell people that they have a poor metabolism or that the body shape is hereditary and they accept this internally , they program themselves to do so.

However, these are all just masks behind which “thick thoughts, feelings and programming” are hidden.

If one accepts and believes one of the put forward reasons, then it will be manifested into reality according to the law of attraction. Further excess weight is attracted, or you simply cannot get out of your current state.

But the good news is: there is another way around. With the law of attraction one can also program the body and the genes to “be slim” or lose weight.

The conviction influences the expression of the genes

Genes can have several different expressions and you are the one who does the programming.

Stem cell researcher Bruce Lipton says that genes can have  several thousand different forms .

How the genes develop is determined by our inner voice, including our thoughts, feelings and subconscious programming .

The genes can, for example, be programmed in such a way that our body extracts as much as possible from our food and stores it in the form of “additional weight”.

Or the genes are programmed so that the body extracts the food so that we can take in all the vitamins and minerals we need and still stay slim.

As I said:

There are people who are thin and stuff all sorts of things into themselves and do not gain weight. And there are people who are fat, eat very little and still hardly get any leaner.

There are workers who toil for hours in the heat or cold and burn so many calories that they should be skinny, but they are not because they don’t think about being skinny.

And there are people who are happy to say that they can eat what they want and still maintain their ideal weight.

Why? It is due to their programming and their (real) inner conviction .

The divine universe aka the God consciousness answers this conviction with:

“Your wish in the form of your programming and your broadcast signal is my command – that’s how it should be”.

So how to manifest weight loss and get the dream body?

1. Do not try to force or control anything

Forcing and controlling always means “fighting” and resistance on an energetic level.

This forcing and controlling can be broken down on an energetic level to “fighting”.

And this “fighting”, as mentioned above, puts you in fight or flight mode – the opposite of the creator mode .

So stop looking at the “problem areas” and step on the scales every day to check your weight .

It is best to just let go of the topic or “hand it over” to the divine universe – as if you were not responsible for it.

In this way you push the resistance to the topic to one side and open up a ” space for opportunities ” for change .

2. Feel good

You cannot manifest anything positive from a bad emotional state. This completely contradicts the resonance mechanism of this reality.

Therefore you should make sure that you feel good or neutral for most of the day .

A wonderful way to feel very good, specifically in relation to your own body, is to do sports. Not for physical reasons – but for mental reasons.

During exercise, happiness hormones are activated , which automatically put you in a good state of mind that lasts for several hours. With regular sports units, this positive emotional state lasts for a long time or permanently.

I can only recommend this simple means of self-programming to everyone.

When one is in positive emotional states, the connection to God consciousness is also improved, which is reflected in various synchronicities and manifestations.

In such a connected state, for example, one can receive knowledge in the form of ideas on how to reach the dream body.

These can include tips on nutrition, drawing attention to negative behaviors that should be changed, or mental impulses.

You receive more and more input, which gradually brings you to your goal, in this case to your dream body.

3. Shift your focus

Shift your focus towards a positive, grateful, or appreciative attitude.

Namely away from the things that you do not like about yourself, right down to the things that you believe in yourself good find .

Focus on all the great qualities that you like about yourself.

This could be your humor, your smile, your creativity – qualities that you like about yourself.

Energy flows, where attention goes.

What you focus on grows.

You are directing your energy away from the “negative fields” and towards the ” positive fields ” – which you thereby quasi charge up .

You also improve your level of connectedness.

For example, a great way to permanently shift your focus towards a positive outlook is through gratitude techniques .

4. Work on your subconscious

As I explained above, genes can have several thousand different expressions.

You can also say: genes can have different programs – which shape your body.

The view that the genes “are to blame” and that “nothing can be done” is outdated and incorrect. It is a popular excuse of the ego to put yourself in the role of victim.

You can reprogram the way genes work .

And the strongest lever on how you can reprogram these genes is in your subconscious .

It is your deeply rooted beliefs.

With regard to the dream body, these can be beliefs about food or weight , or anything that other people have told you and that you have saved .

Our childhood is of particular importance here , because here loads of programs are programmed into our subconscious without us noticing.

For example, if you were told earlier:

“If you eat or drink this, you will get fat.”

“You look fat.”

“You will look just like your mom or XYZ later”

… this may have been saved everything as a program and thus the characteristics of your genes and your body cells influence .

To reprogram your subconscious in relation to your weight, you can, for example, write your dream weight on a scale .

You tape over the normal display or take out the battery so that you can see your dream weight every time you step on the scales.

By doing this every day for at least 30 days and during that time feeling like you already have your dream body, you are programming an intention and a new program into your subconscious.

You also go into resonance with the field of your dream body.

Use your lively imagination and especially the emotional component.

It takes a little longer for the effects to show up (see next point), but this technique worked very well for me, even though I switched from 5 meals a day to 3 meals and also had to stop training due to a nasty injury. My weight remained almost always at around 85kg, which I wrote as my target weight on the scales.

5. Take your time and stick to your intention

The current condition of your current body and life is an expression of your old vibration.

The current condition of your current body and also of your life is an expression of the old vibration and your old emitted signal. Very important!

If you now start something new, it will take time for it to develop.

There is a so-called “buffering phase” – a temporary storage phase.

Your intention, i.e. your goal, must first be loaded or programmed, so to speak.

There is even an experiment where this “buffering phase” including the programmed intention was scientifically confirmed.

Experienced meditators specifically increased the pH value of water by a whole pH value – and this took 30 days . I may write another article about this.

Because the effect or result sets in with a delay, repetition and continuity are so important.

The intention or your goal works its way through the different energy levels and ultimately manifests itself in the form of matter .

Therefore: Hold on to your belief and your inner intention and allow yourself all the time in the world until your dream weight or your dream body manifests itself.

Often this happens step by step – in several stages – so I would not set a time frame, as this only triggers resistance again – due to the internal time pressure.

By sticking to it and doing the inner work at regular intervals, you maintain your faith and your connection to God-consciousness.

In my opinion, this is also the “shortest path” to manifestation – it all depends on your mental inner programming, your consciousness alignment, and your anchored and continuously aligned intention.

There is more to this reality than it appears and we are capable of more than we have been taught.

If you are interested in more detailed information and an even deeper understanding, then I recommend my upcoming video course.

Here you will find an overall concept, with very rare knowledge about the mechanisms of this reality, as well as the most important eye-openers and techniques with which you can activate your creative potential.