Qualities of the astrological sign of Pisces:

  • Wealth of inner life
  • Inspiration
  • Intuition
  • Sensitivity
  • Spiritual sense
  • Faith
  • Receptivity
  • Compassion
  • Devotion

Her downsides :

  • Indecision
  • Concealment


The culmination, the unlimited, the infinite, the cosmos, the mystery, the faith, the prayer, the devotion, the grace, the Christianity, the dissolution, the sacrifice, the doubling, the flight, the resignation, the fraud , alcohol, drugs, betrayal, ordeal, photography, ocean, hospitals, philanthropy, charity, mystery, magic, mysticism, hidden things, suffering, prisons, hermitages, asylums, exile, migration, healers, saints, petroleum, aquariums, fishing, wandering, pity, devotion, miracles, feet.

Pisces country: Portugal, Egypt.

Theoretical character of Pisces:

The natives of the astrological sign of Pisces can be recognized above all by their deep sensitivity which results from their rich and intense interior life. They feel the atmospheres, the beings and the things with an acuity bordering on the mediumship. This emotional power is combined with a lot of intuition, inspiration and imagination. Also, although they are extremely receptive and available, they will often be found engrossed in their world and their daydreams. More than any other, this sign predisposes to contemplation and communion with the whole of the universe.

All this coexists with great compassion, a desire to help the little ones, the forgotten, the neglected, those who suffer. Indeed, the natives of Pisces often experience feelings of pity and desire to heal, relieve, console their fellows. Always ready to be of service and to devote themselves, they arouse sympathy by their gentle and understanding behavior, their presence full of charm, warmth and discretion. In some cases, these charitable tendencies can go as far as self-denial and self-sacrifice.

They are drawn to an elsewhere, an indefinable beyond but intuitively perceived by them as being their true homeland. In fact, it often happens that Pisces feel like they are in exile in this world and as if they are trapped in their own body. It is not uncommon for them to feel the vague nostalgia for an unconditioned state, a fusion with something limitless and sublime. Also, they often aspire to an escape, which could manifest itself either in the form of an escape, an illusion, a drug … or in the form of a detachment, of a faith, of a sublimation. allowing a progression on the path of true liberation which is union with the Creator. This journey is interior: “The Kingdom of God is within you” “Seek the Kingdom and everything will be given to you in addition” … Thus, even if its natives ignore or deny it, the purpose of the sign of Pisces is of a spiritual nature. Lack or absence of faith can also be their greatest enemy.  

They are generally complex beings, which evade analysis and which are therefore difficult to define. This aura of mystery disconcerts and seduces. Often their conduct is quite unpredictable as they are rather indecisive and are often wary of logic and rationality. Usually, they instinctively sense things and situations before reasoning with them. Also, Pisces trust their intuitions, with good reason, moreover, because their forebodings are often correct. We must also mention their providential luck, which can help them get out of situations that are a priori inextricable.

Like that of Scorpio, the astrological sign of Pisces is capable of both the best and the worst. If its natives manage to overcome the weaknesses inherent in the sign, which are the taste for drifting, carelessness, flight and fatalism, they are likely to develop remarkable gifts. Their inspiration and emotional intensity can be at the origin of poetic, plastic, musical talents… They have the capacity to touch, to make others vibrate emotionally. But often they will feel misunderstood and will not always find someone who is on the same page as them. In addition, this sign often involves hardship and a predisposition to be in contact with places of suffering, such as hospitals or prisons.

Intellectually speaking, the qualities mentioned above dispose them to clarify and synthesize what appears obscure and nebulous to others. They are able to make relevant connections between seemingly unrelated things. Their interests and views are often outside the norm. Sometimes they will try to share their visions, their dreams, their perceptions of events and life, but it is not always easy for them to express them in words. Also, they will often remain silent about what drives them and really interests them.

Pisces tend to stay away from noisy and hectic environments which tend to cover their inner voice. They prefer to let themselves be carried away by their own fantasy, to escape by music, the beauty of nature, films, which can easily move them to tears. There is in them a deep attraction for the magic emanating from the small things seemingly banal. They can get excited about what others don’t even notice, and they have a knack for making everyday life an exhilarating adventure. This taste for escape and this search for the marvelous can sometimes lead to travel, to discover distant and unknown horizons, but can also lead to alcoholism or drug addiction.

Sentimental life :

This sign often gives a rather surprising power of seduction, made of a mixture of passivity, sensitivity and magnetism. Also, people influenced by the sign of Pisces rarely leave the opposite sex indifferent. However, they will also tend to confuse the many people who will become attached to them. They sometimes dream of their love life, without ever really investing in it, out of shyness, indecision or indolence. In other cases, there is Don Juanism or, at the other extreme, a sublimation in favor of aspirations of another order.

These natives are capable of loving in a selfless and sincere way. Full of delicacy, they are tolerant of their spouse’s weaknesses. Sometimes they will devote themselves to suffering people who have been battered by life.

Professions influenced by the sign of Pisces:

Careers in hospitals, doctors, nurses, orderlies, psychologists, psychiatrists, chiropodists; navigation, fishing; the music ; religious vocations; petroleum, drilling, fuel oil; laboratories, counter-espionage, intelligence; alcohol, tobacco, drugs; gas, photography, zoos, prisons, sculpture.


Tendency to nervous disorders, complex and strange diseases. Tendency to emotional shocks, to various sorrows. Sometimes they might seek refuge in the disease. Stays at the sea are excellent for their moral and physical health.

Personalities influenced by the astrological sign of Pisces:

  • Montaigne :

“- I didn’t do anything today.

– What? Haven’t you lived? It is not only the fundamental, but the most illustrious of your occupations. “

“I usually answer those who ask me the reason for my travels: that I know well what I am fleeing, and not what I am looking for. “

“If life is only a passage, on this passage at least, let’s sow flowers …”

  • Georges Bernanos  :

“Am I preventing you from calculating the precession of equinoxes or from decaying atoms?” But what would be the use of fabricating life itself, if you have lost the meaning of life? You would just have to blow your brains out in front of your retorts. Make life as long as you want! The image you give of death gradually poisons the minds of the wretched, it darkens, it slowly bleaches their last joys. It will still be fine as long as your industry and your capital allow you to make the world a fair, with mechanics that turn at dizzying speeds, in the clash of brass and the explosion of fireworks. But wait, wait for the first quarter of an hour of silence. Then they will hear him, the word – not the one they refused, which quietly said: I am the Way, the Truth, the Life – but that which rises from the abyss: I am the door forever closed, the dead end road, lies and perdition. “