Money Rituals are most frequently used to represent religious or spiritual practices.

What several people fail to understand is that anybody can apply ritual and in fact, we all apply it subconsciously every day.

Money rituals do not require to be exercised following the rules of a special book or spiritual guru.

A ritual can be quite individual and changeable for a specific person or condition.

So What Are Money Rituals?

Money rituals are real actions that we use to develop “money attracting vibrations” within our external environment.

Imagination, emotion, and physical powers all go into a ritual to supercharge the purpose behind the action before it is carried out to the universe.

Let suppose:

One day you get up in the morning time and start to get ready for work.

You use to take shower, dress well, and spray yourself with high cologne.

As this method (or ritual) plays out, you subconsciously set a plan that others will find you as financially strong and that your boss will give you the full worth of a raise.

Your purpose is to affect how others will see you and to attract a chance.

By using these actions with the plan you show yourself for success in the eyes of your colleagues.

This outward presentation is not only represented by how you see but by the power that surrounds you.

The purpose part of this method when mixed with thought, emotion, and action, is one of exceptional power.

That power is no different than when one applies sage and candles to produce money into their lives.

Every person utilizes ritual differently.

No right or wrong way as long as you are applying these powerful practices in alignment with your wishes.

How Do You Apply Money Rituals With The Law of Attraction?

There are 3 non-negotiable fundamentals in the Law of Attraction thought, emotion, and action.

When these ideas are aligned, vibration forms that release the same frequency as that of your physical wishes.

Once that frequency is being released from your awareness; you would generate a powerful magnetic force.

It is this real force that pulls your wishes into your reality.

To put this idea in plain terms:

Think you are holding a business meeting in your home where you are expecting to offer a business idea to a bunch of investors.

You quickly have an approach to light a vanilla-scented candle.

Subconsciously, plans are fixed that your visitors would feel welcome and get an insight that you take appreciation in your home.

On noticing this subconscious plan you determine to make it worth your while and carry it to the next level.

Applying the 3 fundamentals of The Law of Attraction you start your ritual.


The physical way of lighting the candle.

You may prefer to place your candle on top of a business document or a hundred dollar bill to fix 100% in your mind the causes why you are lighting this specific candle.


When you’re about to light the candle, you envision how the meeting is working to go.

You think of the scenario in your mind as if it’s occurring most excellently.

As the Vanilla scent paths through the room, you think every corner has filled with influential energy, ensuring the offer will be held in a positive light.


When the scenario works out in your mind, you start to request emotion within.

You think the investors agreeing to promote your idea.

This plan brings you a burst of happiness and excitement.

You need a moment to go inside those emotions and truly feel it.

The emotions make up until you can’t support but smile cry out with joy.

The example I have just explained is the final alignment.

If you can utilize money rituals to arrive at this climax of manifestation, praises!

To be able to perform this is to strongly manipulate your frequency in a way where you can attract your all wish.

With that, here are some money rituals that you should try yourself to begin supercharging your manifestation power now!

Money Ritual 1 – Affirmation Burning

You may be extremely versed at reading affirmations but drive it to the next level with this powerful money ritual.

You will require:

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Burning bowl
  • Lighter or matches

Start by fixing up a sacred space for your ritual either outside or in a well-ventilated space.

You need to close your eyes and clear your mind. Breathe intensely until you arrive in a state of peace.

Note down your money affirmations on a piece of paper.

Fix your affirmations in the burning bowl.

Light the piece of paper on fire and envision yourself accomplishing your wishes.

Request emotion to move along with your visualization.

See the smoke float up into the air and envision it as a message being given to creation or source energy.

Take a moment of silence to show your gratitude to the universe

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Money Ritual 2 – Crystal Meditation

Crystals meditation is one of the excellent ways to supercharge your manifestation powers.

Crystals absorb and increase energy by vibrating at a really high frequency.

When we channel imagined power into a crystal, we increase the energetic charge of our manifestations tenfold.

The best crystals to apply for money rituals are Citrine and Clear Quartz.

This money ritual can be done every day.

You will require:

  • A calm and comfortable area to sit
  • A Citrine and a Clear Quartz crystal
  • Candles, incense, an oil diffuser, or anything else to support set plan (optional)
  • Calming music, binaural beats, or a guided meditation track (optional)

Switch off any appliances and ensure that you should have some free time where nobody will disturb you.

