How To Manifest Your Soulmate | The 5 Most Important Steps

5 steps to manifest your soulmate

Hey Everone! Today we will discuss How To Manifest Your Soulmate | The 5 Most Important Steps. Are you interested to know how to manifest your soulmate?

If “yes” then here you find someone that truly clicks with you on a deeper and more important level can be one of the most hurting elements that you may ever feel.

How frequently do we consume our time, money, and spirit on dates that never really look to go anywhere?

What’s even more dangerous is ending up in a relationship with someone that you imagine is “the one” only to be frustrated later down the track.

But what if there was a plan to attract your excellent match without having to go through the failures of dating?

What if instead of discovering “the one” we could bring “the one” to us?

Here we will let know you the 5 ways to manifest your soulmate, but before we do let’s first reach the basics…

What Is A Soulmate?

It is stated that when you incarnate into this existence, we bring along other members of our soul family.

Other souls that have followed us numerous times before in earlier lifetimes and beyond.

Soulmates can come in the kind of friends, family, or loved ones even though the term “soulmate” is frequently saved for romantic partners only.

The fact is that we usually have numerous different soulmates but for the purpose of this article, we will concentrate on love soulmates only.

Did you ever lay awake late at night and asked, “Where is my soulmate right now?” and surprise if maybe they doing the same thing?

Never scared, the answer is here!

Here I have gathered the 5 important steps to manifest your soulmate applying the Law of Attraction!

1.) Ask yourself “What Are My Intentions?”

When you’re about to attract your soulmate, the very first thing you should ask yourself is, “Why do I want this?”

It really falls deep and finds why having a soul mate is so important to you.

Feeling lonely and unsafe is not a genuine reason to want to manifest love.

Love never comes from a place of selfishness but rather a place of desiring to share and present.

The very first mistake people do when manifesting love is that they just look for someone to meet their own personal requirements.

This will NEVER gonna work.


Because the major belief of the Law of Attraction is like attracts like! So if you are working to fill a void, imagine what you will attract?

Yep, that’s right!

Somebody who is also watching to fill a void.

Do you really desire a relationship where you can give someone love and affection?

Do you really want to share your life with your love and in change have them share their life with you?

If so, wonderful! You are in an excellent place to start manifesting the love of your life.

2.) Love Yourself!

“Your job is not to explore for love, but only to explore and find all the obstacles within yourself that you have developed against it” – Rumi

We have all listened to the old cliche “You can’t love someone else until you’re not going to learn to love yourself”.

The cause why it is so necessary to love yourself is not so easily described in an easy to remember quotation.

Loving yourself is about being grateful for your journey and understanding that all experiences both good and bad have guided you to this point.

It’s about admitting your powers as well and your weaknesses in order to proceed to develop in this lifetime.

Self-love is essential in a relationship because it enables you to admit inner problems without them changing or burdening your relationship in a negative way.

This is one of the main reasons that higher powers might repel soulmates from one another.

Soulmates only access each other’s lives romantically when the timing is excellent.

Now If you’re about to manifest your soulmate, you should take some time to reflect inward. How can you fix past problems in order to be loving and admitting who you are as a person?

Here are just a few methods that you can help inner healing and self-love in your life:

  • Concentrate on being more present
  • Gain the most of the time you spend alone
  • Let go of the past
  • Help your body’s health and nutrition
  • Take time to relax
  • Invest in personal improvement as well as self-care
  • Report and work on any escapism habits (over checking social media, judging others, not taking action with your life, etc)

Overall, the most reliable way you can improve self-acceptance is to develop a meditation routine.

Meditation will enable you to disconnect from the discomfort and fear-based ego in order to become one with your higher self.

3.) Review Your Give And Take

Applying your manifestation journal, write down a report that affirms you are manifesting your soulmate with only thanks.

Something like:

“I am grateful to be attracting my one real love utilizing the Law of Attraction and the strengths of the universe”.

Under this statement, design a list of between 5 and 10 qualities that your excellent soulmate has. These qualities will be your affirmations.

