Qualities of the astrological sign of Capricorn:

  • Perseverance
  • Method
  • Order
  • Patience
  • Integrity
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Ambition
  • Labor
  • Production
  • Elevation
  • Frugality
  • Cold blood

Her downsides :

  • Pessimism
  • Austerity
  • Reserve
  • Avarice


The elevation, the ascent, the summits, the zenith, the mountains, the time, the duration, the delays, the stone, the rock, the loneliness, the meditation, the ambition, the reflection, the south pole, the ice, silence, asceticism, castes, correctness, government, old age, old people, experience, scholars, winter, cold, mountaineering, land, mines, land wealth, skin, bones, joints, knees.

Capricorn country: India, England, Bulgaria, Albania

Theoretical character of Capricorn:

The natives marked by the astrological sign of Capricorn can be recognized by their seriousness, their reserve, as well as their desire for elevation which is often manifested by a strong ambition. This ascent implied by the symbolism of the sign, the ibex, always requires constant and sustained efforts on the part of its natives, a patient and daily struggle, as well as any form of stripping. With unwavering perseverance, the natives of Capricorn have the capacity to build something lasting, to lay solid foundations, to carry out long-term undertakings, with the exact awareness that time is on their favor.

This long-term vision is accompanied by a lot of lucidity and realism, even what could be perceived externally as pessimism. They are not very inclined to be deluded because they judge people and things with a certain emotional detachment. Also, their views are often correct, especially since these are generally supported by great erudition as well as by a lot of reflection and hindsight. These natives are meditative, deep and organized people, with a great sense of responsibility.

This coexists with a certain restraint and modesty; people influenced by this sign are in fact not very sentimentally demonstrative. In some cases, they are downright silent. More generally, they are content to keep a certain distance from others, never opening up completely to anyone, through introversion rather than shyness. It is also possible that there is a certain mistrust, sometimes even a little misanthropy. Be that as it may, natives very influenced by Capricorn like silence and adapt very well to solitude, which they know how to furnish and take advantage of more than any other.

Often, it is their careers that monopolizes their attention. Capricorn gives quite impressive working power. Concentrated and obstinate, its natives pursue their goals through slow but regular and assiduous activity. They carry out their tasks by tirelessly repeating the same daily acts, which seem terribly monotonous to other natives. Generally, they know how to discipline themselves and stick to it; this can in some cases take the form of asceticism, initiated by dietary restrictions, sobriety, subjugation to a program, gymnastics, etc. It is the astrological sign most inclined to detach itself from the superfluous and impose restrictions on itself, for example by refusing any relaxation or distraction.

Methodical and conscientious, the natives of Capricorn therefore know how to use their time wisely. Their long efforts almost always end up being rewarded, whether in social or material terms, or in terms of knowledge and spirituality. There is nothing precocious about them, however; rather, they would experience delays and frustrations during their younger years.

On the social level, Capricorn has little taste for social life, often lacks flexibility and adaptability. There is sometimes something austere, dry or indifferent in his strong will. However, it is with himself that he shows himself the hardest; in fact, he demands a lot from himself and never feels sorry for himself. His nerves are strong, his stoicism commands respect. Inflexible, he is also thrifty and far-sighted.

On the intellectual level, the natives of Capricorn are predisposed to research, to long tedious works, to works of scholarship. They are interested in the workings of things, their underlying mechanisms; sometimes there is a taste for the absolute, a need to go beyond appearances. We often note dogmatism and a certain rigidity in the ideas, but these are the fruit of a total objectivity, of a logic concerned only with the facts.

Sentimental life :

Capricorn is ready to sacrifice a lot for their ambitions, including their emotional and love life. This is in some cases complicated by a difficulty in communicating with others emotionally, especially since the physical plane never fully influences them. Sometimes they see exclusive sentimental passion as a weakness, and would then be inclined to fiercely suppress anything that appears to them to be such. This repression of their sensitivity, sometimes caused by disappointments experienced during their youth, does not prevent a deep and lasting attachment; in the event of a union, it is often late or is characterized by a difference in age between the spouses and there is a lot of fidelity, constancy and dedication. However,

People influenced by this sign are seldom “enjoyers”: they are endowed with remarkable self-control, often leading to personal fulfillment or asceticism.


Predisposed to bone, joint and skin disorders: rheumatism, arthritis and sclerosis are common. In case of affliction, tendency to falls, knee injuries, sensitivity to cold. Difficulty of elimination. Longevity. Stays at altitude, contact with the powers of nature, climbing, meditation, favorably influence their health.

Professions related to the astrological sign of Capricorn:

Often, natives are drawn to the exercise of some power. Here are some examples of Saturn professions:

Administrators, civil servants, managers, consulting careers, controllers, gray eminent roles, economists; mountain guides, ski instructors, physical elevation, pruning climbers; monks, solitary professions, linked to the cold; miners, gardeners, administrators, clerks, guards, jailers; geriatrics, mineralogy, retirement homes, dermatology, archivists, prehistorians, paleontologists, geologists; plumbers; politics, the hard sciences.

Personalities influenced by the sign of Capricorn:

Paul Léautaud:

“Coming back, I reflected that my love for beasts grew along with my misanthropy. “

“I have two things that always save me from everything, my dear: it is the love of solitude, and the pleasure of writing. Against this, nothing prevails, neither pleasures nor sorrows. “

“I stop tonight in my work to note this: love – even the very keen one that I feel for… does not change anything at the very bottom of my character. My real happiness is, alone, at home, when I work. ” 

“We are not beautiful after love. Ridiculous movements, where we each lose a little material. Big dirt. “

  • Mao Zedong

“Professors, assistants, administrative workers and students should all without exception go for a period of five months in the countryside, or five months in the factories, they will gain direct experience.

You intellectuals are in your civil servant offices every day, well fed, well dressed, and not even walking a little – that’s why you get sick. “

  • Ramana maharshi

“Disciple: Should I not try to help the suffering world?

Maharshi: the power that created you created the world too. If she takes care of you, she can take care of the world well… Since God created the world, it’s His business to take care of it, not yours. “