Build a sacred space where you could feel warm and satisfactory.

You may love to light some candles or incense while fixing the plan of your meditation.

Meditation is not all about the “one size fits all” practice and there are numerous ways in which you can apply meditation as a money ritual. Here are a few options:

  • Concentrate on a specific affirmation and apply that statement as a mantra while starting a trance-like state through controlled breathing.
  • Build a visualization within your mind and concentrate all of your power on that visualized scenario.
  • Hear to a guided meditation track. This is where someone else controls you through visualization or a collection of affirmations. All you have to do is just relax and concentrate on your breathing.

Money Ritual 3 – Scripting 

Scripting is basically the process of writing a story working yourself as the main character.

This story has written in your manifestation journal so that you can hold onto it and look back when your wishes start to manifest into your existence.

The most reliable method to script your story is to have it in third person format and explain a scenario where you are living your dream life.

You may even love to utilize your nickname instead of your genuine name if that feels more satisfying.

Money Ritual 4 – “Acting As If”

“Acting as if” is a visualization ritual that you should apply.

It is one of the excellent money rituals for those who feel they are too occupied to commit to an everyday meditation or affirmation routine.

This is a ritual where you go regarding your life seeing everyday scenarios as if your wishes have already manifested.

For instance:

You might envision yourself getting into a plush California emperor bed at night while in fact, you are sleeping on a bed.

Maybe you think that you are driving a Ferrari down the highway on the way to work.

“Acting as if” generates a perfect balance among thought, emotion, and action.

“Acting as if” works by turning your subconscious mind that your wishes have already manifested and so building a money mindset.

The shift in your mindset will also increase the frequency you are emitting out to the universe.

It is through this unique prosperity frequency that you will start magnetizing money into your existence.

Money Ritual 5 – Saging Your Space

Numerous people believe that sage can only be applied to cleanse negative energy.

Although sage acts excellent for clearing work, this is not the only thing that it can be applied for.

Start by setting a plan.

You need to sage your space while reciting the affirmation in your brain like “I am always attracting money”.

Fixing plans with the physical ritual of sagging will release a wealth attracting frequency.

This great vibe energy will move through your space along with the light sage smoke.

Most importantly, When participating in sage based money rituals always ensure to give particular attention to work tools and anything else that you use to make money.

Money Ritual 6 – Setting Plan With Candles

This is quite a simple one that doesn’t take all that much hard work. All you have to do is light a candle while setting a plan.

You just need to make sure it is accompanied by some kind of visualization where you can adjust your thoughts and emotions.

Here are a few examples of an easy money ritual using candles and plans.

You will require:

  • A bathtub
  • 8 green candles (8 is the number of abundances and the color green describes money)
  • Any crystals or good luck items you might possess (optional)
  • Wild orange necessary oil (the oil of abundance) and diffuser (optional)

Go yourself a hot bath where you can revel in some relaxing visualization time.

After that, you need to light your green candles one by one while fixing the plan that everyone will attract more abundance into your life.

Moreover, set the candles around the bathroom along with any of the voluntary items listed above.

Once you have built a high vibe space, relax, and enjoy a strong manifestation soak.

Money Ritual 7 – New Moon Manifestations

Humans have lived their lives under moon cycles for many years.

The moon pulls our seas flow and being that humans are 80% water; there is no refusing the moon’s impact on us.

The new moon is symbolic of new starts, fresh starts, setting aims, and creating plans.

The new moon is, therefore, the ideal time to partake in a money ritual.

It is actually up to you how you want to utilize the new moon energy.

You may even determine to join some of the above ideas as part of your astrological money ritual.

Most importantly, you should start by fixing some aims and writing your wishes in a manifestation journal.

The easy way is to take benefit from the power of the new moon is to spend the full day with a small piece of Citrine in your pocket.

Alternatively, you can set the Citrine under your pillow at night to get its advantages while you sleep.

Numerous people have exceptional success using pocket stones to absorb and increase the different metaphysical properties possessed by every crystal.

The Citrine is just the stone of abundance.

Team it with the powerful addition properties of Clear Quartz and you have a winning union for any of the above money rituals.