What Is Destiny Tuning? | Why You Can’t Manifest Without It

Destiny Tuning

Today we’ll let you know about how we have discovered the Manifestation Miracle program for you and how your Destiny Tuning will be changed. All we need to understand you more about its strong key idea…

Destiny Tuning.

The Manifestation Miracle video, even moving is attractive long-winded and so takes a time to get to the point.

If you didn’t get time to watch it to the end…

or if you watched it but could not able to understand the concept…

This whole article is for you!

So without further ado, let’s jump right in!

What Is Destiny Tuning?

Destiny Tuning basically is a Law of Attraction method for delivering resistance in order to fine-tune your frequency toward accurate alignment with that of your wishes.

It’s the art of letting go of restricting faiths and reducing the barriers between you and what it is that you actually want.

Why Is Resistant Thought Such A Big Deal?

The main idea behind the Law of Attraction is that like attracts like.

So if you feel reliable; successful, sufficient, and comfortable, then you can attract the things that generate more of those powers within your life.

But, if you feel like it’s a huge effort to get what you actually want, and effort is what you will proceed to get.

Resistance comes from deep-seated restricting faiths that usually associate themselves with us during childhood.

For instance:

If you believed to those families who actually think the good things only come to those who just work hard, then it’s most possible that you too used those same faiths.

This concept makes it very difficult for you to get anywhere in life because you honestly believe that success only comes to those who work very hard in their life.

And what happens then?

The universe reaches along and says “your desire is my command!”

On the other hand…

You manifest that very situation!

You may see that you are acting yourself into the ground for your whole life and still never feeling like it’s sufficiently.

Unhappily, these wrong faiths are forced us from a young age and imprint upon our subconscious brains to the point where breaking free becomes much more complicated than it ever required to be!

The fact is that this entire “rat race” mentality is a fallacy designed by those who wish you to work hard for them!

Manifestation does not need to be hard!

You may view, on a vibrational level, your wishes have in fact already manifested!

Visualize standing in front of a door…

Behind that door is everything you have been manifesting…

The dream home…



It’s all there on an active level.

All you have to do to bring your passions into your physical reality is to use the handle.

But there is a problem!

Connecting you and the door is a stack of bricks.

When you practice your affirmations, visualizations, and gratitude you will eliminate those bricks.

Whenever you feel passionate about your aims, you take a brick…

When you feel it in your heart that you will get close, you take a brick…

Gradually but certainly you are destiny tuning.

Tuning your frequency towards the alignment that is needed for a clear way to that door control.

And then what happens?

Suddenly, when you lose your momentum.

A stressful day will change everything for you.

You will say things like…

“I have not much worked hard to be abundant.”

“Nobody in my family could accomplish greatness so why would I be any different one?”

“It’s selfish to have money anyway.”

“The Law of Attraction is too difficult.”

“I’m not doing it well.”

“It’s not spiritual to be successful.”

“I don’t deserve pleasure.”

“Imagining positive doesn’t act, the only way to obtain results is to work harder.”

And with each statement, you will begin stacking those bricks back up.

Building resistance between you and your wishes and blocking that way of alignment.

You will become out of tune with your destiny.

Manifestation Miracle and Destiny Tuning

When it comes to the term “destiny tuning” it’s significant to see that this word was basically invented by Heather Mathews.

Heather is a life coach and energy flow adviser who is well expert in manifestation.

Clearing resistance is not a new theory but Heather has presented it the term “destiny tuning” in connection to her own perspective.

Having to work hard in order to obtain quick success was a limiting faith that was a personal obstacle for Heather.

Hence she bases her idea of “destiny tuning” mostly on this specific resistant theory.

After clearing from her own resistance, Heather was able to eventually begin manifesting the life that she always wanted and the breakthrough made her want to present others that same chance.

With that in mind, Heather has designed the Manifestation Miracle program.

It is a Law of Attraction program that will teach the art of destiny tuning and how to apply it to become an accurate energetic match with everything you want.

What Is The Advantage of Destiny Tuning?

The main advantage of destiny tuning is letting go of any limiting faiths that are stopping you from manifesting your wishes.

By identifying wrong faiths as what they are, you can begin to start bringing more enjoyment and gratitude into your life.

These high vibration emotions work as an accelerator toward your manifestations.

How Do You Clear From Resistance Now?

Alonge with the Manifestation Miracle program, there are a few things that you need today to start delivering from resistance.

Put these methods into action whenever you begin to feel suspicious or resistant in regards to your life’s desires.

1.) Do Things That Bring You, Joy.

Whenever you do something that brings you happiness, you automatically become very active.

Abraham Hicks applies to this state as the drawing mode.

The belief is that when you are immediately enjoying yourself, you are not just increasing your vibration but you are also making your mind off being resistant.

