9 Powerful Strategies for Manifesting a New Job Using Law of Attraction

Manifesting a New Job

Today finding a good job has become a major problem for us but most of the people get their jobs but they don’t actually like their jobs. So you want a job that you would love it. Manifesting a New Job should be the first priority for anyone who has been feeling deficiency by their current lifestyle. Every normal person applies around one-third of their life working.

That’s a big chunk out of your earth fact!

While spending such amount of your time on something that can surely satisfy your soul is of most importance.

Above all, job satisfaction is really important for optimal health and satisfaction.

“You should select a job you like and you will never work a day in your life” – 

When consciously applying the Law of Attraction in your daily life that is to have a positive mindset.

Nobody wants to be held in a dead-end job, not meeting their genuine desires and therefore being sunk in feelings of hopelessness and sadness.

Negative feelings only cause negative actions and that is why it is so necessary to have job satisfaction.

How can you make sure that you are manifesting a new job that you will actually like?

Well that all will come to your own personality and the things that you consider within a job.

Here’s a quick recap video down here, but make sure to read the complete post for more guidance.

Here 9 Powerful Strategies for Manifesting a New Job

1.) Brainstorm

The very first thing to manifesting a new job is to perform some inner soul-searching.

So numerous times you observe people who have an aim but unrealistic expectations of what accomplishing this aim look like.

For instance, if your start-up a cafe simply because you’re excited about the smell of coffee, you will end up frustrated.

The fact of recognizing a business consists of customer service, stock-taking, and handling staff.

Running a cafe is not about being able to just drink coffee whilst composing a romance novel.

If this is how you imagine it then it’s time to get true with yourself!

Dig deep and decide the honest truth of how it will look when your wishes come to life.

Brainstorming Points To Consider When Manifesting A New Job:

  • What is my talent?
  • What gifts do I need to share with the universe?
  • Would it make me glad to share my gifts with the world?
  • How can monetize my true gifts and talents?
  • Do I need to be used by someone or do I want to be self-employed?
  • What would a day in an excellent job realistically look like?
  • How valuable is money to me?
  • What would I do with my life if money was not a circumstance?
  • What is my expectations about the job?

Numerous of us struggle with “shiny ball syndrome” or in other words, romanticizing all new thought that pops into our brains.

Doing some inner soul-searching will assist you to really break down what your heart actually wants.

When imagining a new job sparks excitement within, you will surely attract work that produces long-term happiness and satisfaction.

2.) Make A Plan

Once you have estimated exactly what you actually want in a job, it’s time to write out a manifestation plan.

Your brainstorming practice may lead you in the direction of a particular career way, it may be that you want to begin your own business or maybe you end up putting your belief in the universe to give a job that matches your description well.

Regardless of how particular your end aim is, the planning step is about cementing your request with the universe.

Putting plans on paper fixes a foundation for your wishes and keeps you on track with your manifestation system.

When you are about to manifest a new job, you have to list your expectations in an affirmation type format.

For example:

“My job enables me to use all expenses given to travel.”My job gives me (insert figure here) per month.”My work colleagues are excellent people and I like working with them.”I am a leader in my field.”

After that, you need to write the actions or services that you want to provide in return for your desires being praised by the universe. For instance:

“In manifesting my dream job I would like to agree to be a loyal and devoted employee.” (Something along those lines.)

Always prepare your manifestations to work with those who are linked to your wishes.

Now, this is where it gets small deep.

When applying the Law of Attraction, you need to be informed that you are always acting with or against the manifestations of the world.

What does this mean?

Let me clarify.

There are 7.5 billion people on the globe

The Law of Attraction is always most powerful in numbers.

Tell a group of officials decided that particular training and education must be made to access a specific profession.

Those officials then use that concept into a legal standard which results in millions of people achieving a college degree.

Quickly this idea (or collective thought) becomes a fact that millions of people subscribe to.

This is how an idea becomes a physical manifestation, supercharged by the belief of millions!

Imagine you come along and say “I want to be a scientist.

I am the co-creator of my own fact, so; I will be a scientist through this law of attraction alone. No study needed!”

Guess what?

It’s not going to happen.

Not like that anyway.

Attempting to override mass manifestation is like working to chant “yes” while millions of others are all chanting “no”.

The more minds that think about a particular idea, the more powerful that concept is in its physical form.

The Law of Attraction is not about turning the manifestations of others in order to get what you desire.

It’s based on learning to work alongside mass manifestation and facing any set standards with comfort because the universe helps you.

Little Steps Drive To Big Dreams.

