10 Proven Techniques To Stay Focused On Your Dreams

Stay Focused On Your Dreams

Here we’ll guide you on how to be more focused on your desires is really important for successful manifestation!

As you know that energy usually flows where your attention moves…

Keeping you more focused allows you to understand exactly what you want and therefore, pull it into your fact by any means required.

Focus keeps you on track and stops you from going in directions that don’t help your highest vision.

And above all, the focus is the real glue that catches your thoughts, emotions, and actions in comprehensive alignment with one another.

So how can you channel more of that?

How will you maintain focus for longer times to succeed more and reach your aims?

Here we’ll give you the answer to that very question.

10 Proven Ways To Stay Focused On Your Dreams

1.) Write Them Down.

The very first thing you have to write down your goal…

It doesn’t matter if you perform this in scripting, jotting plans in a journal, or writing your aims in an affirmation letter format…

Write your dreams and wishes down to build a focus point!

Here are a few more causes why this is necessary…

  • Serves to solidify what you really want with the universe.
  • Develops a solid image within your subconscious mind.
  • Assists you to understand exactly what you want.
  • Prevents you from wavering off in various directions (shiny ball syndrome).
  • Provides you something to look back on when you have reached your goals.

Writing out your aims is a great first step for any manifestation and it is going to fix a foundation for you to keep focusing.

So if you haven’t get out a pen and a note pad and say what’s coming to you on paper!

2.) Vision Boarding.

If you truly want to include more focus into your manifestations, try to build a vision board and fixing it on your bedroom wall.

When you will be wake up early morning, the very first thing you will view is a colorful fusion of all the wondrous things you are operating towards.

This will give a permanent impact on the subconscious mind and you will receive a focused headstart to the day.

I understand for me, even when I don’t sleep so properly or when I wake up in a bad mood, seeing my vision board always motivates me to take some valuable action!

To design a vision board, you just have to do is get a big sheet of card and fill it with the things that show your dreams and wishes!

Express on it, write on it, cut out images from various magazines…

Really get creative!

You can easily fix your vision board in your room (like me), just wherever meet you best.

Your vision board is a visual representation of your aims, and just looking at it could be an excellent reminder to stay focused!

3.) Follow a Routine.

Try to develop a routine that will motivate you to stay on the proper track with the regular tasks that keep you moving forward with your aims.

Your routine will possibly include some regular manifestation techniques such as visualization time, affirmations, etc…

However, it is equally vital that you add some action steps to your routine.

Now, this doesn’t need to be anything major…even the smallest jobs can keep you on track with manifesting your goals…

Things like…

  • Getting up early to get to work on time.
  • Eating healthy.
  • Getting daily exercise.
  • Having social time.
  • Getting to bed at a reasonable hour.

Joining these sorts of things to your routine will assist you to lead a balanced life loaded with positivity and success.

The tasks in your to-do list may not always be directly associated with your wishes but that’s okay

The entire reason you have the proper routine is to stay focused on your achievement and to engage in as few distractions as possible.

Even if your core focus moves during the day, you will still understand that in a roundabout way, everything you are doing is adding to final alignment with your wishes and the highest version of yourself!

4.) Make Your Subconsious Mind A Priority.

Maybe you have heard that staying more focused on your goals is 10% conscious and 90% subconscious?

What does this mean?

It means that it usually takes a lot of mental space to stay consciously focused on your wishes….

Think of spending the whole day just imagining…

Imagining about your new car, your home… the holiday in the Bahamas that you plan to go…

I mean it’s not specifically practical.

There will be times in the day when have to turn your focus toward different things.

And that’s fine…

Your focus does not need to be at the forefront of your brain at all times.

In fact, it’s really more convenient if you will add your focus into the subconscious.

An estimate of your subconscious thoughts as thoughts taking place in the outside of your brain.

If you will program wanted thoughts into your subconscious, they will continuously float during the outside of your mind even when you should be focused on something else.

You will see that these floating, subconscious ideas will only climb to the surface during peaceful moments throughout the day.

When positive ideas are organized toward success and abundance starts to pop into your conscious mind, this is when you understand that they are working on a subconscious level.

The more you commit to a system that provides conscious focus, the more your wishes will start to imprint on the subconscious mind.

And getting your wishes to work on a subconscious level really is the key to smooth manifestation.

Here are some other steps you can program the subconscious mind to increase your manifestations.

  • Reading affirmations.
  • Applying subliminal affirmations.
  • Listening to guided hypnosis tracks.
  • Joining in activities/conversations that are aligned with your aims.`

Bonus Tip:

I have already used some wondrously guided hypnosis tracks which have been excellent for keeping my subconscious concentrated on my manifestations! Hypnosis Live has hundreds of various audio tracks to pick from so there is really something for everyone no matter what you have been manifesting!