For example:

  • My soulmate is intelligent.
  • My soulmate is helpful.
  • My soulmate will be a fabulous mother/father.
  • I’m attracted to a loving and permanent partner.
  • I bring love and romance into my life.
  • My soulmate is my other half.
  • I deliver love and light and receive it back.

Try not to concentrate these qualities on how your soulmate should see because that could generate an energetic block between you and your real soulmate.

It will also create an external charge within your manifestation which could potentially bring someone equally as superficial and vain toward you.

Instead of recording physical traits, you need to say something like “My soulmate is gorgeous” or “There is an extreme, mutual attraction between my soulmate and I”.

Remember, love is a two-way street!

Once you have noted the qualities of your future soulmate, change your focus toward the things that make you special.

What attributes might you return to the relationship? What qualities make you an excellent match for your soulmate?

List things such as:

  • I am emotionally supportive
  • I am a fabulous cook
  • I am a hard worker

When you have noted both your own qualities and those of your future soulmates, you can start incorporating these into your everyday affirmation routine.

You might prefer to schedule a morning and evening time slot where you sit silently and repeat these affirmations or perhaps prepare them during the quieter moments in your day e.g. while driving to work or using a walk around the block.

4.) Visualize

Imagining a fact where your wishes have already manifested is a powerful method used by Law of Attraction enthusiasts all over the world.

For manifesting your soulmate, however, your visualizations should be extraordinarily feelings based.

Love is a feeling and if you wish it you must feel it. release the vibration that you are working to attract.

There are numerous ways in which you can imagine but a good place to begin is with meditation.

Here are the 5 scenarios that will take place between yourself and your future soulmate.

Pick one scenario to meditate on at a time and rotate the scenarios between meditation sessions.

You will need to discover a comfortable spot to sit where you will not be interrupted.

Breathe intensely and repeat calmly in your brain “breathe in….breathe out”.

This will assist to take your focus away from any idea chatter that may pop into your awareness.

Feel your stomach smoothly increase with each inhale and contract with each breath.

If any random ideas pop into your brain during this time, praise them for coming and then deliver them as you change your attention back to your breathing.

Once you are comfortable, you may begin playing the preferred scene in your mind.

After you have spent a few minutes viewing this scene play out, apply your invention to step into the scenario, and inside the role that is being proposed as you.

Proceed with the visualization for as long as you want but need to take time to ask yourself “how does this feel?”

Remember, you should release the feeling of love to attract the feeling of love.

Don’t forget to concentrate on physical feelings as well as emotional to truly experience the visualization.

5.) Stop Looking And Let The Universe Do Its Job

The huge mistake people make when manifesting their soulmate is that they ask for love but then destroy their own chances by not being exposed to the magic of the universe.

Now, that’s not to say if you sit on the sofa for many days, the love of your life will magically show up at your doorstep but it is necessary to provide the universe space to work.

Go about your regular life, make time for self-love and improvement, and let yourself to be a magnet for your an excellent match.

If you’re looking for temporary love in nightclubs or serial dating people who are undeserving of your time then you are really filling the space reserved for your soulmate.

Don’t let yourself be confused by pebbles only to miss the diamond that the universe is giving you.

So How Do You Recognize When You Have Manifested Your Real Soulmate?

When you have spent some time using these steps you may appear to “stumble” across someone who perfectly fits the bill.

How do you recognize when you have manifested your real soulmate?

If you are uncertain, look for the following signs…

Signs You Have Manifested Your Soulmate

  • You may feel like you knew each other permanently.
  • Communication flows naturally.
  • You share related views and a sense of humor.
  • You look to read each other’s minds.
  • There is a powerful, mutual attraction.
  • You experience Deja Vu when you are around them.
  • They feature massively in your dreams.
  • You naturally feel secure and comfortable around each other.
  • You have had similar life experiences.
  • There is a spirit of comfort to finally have this person in your life.
  • You defeat each other’s sentences.

Love is a journey, and your soul mate looks not only to love and help you but also to challenge you to become the biggest version of yourself.

Hold on strong and like the ride for finding your soulmate will take you to the top heights and drive your limits like never before.

Eventually, your soulmate will bring great spiritual growth.

This is a very happy manifesting and best of luck!!

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