When you have your main wish mapped out for manifesting a new job, you can then act on your weekly or monthly manifestations.

These smaller aims will be the mini-steps toward your goal.

You have to put your weekly manifestations in a notebook along with your brainstorms and plans so that you can tick off the smaller aims as the universe gives.

This method of marking milestones as they are accomplished will assist you to make faith in the universe.

Building faith produces feelings of determination, enthusiasm, and emotion toward your future manifestations.

Positive emotions are the magic element for manifesting quicker than ever before.

3.) Use Affirmations

You need to use these statements that you wrote out in your plan, as well as your weekly or monthly affirmations, should all be included in your daily habit.

You should also read you are performing a manifestation plan morning and night wherever possible.

4.) Relax

If you’re about to manifest a new job out of desperation or frustration, you manifest from the incorrect point of view.

If you got stressed, you need to take some time to re-center and come back to it later.

You don’t need visualizations of your dream job to be fixed with feelings of fear and lack. Remember, the emotions toward the idea will always be attracted back into your life.

If discovering a new job stresses you out then the job you finish with will be both as stressful.

The same goes if you are already in a job.

If you are getting up all morning and feeling negative about work then the universe will start to join work with sadness.

You are always releasing the vibrations that you have been attracting so a positive mindset is a solution.

This is not to tell you that you should drive happiness in an unhappy condition.

Instead, just reassure yourself with the affirmation:

“The possibility of positive transformation is coming my way.”

Be passionate about what is to come instead of feeling down about how objects are in the present time.

5.) Don’t Worry About What Others Think

Unhappily to say, the majority of people who have an excellent job or business idea, never go forth and try more progress.


Because they are too scared of what others will think.

Just think coming to the end of your life and looking back on the chances that you didn’t take.

Never getting back the possibilities that you missed because you were too scared.

If manifesting a new job makes you disturb about how you will be seen by your friends, family, just tell yourself that this YOUR earth experience and YOUR possibility to build what you want out of it.

Regardless of their view, most people are only considering themselves and how your decisions will change them.

They care about how THEY feel about your decisions or how you are applying to THEIR worldview.

Rest promised any negative comment that anyone has to deliver your way always relates more about them than it does you.

And once they are done showing the finger, they always return to estimating themselves.

6.) Visualization


Visualization will ‘must do’ for manifesting a new job.

It is entertaining, relaxing, and a very effective way to apply the Law of Attraction.

There are several different methods that you can apply for visualization including meditation and thought to board

One method that I discover especially helpful for manifesting a new job is to work out any business meetings or job interviews before they will happen.

This could feel a little ridiculous but trust me, the investment is worth it.

If you truly want to nail ‘Q & A’ nerves and you should prepare yourself for success this method is really effective.

7.) Defy Negative Self-Talk

Let’s handle it, manifesting a new job can actually force you outside of your convenience.

When we feel weak, negative self-talk finds a chance to gatecrash our thoughts.

Negative self-talk can manifest itself as anger or not feeling good sufficient to make it big in the career world.

To stop self-talk from wreaking havoc, fight any thoughts that make you feel suspicious with 3 positive affirmations.

My best way to defy negative beliefs is to mentally protect myself by applying the statement

“I can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I fixed my mind to”.

Remember one thing, you are controlling your own mind and if it is not acting in a way that helps you, correct it.

Apply the Law of Attraction and affirmations to rewire your mind and always strive for a success mindset.

8.) Surround Yourself With Inspiration

Always get motivated by people who have already achieved your aims for themselves.

See videos online, can read blogs, or follow your favorite entrepreneurs on social media.

Learn everything you maybe can from these mentors and take note of any important guidance they might give.

If the person who motivates you lives in your area, need to get in contact!

Ask them if you can intern for them or maybe work as an individual assistant free of charge on the circumstance that they mentor you.

It all comes down to circling yourself with the right kind of power.

You are the sum of the 5 people, who you give the most time with.

Invest yourself with those who are forced and together you will lift each other up for achievement.

9.) Let Yourself Be A Magnet For Chance

You have to put your intentions out into the universe; apply emotion, thought, and action to cement your plan but above all keep your intuition open to the unexpected possibilities that the universe presents you with.

Believe in synchronicities and be ready to be smoothly guided along the way you have manifested for yourself.

Manifesting a new job through the Law of Attraction will sometimes generate a bit of confusion in your life.

Greet it with open arms as chaos is the outcome of realignment.

It is old injuries closing so that new doors will be open.

All you have to do is be able to walk through that door when it arrives before you.

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