Develop your power and concentrate on happiness in order to attract more joy.

Respond to your manifestation system when you can do so from a more happy state of being.

2.) Slow Down.

This point is really valid in regard to the limiting idea that one must work hard in order to obtain success.

The fact is that we have been socially trained to work ourselves into the ground!

Even most of the people truly feel guilty about taking a break!

The more time they use working way too difficult, the tougher they are on themselves about slowing down and getting some time out.

It’s no surprise that there are numerous people in this day and age driving around with that dull, zombie-like glaze.

As the years go by, people just get more tired.

You deserve self-care!

Not only will it help you to feel more relaxed and refreshed but it will support you to continue observing your manifestation journey in a positive light.

What does slowing down mean to you?

Is it a night of movies and good food?

A massage?

Maybe it needs some time to read a good book.

You just need to take it easy, get some relaxation, and clear from the regular tension holding you back from manifesting your wishes.

When you enjoy your life, you could build an enjoyable life!

3.) Listen To A Guided Hypnosis Track.

Hypnosis is an excellent tool for clearing resistance and fortunately there are lots of hypnosis programs created specifically for this big reason.

A guided hypnosis track will hit the subconscious brain directly and begin breaking down any poor habits that don’t help you on your manifestation journey.

Once those false beliefs are killed, the hypnotist will then begin developing more positive thinking patterns within your brain.

When you have a new foundation of emotion and understanding that your wishes are going to manifest, you truly smash down all of those bricks in front of the door to abundance and so build a direct way of alignment.

In other words…

You become fully in tune with your destiny.

4.) Spend Time In Nature.

While spending time in nature is truly determined to support you to release endorphins in the mind, which assists you to feel good.

Being in nature will enable you to become present and separate from any limiting ideas that have been imposed on your day.

It is a simple experience such as feeling the wind on your face or seeing the colors of the wildflowers can be very convenient for drawing your attention back to gratitude and satisfaction.

After all, in nature, everything is abundant!

There is always much for every living thing in nature, and you understand what?

We live in the accurate same natural world, where the specific same rules will apply.

The only difference is that we have been trained to believe the opposite.

5.) Focus On Other Things

Another way to clear from resistance is to change your concentrate.

This method is best used whenever you feel low moments or when you start to suspect yourself.

Maybe you surprise if you will ever obtain financial freedom…

Perhaps you would feel like your just not good sufficient for a relationship with that specific one…

Whatever your resistant ideas are about, see them when they awake and then, change your focus.

Design a list in your Law of Attraction Journal of things 

It doesn’t have to be anything important.

I mean, if you are fighting just to feel good, you are surely not going to have the motivation to do something extreme like run a marathon or throw a dinner.

To create a list of simple tasks…

Things like cleaning your room…

Or preparing a meal…

You can do anything that will assist you to change your focus.

As you start performing the tasks on your list, your attention will slowly start to change, and therefore any resistance you had will loosen.

6.) Go With The Flow

This is all about not getting into time frustrations.

If your wishes haven’t manifested yet, is there anything you can do about that?


Therefore, it’s a useless idea and wasted attention…

In fact, when you depress about how long it takes for your wishes to manifest, you actually release a vibrational signal of lack, which in change slows the process down!

You can’t hurry these things.

You just need to fix your intentions and then get yourself into the drawing mode by spending more time to feel great.

When you feel good simply to feel good and not to hurry your manifestations, you will soon discover yourself in the receiving mode.

The receiving mode feels like happiness, and once you are there you will easily make momentum for your wishes to manifest instantly…

But until then, remember…

Don’t waste time worrying about timing.

Everything you want will come… when you let down your resistance and prevent watching the clock.

7.) Go To Sleep.

The most reliable way to clear resistance is simply to take a nap.

Now you may be considering…

No way, that’s too easy!!

But it’s true.

Resistance is usually caused by stress, pressure, and tension.

Tiredness is a key symptom of all three!

By going to sleep, you need to avoid resistant ideas and then return to your waking existence with a clearer view.

Taking a nap may look counterproductive, particularly if you are one of those people who subscribe to the false idea that success only comes to those who just put in work hard…

But consider this piece of guidance for yourself and begin getting more sleep.

You will soon view just how easy it is to arrive at the receptive mode when you are well-rested.


At the end of the program, we will let you know that Destiny tuning is an effective method for clearing through the limiting ideas that work as a block between you and your manifestations.

Remember one thing that life is always happening for you, not to you!

When you use the time to feel better, you increase your vibration and come back into a state of being that makes you be more allowing as opposed to more resistant toward the manifestation process.

If you truly want to clear these limiting ideas right away and begin manifesting with ease then check out Heather Mathews video on Destiny Tuning here…

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