5.) Be Aware of Shiny Ball Syndrome.

I have seen this one so frequently!

People who fixed an aim for one thing… and before the ink in their manifestation journal has even drained, they are already on to the next!

Shiny ball syndrome is a term for desiring to turn directions every time you view something new and interesting.

Now here’s the thing…

If you will manifest a romantic connection but then thinking a single night out with your friends, it means you are placing a contradiction on your own alignment…

If you want to manifest the money for a beautiful home but you also don’t want to be tied down to a single location then there is a dispute of interest within your own subconscious mind.

Shiny ball syndrome makes resistance!

Now I am not stating that you can’t have it all… you can!

But make sure you actually think about the huge image.

Visualize yourself living the life of your dreams.

How does it look like?

How do all the pieces fit together?

Now you have to write it down and stick to it!

Don’t allow the next shiny thing to tear you away from the track you are already on!

6.) Feed Your Soul.

If you want to stay more focused on your goals, it’s necessary to feed your brain, body, and soul with good things that keep you in a state of alignment!

You need to eat nutritious food to keep you feeling uplifted, get lots of sleep, encircle yourself with people who motivate you!

If you want to see television in the evenings, watch shows that resonate with your own aims in some way.

If you like to use social media then you should follow those people who are already experiencing your dreams.

Let yourself to consume things that awaken your wishes!

The method is that even when you are relaxing, continue to trigger your subconscious brain in order to make focus on your own journey.

On the other hand, eat, sleep, and breathe the lifestyle that you truly want!

As much as you feed your brain, body, and soul with positive support, the more you make a vibrational shift toward all of your wishes manifesting into your existence.

7.) Make Cuts.

It is really important to feed your soul with things that are going to increase your vibration, it’s also necessary to cut out anything that is possibly holding you back.

Have a great look at your life now.

What holds you back from your desires?

What makes you feel sad when you will be feeling good?

Consider note of the things or people that take your focus away from your wishes and come up with a plan to distance yourself.

Environmental parts play a big role when it arrives at staying focused and you truly want to be careful about what and who you surround yourself with.

Everything in your life should help to uplift you in some form.

Stay focused on being in alignment with your progress by creating cuts where required.

Remember that pruning always drives to growth.

8.) Meditate

Meditation is one of the great ways to break free from thought chatter that may be confusing you from staying focused on your goals.

Usually, our minds are flooded with the thought chaos that takes position within them.

I mean honestly, it’s no surprise that we fight to focus!

Meditation is a practice that enables us to have good discipline over our thoughts.

The analysis shows that those who meditate work better in concentration experiments than those who do not.

Meditation also instructs us to “observe” thought patterns as opposed to being used by them.

On the other hand, we can see our thoughts and feelings without having to be fully soaked in them.

This is particularly helpful where disturbances are concerned.

As more as you meditate, the more you will be able to get mental distractions before you become overwhelmed by them enabling you to manage periods of deep focus for longer.

9.) Be Present With Your Manifestation Methods.

When applying manifestation methods try to remain present in order to give your goals and wishes your undivided attention.

It’s easy for your brain to turn while acting on your 55×5 method or building a vision board so in order to keep focus, concentrate on what you are acting on in this present time.

Whenever you see your mind shifting… focus on your thoughts…

How does your body feel?

If you are keeping something… take a moment to feel it on a sensory level…

Maybe you see the form of your words emerge as your pen glides along with a sheet of paper…

Perhaps you take a deep breath and feel the air charging your lungs.

Once you have taken back the power of your thought, turn it back to where you actually want it to be…

Imagine yourself as if your wishes have already manifested.

Presence is a great activity that you will be much better and better at as times goes on.

Before long, you will be capable to draw your focus back from any idle thought or disturbance and there will be a better mental discipline.

10.) Know The Difference Between Focus And Obsession.

Staying focused on your goals and wishes is very important but beware of focus that develops into a harmful obsession.

You don’t need to make your focus to take over to the point where you are not taking care of yourself.

Acting overly focused can make anxiety, depression, and in some cases failure.

If you follow your goals from a place of faith and knowledge then you will never go wrong!

Have faith that everything you are ordering is already yours.

Believe in the process, and don’t emphasize trying to manage it too much.

When you get obsessed with something, the vibration that is released out into the universe is one of fear…

And a feeling of desperation can only emerge from a feeling of inadequacy.

Like attracts like so be aware…

Desperation will always attract more of itself.

You could reach for your aims with full positivity and faith, not an obsession.

Remember one thing your #1 focus should be you!

Just Believe in yourself!

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