Use affirmations, intentions, manifestations in business? Oh yeah! With success actually!

What I mean by that is that your energy determines how many clients you attract, how many introductory talks you have, and what wonderful or less wonderful things you draw into your life.

According to Abraham-Hicks: The higher your energy vibrates, the easier and faster you attract high vibrating things. If you occasionally still struggle to wear what you want, read the 7 tips. Perhaps one of the points holds the solution to make you a “magnet for good”.

7 Tips to manifest thing with the law of attraction:

Strengthen your connection

In order to be able to manifest in a targeted manner, it is important that your connection to the universe and your inner guidance is strong and clear.

You can achieve this through regular meditation, sharing with your higher self, journaling, spending time in nature or doing sports.

How do you know if your connection is strong or not? Look out for these signs: Are you in your midst? Calm and relaxed? Do you feel guided Or rather hectic and “in your head”? If thoughts race in your head – as is often the case with heart-based entrepreneurs with a long to-do list – then it is a good sign that you are not in your center and that your inner guidance is probably having problems getting through to you penetrate or you to them.

I would recommend that you incorporate a ritual into your daily routine where you consciously take the time to connect with your higher self and work with the universe. 15 minutes in the morning to write your morning pages or to do a meditation is often enough.

Be patient

Even if it is not always easy – especially for women entrepreneurs who are active and creative. We often would have liked to have everything yesterday, implemented, … to start today with our next, new idea.

Important tip: If you don’t get something right away, don’t try to change your wishes. Sometimes things still have to happen in your life, people have to come into your life and situations have to take place until you are ready to receive what you want.

Take the opportunity

Be aware that the universe does not put a pot full of money on your doorstep, but answers your wishes for more abundance / wealth with opportunities and / or ideas.

You may be asking for more money because you want to buy something nice or want to go on vacation.

A short time later you will be offered an opportunity to earn more money. Seize them! This is the way the universe gives you what you want.

Avoid doubts

Do not doubt that you can get what you want! You can. And you will.

If you have any doubts, you can sometimes delay the arrival.

Be aware of one thing: You will not get any ideas or wishes that you cannot also realize!

It may take a while and involve work, but anything you can imagine can be achieved!

Show gratitude

Be grateful for the things you already have in your life!

Gratitude makes you MAGNETIC to attract even more good things!

When you focus on what you don’t already have, you draw more of the “lack” into your life. You know what you are concentrating on, that multiplies in your life.

Energy follows your thoughts!

Therefore be thankful for the small and big things in life!

Can you find a few cents on the floor? Pick it up and be grateful! If you show gratitude, you will receive more.


Learning to manifest can take time!

Be nice to yourself and enjoy the small successes. And you have successes, even now. I know that. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

The more you practice and the longer you work on yourself, the easier and faster the manifesting will work.

Ask for a grain of inspiration

Ask the universe for little grains of inspiration if you don’t know how to proceed. You get answers in the form of opportunities, information, situations and people who show you the way.

I would also like to add that action is very important . If you are offered these opportunities, then you can take action!

That’s the way the universe can help you.

Do not think that manifesting more abundance has to take place in the form of winning the lottery. That happens in the rarest of cases.

But the universe won’t let you down!